• G TOM MAC @ Vamp Radio - June 3

    27 mai 2009, 15h38m

    Please join Vamp Radio as they have very special guests "The Lost Boys of Summer" Featuring G Tom Mac singer/writer of "Cry Little Sister" & the cast of Lost Boys.

    Wednesday June 3 at 9:00 pm east / 6:00 pm pacific:

    They will be taking your questions! Please email all questions prior to the show. Those chosen will be able to call in and ask your questions directly to G Tom Mac.
    Email Vamp Radio at:

    Please join us!! If you have listened to Vamp Radio's previous interviews, you'll know this will be a fun show.

    G Tom Mac & "The LOST BOYS of Summer" Brook McCarter, Chance Corbitt & Billy Wirth appearing on Vamp Radio Wednesday night June 3rd LIVE.

    Hear about updates of the New CRY LITTLE SISTER Book & Movie! Hear never before stories on the set from the BOYS & the summer of 1987 the year Lost Boys released & it's impact this classic had on horror films that followed.

    Hear a premier of TRUE BLOOD version of "Cry little sister" & more!!!
  • G TOM @ MonsterMania - June 12-14!

    15 mai 2009, 16h18m

    G Tom Mac will appear performing at MonsterMania!

    June 12-14, 2009
    Crowne Plaza Hotel
    Hartford, CT

    He will also be signing autographs & discussing his exciting new book/movie
    "Cry Little Sister of Shangrila" during the event. For tickets, visit:

  • G TOM MAC Answers Your Questions!

    15 mai 2009, 1h47m

    Thanks for all your cool questions asking about my book "Cry Little Sister of Shangrila" which is an on going effort with the hope of completion late Sept. as it has taken on such a life now, where it truly is starting to have that exciting rush of passion, thriller edge, suspense & the over all feeling of powerfulness that will fill your imagination in the best way, well! That's my intention anyway. We're hoping to release the film within the year of the release of the book.

    That date of book release set for June 2010, which is now getting very exciting as we are looking at some very strong actors & actreses to play the parts of these powerful individuals who make up the cast of my book.

    Between recording my new album (yet to be titled) & writing this book, I have yes! very full on days.

    To answer the questions about the new album, is it going to be darker than the last one? Well some of it will be and some will be deeper in a pop way with a significant amount of edge. Someone heard a few tracks & said Foo fighters meet Radiohead. I don't know, I just write it & perform it. Release date is November '09. I'll have more updates tomorrow, as I come out of my creative hole. Be sure and tune in to Random Talk Radio Tuesday night, May 19th, for the Lost Boys cast members interview & quiz. Brook McCarter, Chance Corbitt, Billy Werth, & G Tom Mac:

    Random Talk Radio

    G Tom Mac
  • Oh Fangoria, Oh Fangoria!

    23 avr. 2009, 0h53m

    Oh Fangoria, Oh Fangoria! L.A. What looked to be a potentially slammin' gig last Friday night at the Fangoria opening night party for GOLD ticket holders, somehow ended up being a BIG Ballroom with little fanfare & small turnout. Mind you no one knew we were performing until days before.. But with an amazing Fango fashion show put together by her Mistress KATONIC & I mean AMAZING! you would think this would have been a major turnout..

    I love the Fango folks & I tend to roll with the punches, having said that the next day when I was signing autographs SO many people were coming up to me saying how disappointed they were that they didn't know about the gig as word of mouth said we ROCKED IT HARD! & it was AMAZING & Ya should of been there!!

    Hopefully we can make it up to ya'll that didn't get to catch our show (which were a good thousand fans) next time as Fangoria staff were great & we'll be doing it again in the near future with all of you. Look for some film footage on You Tube soon of the night that wasn't or sort of was.

    See there I didn't bitch or moan one bit!

    G Tom Mac
  • G TOM MAC @ FANGORIA - April 19

    11 avr. 2009, 1h48m

    See a live performace with G Tom Mac - April 19, 2009:

    Los Angeles, CA
    LA Convention Center
    1201 South Figueroa
    Los Angeles, CA

    Fangoria - Los Angeles
  • New 'Cry Little Sister' Book Excerpt!

    27 fév. 2009, 20h56m

    Nine Lives & the Valley of Temptation Heat

    In the early morning subtle light through the mist in the valley of Temptation Heat, where Sister Shangrila's Blind Boys were still searching every abandoned rural cottage, underground majestic mansions of this former valley of hedonistic pleasures & pains, would they find her wickedness Nine Lives? still in hiding after 2 years hanging on to what she built & that was destroyed by the very religious cult that positioned her to be the martyr & answer to what she was born to be, that of many lives that would reign over all that is pure. As the Blind Boys could only visually search through the very dark night, finding no trail, nor scent of Nine Lives left behind, they returned to Shangrila to sleep off the night of a scrutinised search.

    It is often being thought that Nine Lives fled to one of the castles of Blue Masquerade where she found refuge, however tale was that with all her powers of immortality & beauty, it was not enough to persuade Blue from imprisioning her in torture for letting Temptation Heat lose its position in the world as a rewarding place for his friends & soliders to spend days at a time in the pagan lifestyle that keeps mortal men & women intrapped to the daily lives under his rule that was dread & seeped in paranoia.

    From 'Cry Little Sister' the book
    By G Tom Mac
  • G Tom Mac & Corey Haim - San Diego Living - March 5

    23 fév. 2009, 1h15m

    Check out a live broadcast on San Diego Living March 5, 9-10am for an interview with G Tom Mac & Corey Haim and a live performance of "Mend Me"!

    San Diego Living
  • New G Tom Mac Interview!

    18 fév. 2009, 1h19m

    Check out the new interview with G TOM MAC at Internet Radio Magazine to find out which song gives G the soul drip & which he's most proud of!
  • New G Tom Mac Interview!

    18 fév. 2009, 1h18m

    Check out the new interview with G TOM MAC at Internet Radio Magazine to find out which song gives G the soul drip & which he's most proud of!
  • Autograph Signing and Q&A - M-Theory, San Diego, CA - March 6th!

    18 fév. 2009, 1h16m

    Lost Boys Reunited (celebrating 22 years of the movie Lost Boys)

    Friday March 6th from 2-4pm
    M-Theory Music
    915 W Washington St.
    San Diego, CA 92103

    In store signing and Q&A session by Lost Boys cast members featuring:

    G Tom Mac (writer / performer of Lost Boys theme, "Cry little Sister")
    Corey Haim (Sam Emerson)
    Brooke McCarter (Paul)
    Jamison Newlander (Edgar Frog)
    Chance Corbitt (Laddie)