a few lines regarding the black mountain show


6 mars 2009, 0h37m

Thu 5 Mar – Black Mountain, The Wahas

The Wahas are very good. The thing about them is they simultaneously think they are better than they are, whilst not knowing just how good they are. Whilst most of the consensus is that they should lose the little androgenous tambourine guy in the hat, as he distracts in a not a good way far more than he contributes (probably, who knows, possibly he writes all the songs or brought them all together, or makes really mean brevilles at rehearsal or something), they were really good. Their haircuts suggested they knew that, their body language did not.

Black Mountain --- everyone reckoned the sound was up too loud and it drowned out the vox too much. But I don't really. Like, the bassist kept turning his bass up to 11 to the point where it would be wall of feedback for not insignifcant amounts of time, but it kind of added to the sickness that is Black Mountain... Dudes are amazing. Played such a good set, i cant believe they only have one guitar player -- the main dude, Steven McBean or something, and dude can shred. I dont know the name of any of the songs off their latest record, but off Black Mountain they played Druganaut, Heart Of Snow and for the encore, ZOMG No Hits which was close to the best moment of my life to date, and finished with an epic rendition of Don't Run Our Hearts Around. Dudes this gig was totally amazing, and if you ever get to see Black Mountain play, DO IT.


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