• Bobby McFerrin - July 27, 2007

    29 jui. 2007, 1h54m

    Fri 27 Jul – Bobby McFerrin

    Fantastic. Absolutely wonderful. What a voice! Certainly one of the best shows I've ever been to.

    And hats off to the Vancouver audience for being amazing dancers and singer. Well done.
  • Bebel Gilberto - What the hell was that?

    26 juin 2007, 16h27m

    Mon 25 Jun – Bebel Gilberto

    This concert started off with a band Sekoya playing an opening set. Basically, the band should have been called, "Pulling the cat's tail". Many people stood up and left because they couldn't take it anymore. I probably should have too.

    Before Bebel came out I could sense that someone was going to be horribly wrong when they were bringing out furniture onto the stage. When she did come out, I was hoping for a beautiful show with someone who actually has an amazing voice and beautiful songs. It should have blown Sekoya's meaningless cat screams, but it didn't.

    During the very first song I thought to myself, "I hope she's drunk out of her mind, because if she performs this badly on stage sober - it's a disgrace." And I still couldn't figure out if she was drunk or not. She knocked over a table, almost tripped over a monitor speaker, kept dropping and throwing random percussion instruments... What the hell was that?!

    I was hoping that at least her voice would be amazing, but she was completely off for most of the songs. The sound engineers had her vocals up way too high, so that was all you could hear. And they had the nerve to record this concert for CBC radio?

    I am stunned. This is not at all the Bebel Gilberto I have heard and fallen in love with on her albums. Maybe she didn't even record them... I don't know. But that was a pathetic show.
  • It Was You After All

    18 juin 2007, 20h32m

    I've always been a great admirer of Matti Paalanen's work and so I decided to contact him and propose to do a collaboration project on a song.

    He improvised the basic structure with piano and added some ambient pads and sent the outcome to me. I then went on to add drums, bass, vocals and guitars.

    The final result is a song called "It was you after all (feat. The 7th Guest)". The outcome is, as Matti puts it, "a morphed child of Frozen Silence and The 7th Guest".

  • Eric Clapton - Extremely disapointed

    29 mars 2007, 8h21m

    Fri 23 Mar – Eric Clapton

    Eric Clapton has such a great variety of music. He's got nearly a dozen of albums all of which have a different taste and feel. However, the show was tremendously blues oriented and for the most part I felt like he was playing the same song over and over (except for a few times when he brought out his classical repertoire like Layla). I would have loved to have heard something from Pilgrim or a song like Change The World. Instead all we got was a blues-rock driving show which seemed to lack any creativity. The first solo was great, but when he did a fifth and six solo over the same blue scale... even the greatness of Clapton couldn't pull it off creatively.

    The guitarist that accompanied him was a complete disgrace. It felt like every note he played was out of place. It shouldn't have been there. He looked out of place as well, strutting across the stage, talking to people behind the stage... where did they get this guy from? Green Day?

    The bass player was phenomenal. He was right on. And same goes for the drummer. The piano player was great too. The organ player... the one note solo said it all. It was as if he had a huge ego and though he was the greatest and could pull anything off. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't the 'organ-player' hoedown, and he felt really out of place and his sound made the show worse.

    For the first few songs the sound engineer was obviously on break because I couldn't hear anything, just noise. The best part of the concert was when everyone went off stage and Clapton pulled out the acoustic. He should have been on the acoustic alone for the whole show. Maybe bring the bass player and drummer for some background filler...

    Overall, I was extremely disappointed. Mostly by the lack of repertoire and choice of the set list. Obviously they had to play stuff off the new album and obviously they had to play the classic/popular tunes, but it between they should have played good songs, not similar songs.
  • Similar Artists

    12 déc. 2005, 4h49m

    This definatly isn't anything like Imogen Heap. Rachael's voice is rough and the music is a mix of pop, jazz and hard rock.