Musical Q&A


30 avr. 2008, 1h15m

How am I feeling today? Feuer Hm hm...not bad, but not good either.^^

Will I get far in life? Bittersweet Symphony Interesting, but I dunno what that means.^^

How do my friends see me? Girls & Boys That my type of girl always comes with a fee. And that I pay for everything.

Where will I get Married? Countdown To Insanity Not in my current town. Probably not too bad...

What is my best friend's theme song? Happy Birthday I doubt that.

What is the story of my life? Blinded By The Light India, runner in the night, blinded by the light? Well, nice one.^^

What was highschool like? Scream Yeah there was a person made me scream.

How is today going to be? Skater Boy "Secretly she wanted him aswell"...."He wasn't good enough for her"....

How can I get ahead in life? Our Time Now Yeah, I definitely think that would help.

What is the best thing about me? Touch The Sky Confuses me actually.

What is in store for this weekend? Wake Up Call Very constitutive.

What song describes my parents? What's The Differnce Oookay..."You talk a good one and don't do what you supposed to do." Sometimes I feel that way about them.

My grandparents? Changes My family (myself mostly included) don't like hip hop, get it!?

How is my life going? Walking Disaster Sad, but probably true. Maybe the truest. "I walk alone these noname streets, as I fall"... "It's too late to save me"

What song will they play at my funeral? Move Along lol that would be weird. "...could be the night when your life ends"..."Hands are shaking cold".... ;-) But anyway it's one of my MOST favourite songs.

How does the world see me? Numb/Encore Without any feelings? Or "what the hell am I waiting for"?

Will I have a happy life? Remember the Name "A 100 percent reason to remember the name" and it says I'll be working hard.

Do people secretly lust after me? The World Is Black Ehm..."there's no hope"...

How can I make myself happy? The River Go fishing? :D Or "down in Hollywood on the boulevard"? Difficult.

What should I do with my life? All Over You I think that means I should still follow my dreams... Well...

Will I ever have children? Please Don't Stop the Music Ehm... I think that depends from the DJ. xD Or what does that supposed to mean?

What is some good advice for me? Boulevard of Broken Dreams Well, another good example of great choice.

What is my signature dancing song? Give It To Me Alright then I'm not gonna dance.

What do I think my current theme song is? When Did Your Heart Go Missing? Yep. Totally agree.

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? We Are Probably cause I really do think that we're responsible for many things that are happening at the moment. Doing mad things is bad, but standing still and watching is worse!! "It's all about power and by taking control"..."What about the world today"...

What type of women do I like?Hot Summer Haha not bad.


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