• 2008

    27 fév. 2008, 3h53m

    Same as last year.

    Also, a lamp just fell on my head.

    Protest the Hero-Fortress
    The Mountain Goats-Heretic pride
    Genghis Tron-Board Up The House
    John Zorn-The Dreamers
    The Mars Volta-The Bedlam In Goliath
    Ludo-You're Awful, I Love You
    Flogging Molly-Float
    City and Colour-Bring Me Your Love
    She & Him-Volume I
    Emmure-The Respect Issue
    Dead to Fall-Are You Serious?
    Nine Inch Nails-The Slip
    Chae Hawk-Nickel City Varsity EP
    Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs
    Reggie and the Full Effect-Last Stop: Crappy Town
    Bloodbath-Unblessing the Purity
    Norma Jean-The Anti Mother
    MC Chris-MC Chris is Dead
    One Day as a Lion-One Day as a Lion EP
    Made Out of Babies-The Ruiner
    Arsis-We Are the Nightmare
    Def Leppard-Songs From the Sparkle Lounge
    Foxy Shazam-Introducing
    UnderOath-Lost in the Sound of Separation
    Trenches-The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
    The Mountain Goats-Satanic Messiah EP
    The Human Abstract-Midheaven
    Ceremony-Still Nothing Moves You
    The Acacia Strain-Continent
    Young Widows-Old Wounds
    Bleeding Through-Declaration
    Fear Before-Fear Before
    Thursday/Envy Split LP-Thursday, Envy
    Dir en grey-Uroboros
    Envy/Jesu Split-Jesu, Envy
    Earth-The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
    Sickness Unto Death-Farewell
    Sickness Unto Death-To Let the Nations Know We Are But Men
    The Faceless-Planetary Duality
    Mutyumu-Il y a
    Ludacris-Theater of the Mind
    Fall Out Boy-Folie à Deux
    Polysics-We Ate the Machine
  • My shitty list

    17 jan. 2008, 5h37m

    My list of 2007. It’s short and poorly written because I really didn’t feel like writing anything, but I thought it’d be lame to just post a list. Enjoy it, or don’t. It’s cool.

    10. Between the Buried and Me-Colors

    I pretty much flat out said this band wouldn’t be on my top list but oh well. BTBAM is a band I find hard to get in to, and this CD isn’t an exception. Even with that, I still can’t deny the musicianship and complete awesomeness of this album. If I had half the talent these guys have I’d be pretty happy.

    And maybe adding this to my list will prevent flaming.

    9. War From A Harlots Mouth-Transmetropolitan

    CI Records was having a big sale and I decided to pull four CDs at random from the dollar bin. I’m really glad that this was one of them. It’s got some crazy offtime grindy hardcore that you can just go nuts to. I really hope these guys get bigger. To top off the awesomeness, this CD probably has one of the coolest breakdowns I’ve heard.

    8. Every Time I Die-The Big Dirty

    I fucking love Every Time I Die, and in my opinion they have yet to release a bad album. The Big Dirty is probably my top favorite ETID album. It has some great rock tunes with hardcore mixed in. I really hope they stick with this direction. Oh, and they have awesome facial hair. That makes the albums sound better, I swear. Seriously.

    7. Maximum the Hormone-Bu Ikikaesu

    This band is absolutely nuts. J-pop, metal, hardcore, grindcore, punk, everything. Every member does vocals, which go from female, to screams and growls, to rap, to singing, to gang vocals. I was amazed at how tight a band could be with all the crazy stuff going on. This is a very easy album to listen to the whole way through because it’s an album that just doesn’t get boring. If you’re going to try any Japanese band, make it these guys.

    6. John Zorn-Six Litanies For Heliogabalus

    My first words listen to this album were “Holy balls”. This is the first avant-garde band I’ve really ever tried, and of course I tried it because I found out Mike Patton did all the vocals for it. He never says a word, but does all the vocals. It’s nuts. I was really surprised I liked this album because at first to me it was just a clusterfuck of noise. Eventually it sunk in and I started enjoying it.

    Oh, and how can anything with an eight minute Mike Patton vocal solo be bad?

