2007 Top 10 +/- 10


26 jan. 2008, 11h37m

Top Ten Albums of 2007 (In My Opinion)

10. Los Campesinos! - Sticking Fingers into Sockets
Honestly, if this album wasn't only 16 minutes long it would be higher on this list. This 6 song EP is really fun and sounds like a blend of some of my favorite artists including two that are on this list: Rilo Kiley and Blonde Redhead.

9. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha
Now, I enjoy Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire more than his solo stuff, but this is just a superb album. He has enough quirky instumentations to compete with his full band albums, and his lyricism is amazingly sharp. Plasticities and Imitosis are two of my favorites.

8. Robert Plant/Alison Krauss - Raising Sand
Alison Krauss actually came out with an album of her own last year as well, but there is something truely special about this pairing. I would never have guessed the lead singer of Led Zepplin had this kind of album in him. Half the songs are favorites of mine, but Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us with it's beautiful violin offset by the banjo is most worth listening to.

7. The Cat Empire - Two Shoes
A fun, fun album. The Cat Empire have similar stylings to Cake and Sublime and I honestly think they earned their spot in a sentence with two of my favorite bands with this album. I love the latin flavor with ska, funk and rock. Truely the most entertaining and body moving album on my top ten list.

6.Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight
A very enjoyable album. I'm a huge fan, huge fan. As such, though, I'd say this album was disappointing. It surely was not as good as their previous albums, partly because of how scattered it is. That said, it's still a really good album, and is definitely a must for anyone going through a break-up; Because for, some reason, most of this album seems to be about breaking up.

5. Rosie Thomas - These Friends of Mine
Before getting this album I had read that Sufjan Stevens, Denison Witmer and Rosie Thomas recorded this album in an apartment over a long period of time where they left all the recording equipment up to be available at any moment that inspiration hit them. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. If that's not true, it's at least true that both Stevens and Witmer are on this album along with Damien Jurado, which is still very cool. It wasn't hard at all to fall in love with this album, it's both beautiful and peaceful. It would've been amazing to see her when she was opening for fellow Christian-like artist Switchfoot.

4. Blonde Redhead - 23
I've been listening to Blonde Redhead for a little over 10 years and I have to say that this album showed a uniqueness from them and others. The vocals are a bit more tamed than usual, but it works. They've created more of a soft melodic album, and it seemed to meet me right where I am, because if you can't tell by my listening habit and this list, I've very much become more of an easy listening type of person. Blonde Redhead will always have some sharp edges though, that's why I love them.

3. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
The most complete album so far. It seems more born than created. I like what he has to say about Christianity here.

2. The Bird and the Bee - The Bird and the Bee
All killer, no filler. Love it. I credit this album for making it possible for me to go down to San Diego to see my brother and Rilo Kiley. Inara George is very cute and fun live.

1. Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown
Unquestionably the best album of the year. Unique, brilliant, masterful. If you haven't heard Richard Swift, you're missing out.

Plus 10 that almost made it on the list:
1. St. Vincent - Marry Me
2. Ozomatli - Don't Mess with the Dragon
3. Feist - The Reminder
4. Brandi Carlile - The Story
5. Bishop Allen - The Broken String
6. Au Revoir Simone - The Bird of Music
7. Ingrid Michaelson - Girls and Boys
8. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
9. Amon Tobin – The Foley Room
10. Radiohead - In Rainbows

Minus 10 years (1997, baby):
1.Portishead - Portishead
2.David Bowie - Earthling
3.The Aquabats - The Fury of the Aquabats
4.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Let's Face It
5.Bis - The New Transistor Heroes
6.Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
7.Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out
8.Switchblade Symphony - Bread and Jam for Frances
9.Pink Martini - Sympathique
10.Switchfoot - The Legend of Chin


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