Music Shuffle Quiz! yay!


11 août 2007, 9h19m

stole this from someone else on here..

Put your music player on shuffle and use the songs that come up as the answers to the following questions.

1. What will you think when you give birth to your first child?
Oh Praise Him
haha, yes it'll be something like that :-)

2. What will be on top of your list of wishes to Santa Claus this year?
The Tide
umm okayyyyy

3. What will be tomorrow's news headline ?
sounds uplifting...=\

4. Why would your neighbor want to sell you on eBay?
One More Chance
I guess I used up my chances...

5. What will your best friend say at your funeral?
So Long, Astoria
haha okay.. but my name is James you idiot!

6. You just won 1 million pounds in the lottery. What will you buy?
Out Loud
well that makes sense whatever i buy ill scream it outloud

7. If you could travel though time, where would you end up?
Shorty Like Mine
that doesnt make any

8. You just stepped into dogshit...your first thought?
Barely Legal
Our Love is Loud
hahaha i have no idea what that means

9. Where will you spend your next vacation?
Piano Sonata No.5 in G Major
that makes a whole heck of a lot of sense!

10. Why is water wet?
Dawning of the A.G.E.
because its the dawning of the age! duh!?

11. What is your first thought after having sex?
Sonata for Violin and Piano
ooo how sexy!

12. What is the strangest place to drink a beer?
yup that would be the strangest place!

13. What is the secret of world domination?
Im Just a Kid
I guess just act like a kid! lol

14.How do you call your pet?
Breakfast at Tiffanys

15. How would you feel dating an alien?
Fell on Black Days

16. Your hair is on fire. What do you scream?
What the Fuck
HAHAHAHA i cant get over how great this fits!

17. Did you ever feel not being normal?
must've been those mirrors

18. What do you think about
Just Got My Report Card

19. You discover your mother in Playboy magazine... What's your reaction?
Hurry Up and Wait
cant wait to see! =P yuckkk

20. What's the thing you miss the most right now?
Bling Bling
haha, now that's Boca for ya!

21. How would you try to kill the Highlander?
Marriage of Figaro
thru their spouse!

22. Why did the fish cross the road?
Revolutionary Love
because it wanted LOVE!!!

23. What's going on in your pants?
Lose My Mind
my eyes are rolling back, awwww mannn its that good!

24. If you were a god, what would be your field of operation?
Let Go
great idea.. just let loose

25. What would you do with a nuclear bomb?
Walk These Dogs
Yeah, I'd use it to walk dogs yup

26. You order a pizza...what's on it?
Ava Adora
I think I'd be worried if thats what was on it

27. What would you do with a drunken sailor?
Plastic Jesus
I'd "do" a plastic Jesus, wow I'd be going to hell

28. What's your life philosophy?
Easier to Run
great philosophy thatll get me far, just run from everything i dont like! psshh i love this song tho

29. What do you do with a rubber duck?
I'd Rather Be Your Nigga
umm yeah I guess I'd pretend it was a brotha from anotha motha

30.Who is trying to kill you?
Mr Blues
Oh no! He's After me! I'll die of depression!

Oh Praise HimThe TideGoodbyeOne More Chanceso long, astoriaOut LoudShorty Like MineOur Love Is LoudPiano sonata No. 5 in G MajorDawning of The A.G.E.Sonata for Violin and PianoPsychoI'm Just a KidBreakfast At Tiffany'sFell on Black DaysWhat The FuckCarnivalJus Got My Report CardHurry Up And WaitBling BlingMarriage Of FigaroRevolutionary LoveLose My MindLet GoWalk These DogsAva AdoraPlastic JesusEasier to Runi'd rather be your niggaMr. Blues


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