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13 juin 2006, 22h15m

I've had this account for some time now and each time I log in and browse around, I've seen the tab at the top of the page 'Journal'. And every time I've seen it I've thought to myself, 'I should really post to that. People used to love reading what I had to say; maybe they'll be interested in what I have to say about my music listening'.

But then something else shiny and bright would distract me from my thought process and I'd continue to not add anything, continue to log in and see the link and continue to have the same thought to myself. Until recently, I hadn't properly used this site to its true potential as a resource rather than just another one of those sites that acts as an outboard brain. You know the ones: flickr,, 37signals or even other more interactive and user-defined systems such as WordPress. I of course have an account on or a build of each of these and then let them be. My flickr pro account actually expired over a month ago and I haven't done anything about it. Yet.

You see, the point to this rambling is that only recently have I begun to truly appreciate what these systems have to offer as a resource than just some other cool site I just had to check out (I remember when this place was split with as well, and you had to have accounts for each). The point, as I seem to keep getting away from, is, as you'd expect on this site, that I have much more music to listen to these days than I usually would.

I would normally bug a good friend of mine, Ryan, into recommending a new artist to listen to. Of course, here I am now with thousands of Ryans at my fingertips and you haven't let me down yet. Using this site has introduced me to artists I had hitherto been unaware of, and would have remained unaware of. For it is now my good fortune to have a multitude of artists (both old and new) to discover, albums to play and tracks to obsess over.

We can document our happy events with photos, offload our consciousness with bookmarks and biography our daily wants and needs. Now we can create a soundtrack to our lives. Let me share a few songs with you.

The Cinematic OrchestraLemon JellyBackiniThe AvalanchesThe Go! TeamBreaks Co-OpUgressMan With a Movie Camera'64-'95Four TetEverything EcstaticThunder, Lightning, StrikeZero 7


  • petty_thug

    I never need to log into, I use opera :p some nice listening suggestions, a lot of sample-heavy stuff, I don't know Breaks Co-op. I think I don't use the full potential of this site, I often disable the plugin and barely use the radio/recommendation features. just like to feel annoyed by everyone's bland music taste I guess.

    13 juin 2006, 22h50m
  • gj_theWhite

    Ok, so you caught me out on pedantry there - I also do not login, I use firefox ;) But yeah, I like my sampler artists. Breaks Co-Op I stumbled across not by using this site incidentally, but rather the old fashioned way by listening to the radio and catching the name after thinking, 'Damn! that was a nice track'. Thanks for the comment

    15 juin 2006, 20h30m
  • zebee

    Hi gj_theWhite! Well, well, well ... Glad you find so useful. Let's see whether that holds for me, too :) It looks like you could be MY Ryan. ;) The artists/bands you named and those that are in your overall top list really all fall into two categories: (A) the I-like'em category and (B) the I-don't-know'em-yet category. cheers, z

    23 juin 2006, 16h37m
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