• MGMT show 2

    23 août 2010, 17h56m

    Sat 21 Aug – MGMT

    i didn't record the setlist but i know what songs they played. i made up a setlist from what i know, but, the songs "Of Moons Birds & Monsters", "Siberian Breaks", "Song For Dan Treacy", "Pieces Of What" & "Weekend Wars" are missing from this list because i didn't know when they played them. they are squished into this list.

    Electric Feel
    Flash Delirium
    The Youth
    4th Dimensional Transition
    It's Working
    Time To Pretend
    The Handshake

    I Found A Whistle
    Brian Eno

    the pictures didnt come out AWESOME but i don’t care. no HD camera can express the way the show just felt.
    i predicted wrong. i was pretty damn close. i lost liz&tarkan because i creeped up slowly every time. not that i’m complaining, but, all my view was was Andrew Vanwyngarden’s chest up.
    anywho… i seriously thought this was just absolutely amazing. the boys played SO well. the jam after The Handshake REALLY gets me. it’s the most amazing thing i have EVER seen and heard! at RCMH i just know i was in awe. my jaw was dropped. this time i knew it was coming but it still had the most amazing effect. i couldn’t stop dancing and singing! i was going nuts… ESPECIALLY for Destrokk & Brian Eno! at times it was just so amazing and beautiful that i would just close my eyes and let the music flow through my body. it felt like it was only me & the band. until i opened my eyes&saw the happiness radiating off of everyone around me. it was an absolute amazing experience. they played 4DT again and just… i fucking love that song. Live? OH GOD. ahhhhmazing. i was just in the middle of typing which ones sounded absolutely amazing until i realized i was just about to write down every song ahhahaha. so lame XD you can really tell the boys REALLY love music. the way they play is unreal. it’s so fascinating to witness artists creating art right in front of your face.
    i dont care how much people think im crazy but i’m actually really upset that last night was the last time i’m going to see them live in a long time. their live shows are unlike any other ones because their music just affects me in a way no other one can. even if it’s from the sarcastic humor to the serious ones… it all just does something amazing to you.

    as for the crowd… even andrew called NYC out on sucking LOL. if im not mistaken ( i could be ) he made a comment about how he wished NY was like that crowd & he said “you guys should come hang out with us in NY” haha. odd enough, the crowd was the best crowd i have ever seen at shows i’ve been to. BUT, there were more guys than girls there & they were fucking assholes. tall ass guys come and walk in front of me. do you not see how short i am? i cant even say “NO. IM HERE. IM NOT MOVING” because i’m not that kind of person. there was only one guy who was nice… but he was a little too nice hahaha. he kept hitting on me XD i asked him if i could go in front of him at one point because i couldn’t see anything & he let me and then he was like “you want me to pick you up and put you on my shoulders?” i laughed it off and said “nahh it’s cool” and he kept insisting. i actually thought it would be a good idea so i could see the full stage but i kinda really like dancing and i honestly thought i was too heavy. i didn’t tell him that because i don’t want any pity. he looked strong, but, i have self esteem issues rofl! during Congrats he held my hand up and was like “C’MON! put your hands up!!!” he then asked if i came alone, asked where i came from, if i had a boyfriend and if i wanted to dance with him. i mean, i should have said yes. i need to spice up my life. he wasn’t all bad looking… but, ( this is going to sound SO lame lmaooo ) i’m sorry. MGMT is having sex with my ears atm. you can not ruin my flow. lmao! i hope he didnt think i was mean though. i felt comfortable talking to him & i kept laughing but i seriously was too into the music to even care :x i gave short answers and didnt ask him anything back. XD i also think i got a little high while being there roffl. i don’t know what it’s like to be high but i was very light headed and just… so.. idk ahhaa

    anyway, i had a shit load of fun. i dont think i want to ever miss one of their shows when and if they ever come back. i really hope they understand what their music does to some people. i would love to meet them one day & just thank them. they really are the reason why my interest in music has lit up again. i’m more eager to find more music, go to more live shows, try learning music… etc etc.

    ps; was i lucky or did andrew start opening his eyes during performances? LMAO they were open for like… the whole set O_O
  • MGMT show 1

    19 août 2010, 13h47m

    Wed 18 Aug – MGMT, Amazing Baby
    I never write things like this neatly because i always have jumbled thoughts. SO, excuse the sloppiness and obnoxious-ness of this post.
    thank you for those of you who followed me on twitter last night @gulsahcetin

    Radio City Music Hall // Aug 18th, 2010
    Flash Delirium
    The Youth
    4th Dimensional Transition
    Weekend Wars
    It's Working
    Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
    Electric Feel
    Song For Dan Treacy
    Anything Could Happen
    Time to Pretend
    Siberian Breaks
    The Handshake