    5. Alcest-Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde

    This album is beautiful. I think Matt was right when he said there was some black metal to it, but it’s beautiful. Saying that, don’t turn this one down just because you don’t like black metal. The vocals aren’t those crazy raspy highs or anything like that. They’re all clean. This album is just so good to sit back and chill to. Matt has yet to try and get me in to a band that I don’t like.

    4. Kiss Kiss-Reality Vs. The Optimist

    My first thought listening to this album was “sounds kind of like Cursive”, but that is in no way a bad thing. The vocals on the album are great, but to me what really shines is the music itself. It doesn’t rely heavily on guitar and bass, but more on other stringed instruments. This is one a few albums that manages to be heavy without crazy distorted guitars or breakdowns, and I like that.

    3. Aesop Rock-None Shall Pass

    Aesop is hands down my favorite rapper. His lyrics are deep and his flow is great. I like hearing rap that doesn’t completely rot out the few brain cells I have left flickering in my head. This is another album where the music itself really shines. I’m not sure about this, but it actually sounds like a lot of the instruments used on this album are real and not all done with computers, and that’s something I want to here more of. If you want to get in to rap, this is the album to start with.

    2. Thrice-The Alchemy Index Vols. 1& 2: Fire & Water

    Starting with Vheissu, Thrice took a different direction. This two EP set really does come through with what I would think fire and water would sound like in musical form. Fire is the heavier album, using more distortion and Dustin’s yelling. Water has a more drown out feel, using a lot of reverb and some computer generated stuff. I think it’s a great idea to release four EPs based on the four elements and so far it’s turning out great. I’m excited to hear earth and wind, earth being acoustic, and wind being a culmination of the other three.

    1. The Dillinger Escape Plan-Ire Works

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people would disagree, but I think the albums with Greg on them are better than their older ones (minus Irony is a Dead Scene, but mostly because I have a boner for Mike Patton). To me this album flows together almost as if it were one song and I rarely skip through any of the tracks. Greg said it’s hard to put together their songs and memorize it all and I can definitely imagine it’s true. These guys must roll dice to figure out time signatures or something. I was really skeptical about this album after I heard they lost Chris Pennie to Coheed and their second guitarist left but this album still managed to be amazing. Also, seeing their live show makes this album even better. That sounds ridiculous, but their show completely embodies their sound. I felt like punching babies and eating bald eagle while I saw them. In short, amazing vocals, amazing guitar, amazing bass, amazing drums. Thank you Dillinger for being totally fucking awesome.

    I feel kind of weird putting a band that sounds like Mike Patton ahead of an album Mike Patton was featured on…


    Here are some albums I got this year that I’m pretty pissed about…

    The Showdown-Temptation Come My Way
    Way to be an amazing death metal/hardcoreish band that I really enjoyed to this crap, Pantallica. And seriously… I saw you guys play a show and you played ALL NEW SONGS. Please break up.

    The Agony Scene-Get Damned
    The old stuff wasn’t anything amazing, but this album is pretty much crap. I bought it for like nine bucks and I still think I wasted money. All the music is uninteresting, and the lyrics are annoyingly antireligious. I can’t believe I was mildly excited for this album.

    Dir en grey-Marrow of a Bone
    These guys are a guilty pleasure and I get all kinds of shit for them but I don’t care. This album isn’t HORRIBLE, but everything before this was so much better. More aggressive heaviness doesn’t mean you’re going to make a better album. I think the what I thought were great vocals got worse, and that’s sad, because he’s got a good set of pipes. I heard the new single and really liked it and I’m hoping their next CD follows the single…

    Serj Tankian-Elect the Dead
    This album isn’t shitty, but it’s nothing that I thought the front man of System of a Down would release. I was excited about this, but when I got it all it really is is System of a Down lite. C’mon, Serj, you can do better than this.

    Coheed and Cambria-No World for Tomorrow
    I’m sure everyone I know who knows me reading this just went “OMGWTF”. This album closes the story amazingly and it‘s a good ending, but music wise, mer. Their older albums were one great track after another, but this album has a few standout tracks and the rest are just ok. I think this came in number 11 when I arranged everything, but even if an album is good it can still be a disappointment.

