gigs in 2011


30 déc. 2011, 17h11m

14.2.2011 – Maps & Atlases7/10
good show. Best bit was when they left the stage after the "normal" gig and continued playing a couple of acoustic songs in the middle(!) of the audience.

15.2.2011 – Azure Ray 7/10
Their voices are just so perfect together. They didn't play my favourite song (it was a single ffs!) which made me a bit sad. Also the support was really good – a guy with a guitar who played the most adorable cover of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', aww.

4.3.2011 – Gold Panda 7/10
I like to rave it with gold panda!

11.3.2011 – Efterklang 8/10
Ah, seeing Efterklang in a theatre could only be magical, I definitely loved their music a bit more afterwards.

5.5.2011 – Bodi Bill 9/10
I was drunk. But it was fucking awesome once again. I just love them, okay.

6.5.2011 – Sufjan Stevens + DM Stith
DM Stith gets a 9/10 because I didn't know him before and fell in love with his music right away. As for Sufjan - I will not even try to give this a rating because there are no words or numbers for the experience that this show has been. I remember sitting in my seat not knowing what to think or feel because I was just too overwhelmed. Once again, I'm just gonna quote a review here: "ein konzert, eine herabkunft, eine offenbarung. wem das zu pathetisch klingt, der war nicht dabei." ["a gig, a descent, an epiphany – whoever may think that is sounds too elevated has not been there."] perfection. unforgettable. Luckily, unlike with the Arcade Fire gig last year, I could share the experience this time. [Marie & Claudia know what I'm talkin' about!]

29.5.2011 – Nathaniel Rateliff 8/10
Seriously, there are not many songs that touch me more than Whimper & Wail live. So powerful. Oh, Nathaniel, let me hug you.

15.6.2011 – We Are Scientists 9/10
My babies. In London. With awesome sci cave refugee camp people and Dana. One day after handing in my BA paper.

16.6.2011 – Austra 8/10
After a night without basically any sleep, I am still more than happy that I decided to go see them. It was worth it just to see Lose It live. And her voice is just fucking incredible, live and on record.

15.7.2011 – Melt! 2011
I don't want to rate this again. You Melt! my heart. My favourite performances, as boring as it may sound: the Streets [LOVED it], Editors [always awesome] and surprisingly – Robyn. Also great: Patrick Wolf, Jamie Woon [Jamieeeeeeeee], what I saw of K.I.Z. before almost collapsing due to exhaustion, When Saints Go Machine, SBTRKT. More raving again next year. Love to the zeltcrew.

25.7.2011 – An Evening with Ólafur Arnalds 7/10
Very special performance, Óli improvised it and isn't he just the most adorable person ever.

30.7.2011 – La Dispute, … 6/10
Being so uncomfortable at 'hardcore shows' always ruins it a bit for me but La Dispute were great anyway. HIS VOICE.

1.9.2011 – Beatsteaks 9,5/10
Beatsteaks in a small club – can't get any better. Love.['only' a 9,5 because my favourite songs would have made it perfect.]

26.9.2011 – Dear Reader 7/10
Again, Cheryl is just so sweet and I love her voice. I have to say though that even if she played my favourite song, I would have liked to hear more songs from her first album. Still good.

5.10.2011 – City & Colour 6/10
I feel bad giving this a low rating because I was really looking forward to finally seeing Dallas. And it was good but let's just say – C&C + Astra just doesn't go well together. Basically no atmosphere whatsoever during most of the show.

7.10.2011 – Nils Frahm 8/10
Oh, Nils. You are competing with Óli for being the most adorable thing ever. The way he plays the piano and completely loses himself while doing it impresses me so much. And he just seems to be the most humble human being.

19.11.2011 – Nôze @ Audio Invasion 10/10

..I need to go to more gigs again next year.


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