    Someone's Missing
    Brian Eno

    the boys were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. i would like to bow down and kiss James' feet because his guitar playing seriously made my night complete & was just breath taking. i heard people complaining about Andrew's voice the night before, but, he sounded perfect yesterday. I always die for his voice during Weekend Wars. *_* Just... they are a MUST SEE LIVE band. they play to perfection. 4th Dimensional Transition was soooo fucking great live! Don't get me started on Of Moons, Birds&Monsters. I fucking LOVE that song. It does something to you when you listen to it in MP3 form but that... live... oh my lord. Guitar solo is EXCELLENCE. AMAZING. WOW. ♥ ! They surprised me by playing Anything Could Happen. i don't know the original song, but, i have been listening to their cover ALL summer while i was away in Turkey. I seriously died when they played it. I also lost my pants when YO GABBA GABBA came on stage during Kids!!! ahahha it was SO AMAZING. I also never realized that i knew almost all of the lyrics to Siberian Breaks O.O aha. That song is amazing all in itself, but live? fantastic!!!! Someone's Missing was sooo amazing but supppper slow hahaha. I thought the show was so short, though :( they should have played every song haa. i was actually kind of really upset that they didnt do Pieces Of What. I know they did the night before. BUT AHH WELL! I was also hoping for an "Art Is Everywhere" performance after Yo Gabba Gabba was on the stage :'[

    OKAY, now for my complaint. I HONESTLY didn't think it was as great as I expected because of the crowd. I shouldn't have done this, but, i was more confused and angry at the fans rather than enjoying myself. Andrew had to tell the whole damn venue to stand up when they came on. They didn't know half the songs, mainly Congratulations songs. I mean, I'm not going to sit here and say "DON'T COME! IT'S NOT AN ORACULAR SPECTACULAR TOUR. IT'S A CONGRATULATIONS TOUR" because that wouldn't make sense. If the public likes Oracular better than whatever, i get it. BUT AT LEAST SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THE OTHER SONGS. From where I was ( Orch row U ) in the back.... people were DEAD. they just STOOD. no swaying. no singing. nothing. I felt so weird being the only fan who knew both albums & dancing. NO ONE ( where I was and where my eyes could see ) knew Siberian Breaks, Destrokk, Anything Could Happen ( omg. i thought maybe people even knew the original but the whole venue was dead and lost. ) People sat down for Siberian Breaks & when they thought it was over ( 3 times LOL ) they would stand and clap and then feel like a dumbass and sit back down XD ! Andrew apologized to the crowd for it being a slow song ( slow or long? im pretty sure he said slow. ) He shouldn't apologize. Thats one of the best songs EVER. &For some reason I thought there would be a great big harmony of everyone in the venue singing/shouting "WE LOVE YOU IN GLACIAL WAYYYYYS" during Destrokk.... nope. I was SO embarrassed to be the ONLY person singing/SCREAMING it. You could hear my voice above Andrew's because he was singing lightly at that point. I brushed it off and kept singing/shouting it. screw you, audience. OF COURSE the crowd SHAT their pants for Time To Pretend, Electric Feel & Kids.

    PS; i totally SHAT my pants when the last song, Brian Eno, came on. Since they ended early & my dad was coming at 12 someone from the MGMT forum suggested i go meet them so i thought that would be better than doing nothing. waited&waited&waited. no luck, my dad came. oh well. i just wanted to say "Hi" and thank them and ask for them to play Boogie Down for the NJ show :X WHICH BY THE WAY IM SO FUCKING EXCITED! 2 MORE DAYS! I wont have to deal with a shit crowd & it will be ALL about the boys. It's a standing gig. *_* &i'm pretty sure there isn't an opening act ( PLEASE, GOD! LET THERE NOT BE AN OPENING ACT! I WOULD FUCKING LOVE TO HEAR METANOIA & SIBERIAN BREAKS ALL IN ONE ACT! )

    ps; lose the headbands.

    "But it's you who's being used" .... Congratulations to the boys on selling out BOTH nights. The crowd that didn't know half the songs paid $50+ to see them. amazing.

    3 mai 2010, 15h39m

    i don't want to write a full thing because i already posted my day on tumblr ( )
    but god damn it was so fucking fun! Matt&Kim had the best set out of the people i saw
    was SO much fun! i love that band so much! their happiness just radiates for milesss
    i don't have pictures from inside the festival because liz does, i cant wait to get them though!

    we saw:
    +Kesha... with a money sign. lmao she sucked soooooo bad
    +Minus The Bear
    +Say Anything
    i wish we would have stayed for Weezer but we were dead&i had school the next morning
    we heard them from the parking lot, though :)