• Andrew Bird

    27 jui. 2007, 9h45m

    You can listen to his "And the Mysterious Production Of Eggs" album here:

    You can also download the mp3 of my favourite song by him, "A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left", for free from the same link.
  • What I remember from Glastonbury

    27 juin 2007, 13h41m

    Fri 22 Jun – Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

    - The lead singer from Beirut pissed on whisky
    - Joss Stone's voice
    - The strawberry cider
    - Aindrias playing the fiddle and drinking Irish coffee in the tipi field
    - The croupier taking a sniff at a bottle of poppers and then passing it round to all the punters before he dealt the blackjack hands
    - The Casino being flooded on the last day, like it was the end of Atlantis and all this make-believe world was going to be submerged. People sitting on sofas slowly being surrounded by water, shipwrecked on their little floating islands
    - The whiskey bar off the Casino
    - The plane with a massive skull for a cockpit
    - Dusty Limits in Trash City
    - Drinking brandy coffee while dancing to Northern Soul in my wellies in the Diner, some time after the sun had come up
    - The naked guy with the incredible butt in the Slippy Disco
    - Helping people stuck in the mud
    - Walking past the Pyramid stage at 8am on the Sunday morning - empty, muddy, ghostly
    - The incense tent in the Sacred Field
    - Chatting with Morris dancers who were looking for a dry place to perform
    - The mock Sinner or Winner guy
    - Barry Lewis's (and Emil's) photo studio in the Casino
    - Singing along to Madness outside the Ballroom
    - Sipping directly from the gas canister - stars, stars, stars
    - Mud wrestling in the tipi field
    - Martin and Ash at Slippery Dick's Love Shack. Ash calling someone random on his mobile because he has their hat, which he borrowed from the sleeping girl at our feet
    - The view from the Tower
    - Dancing to Guilty Pleasures in the Stonebridge bar
    - The sauna and chilling out afterwards, talking about Something More Than Just This
    - Kissing in the Diner
    - Meeting with PiP near the Other Stage
    - Bloc Party
    - Gonzo
    - The Monday morning exodus - fording small rivers of mud, possessions fallen and abandoned along the way, the long line of grim refugees like a routed army
    - The queue to get on the bus
    - The skunk fudge on the bus back - on an empty stomach, with no sleep and with nothing but a hip flask full of sloe gin to wash it down, hallucinating about a fluorescent Diana
    - A man with a zebra face
    - Sam the 16-year-old toffee apple kid
    - Playing table football
    - The girl playing the guitar in the tea tipi
    - Someone juggling a chainsaw
    - Someone attaching a car battery to his nipples
    - Someone lifting something heavy through hooks attached to his eyelids
    - Bondage nun bridesmaids dirty dancing on the ropes of the Chapel's boxing ring
    - The Chinese cinema
    - Spoken word by the MC near the fire at Lost Vagueness
    - Beef jerky
    - Sitting on the Dragon and watching the Stone Circle come alive on the first night
    - "Where does your space end?"
    - My dress
    - Free hugs
    - The bog crossing competition
    - Stopping on the bridge at 6 o'clock to try and find out whether the monkey and jungle sounds were real or whether we were all imagining them
    - The Dukes Box: a perspex-sided trailer containing a band in catsuits who play "The Ace of Spades" at the drop of a coin - live surf-style jukebox!
    - The metal poles that played percussions when you walked past
    - The Jewish tent
    - The Hare Krishna tent (and now we'll chant - repeat after me)
    - Mixing drugs fearlessly