Top 10 artists/bands


29 avr. 2006, 17h44m

First song: Blind
Fell in love with: Ball Tongue
Current favourite: No song in particular

Nine Inch Nails
First song:Happiness in Slavery
Fell in love with: March of the Pigs
Current favorite: All the Love in the World

Death By Stereo
First song: Wasted Words
Fell in love with: Desperation Train
Current favourite: Don't Piss On My Neck And Tell Me It's Raining

Ben Harper
First song: Ground On Down
Fell in love with: Jah Work
Current favourite: Faded

Beastie Boys
First song: Fight for Your Right HATE IT!
Fell in love with: Pass the Mic
Current favourite: Intergalactic

First song: Bored
Fell in love with: My Own Summer (Shove It)
Current favourite: Digital Bath

First song: Fucking Hostile
Fell in love with: All of it!
Current favourite: By Demons Be Driven

First song: I'm With Stupid
Fell in love with: Push It
Current favourite: Kill Your Idols

In Flames
First song: Trigger
Fell in love with: Cloud Connected
Current favourite: Take This Life

Killswitch Engage
First song: My Last Serenade
Fell in love with: Life To Lifeless
Current favourite: When Darkness Falls


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