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  • Paradoks

    Hello, I'm a paying subscriber and I was wondering why I can only listen to 30 sec previews on your playlist service preview?

    février 2013
  • elleryt

    One suggestion. Is there a way you could add the year the song was released to the info on the song?

    novembre 2012
  • haplomega

    I just want to thank you and every member of the staff for getting up everyday and making this possible.

    mai 2012
  • oasisguru

    thanks for working on such an amazing website! and viva Maurizio Pollini! :)

    décembre 2011
  • izaho

    Please, change Shinee for SHINee! The correct is SHINee!

    octobre 2011
  • CHANGO1369

    The Only Music that make sense to me is me

    septembre 2011
  • UlandenyOlivei

    PLEASE try to fix the photos of this singer, it's been over a year that is so.

    juin 2011
  • carstensen1981

    What is the URL for the Mix Radio, if you want to listen to it in an external player?

    mai 2011
  • carstensen1981

    Oh, one last thing... You can share static playlists, but it would be cool, if you could share automated playlists. I would love to be able to create and share a "Spanish artists singing in Spanish that released an album within the last year" list. Just my 2 cents...

    mai 2011
  • carstensen1981

    I was just thinking to myself. I love to tweak my own playlists. I would love to be able to combine playlists; e.g. 20% Spanish music + 80% Mix Radio. It could easily get complicated... For starters you could add a slider to the mix radio for one to choose how large a percentage should be new music? I really wish you had offices in NYC :-) Can't all of you UK people just relocate :-)

    mai 2011
  • carstensen1981

    I love the "Mix Radio". I have a playlist like that in WMP myself. I've just added a few extra layers myself. New songs I don't want repeated within 7 days. Old songs I don't want repeated within 30 days. I add more of my 5 star songs to the playlist. Unfortunately WMP can't combine *and* randomize playlists, so I had to write a script for generating my playlists. If was hiring in NYC, I would definitely work for you! I love data mining :-)

    mai 2011
  • pausebreak_

    This person is doing the "FLOOD" on a song of Lady Gaga does not even exist!

    mars 2011
  • sinimportancia

    Hi Mark Levy. I'm sorry for bother you. I have a simple question: In the Metallica's photo in my page profile appears the symbol of capability of preview of songs for this artist... but I saw in the metallica's page profile that none of any song has a preview... so... The symbol in my page profile mean that only suscribers can listen songs of metallica?? Or, in other words, exist artists that just only suscribers can listen, and free users can't listen even preview?? It's just a doubt... Thanks for answer

    février 2011
  • ghorco

    OMG. I've got a staff member in my neighbourhood. I didn't know I was living in such a high district!

    novembre 2010
  • Skiye

    directrecs = genius. thank you and anyone else involved with this idea/project!!!!!

    juillet 2010
  • Shrink125

    Seen some of your posts & guessing from your user name, our "compatibility" & your lists that you have an interest in Classical, esp Baroque music. Can we please have a conversation about cleaning up the mess that is Last's current approach to Classical tagging. I'd be more than interested in participating actively in this process, were that possible. I don't want to waste your time, but the current situation really is a mess. :)

    avril 2010