    A Life Once Lost-Iron Gag
    Way to go from groovey techy stuff to openly admitting you’re ripping Lamb of God off. Bob, go back to screaming like you used to. The Randy Blythe wannabe shit just doesn’t cut it. Again, an ok band not being ok anymore.
  • 2007

    5 avr. 2007, 4h19m

    The Showdown-Temptation Come My Way
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster-II
    The Chariot-The Fiancée
    Dir En Grey-The Marrow of a Bone
    From Autumn to Ashes-Holding a Wolf by the Ears
    Cehevelle-Vena Sera
    Haste the Day-Pressure the Hinges
    Amy Winehouse-Back to Black
    Fall Out Boy-Infinity On High
    The End-Elementary
    Dustin Kensrue-Please Come Home
    The Handshake Murders-Usurper
    Nine Inch Nails-Year Zero
    The Fall of Troy-Manipulator
    Dimmu Borgir-In Sorte Diaboli
    The Almost-Southern Weather
    Job for a Cowboy-Genesis
    Ozzy Osbourne-Black Rain
    Shellac-Excellent Italian Greyhound
    Neurosis-Given to the Rising
    August Burns Red-Messengers
    In This Moment-Beautiful Tragedy
    The Number Twelve Looks Like You-Mongrel
    Chiodos-The Bone Palace Ballet
    HORSE the band-A Natural Death
    Carnifex-Dead In My Arms
    Drop Dead, Gorgeous-Worse Than A Fairy Tale
    Maximum the Hormone-Buiikikaesu™
    Kaddisfly-Set Sail The Prairie
    As Cities Burn-Come Now Sleep
    Becoming the Archetype-The Physics Of Fire
    Cephalic Carnage-Xenosapian
    DAATH-The Hinderers
    The Dear Hunter-Act II-The Meaning Of, And All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
    Explosions In The Sky-All Of The Sudden I Miss Everyone
    Pig Destroyer-Phantom Limb
    Project 86-Rival Factions
    The Receiving End Of Sirens-The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum-In Glorious Times
    The Snake The Cross The Crown-Cotton Teeth
    Tegan And Sarah-The Con
    Alcest-Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
    Coaltar Of The Deepers-Tortoise EP
    Do Make Say Think-You, You're A History In Rust
    Kiss Kiss-Reality Vs. The Optimist
    Odious Mortem-Cryptic Implosion
    Every Time I Die-The Big Dirty
    Behemoth-The Apostasy
    Full Blown Chaos-Heavy Lies The Crown
    Aesop Rock-None Shall Pass
    Poison the Well-Versions
    Emmure-Goodbye To The Gallows
    A Life Once Lost-Iron Gag
    Between The Buried And Me-Colors
    GazettE-Stacked Rubbish
    Finger Eleven-Them Vs. You Vs. Me
    Coheed and Cambria-Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow
    The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza-Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo
    The Dillinger Escape Plan-Ire Works
    Thrice-The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II: Fire & Water
    Aesop Rock-None Shall Pass
    Serj Tankian-Elect the Dead
    Hopesfall-Magnetic North
    John Zorn-Six Litanies for Heliogabalus
    War From a Harlots Mouth-Transmetropolitan
    The Agony Scene-Get Damned
  • List of '06

    15 déc. 2006, 19h29m

    I always do a top albums of the year around Christmas time. This one is probably out of order because there were definitely some good albums released this year. Before you comment flaming my list, remember, I don't care what you think. It's my list.

    Whether you like it or not...

    Here is my poorly thrown together top 10 of 2006.

    10. Heroine
    Their first CD sucked. I still can't listen to it to this day. The new CD is a different story. It's industrial instead of emo, but it's a good sound for them. Sonny's voice is almost haunting. Kind of jealous that he's younger than I am and famous

    Favorite song-Mothersound-Love the intro. His voice is so cool and kind of creepy.

    9. Redeemer

    Though not as chaotic as their first two albums, it’s definitely worth the buy. Their lyrics are always poetic, and I love reading them, which is kind of a problem with this CD as only a few lines from each song are in the insert. It looks cool and everything, but I’m the type to read lyrics.

    Favorite song-The End Of All Things Will Be Televised-I love the “Tonight the south is on fire thing” and the end breakdown with him screaming “Captain! The ship is sinking! Have mercy!” is awesome.

    8. The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here

    People complained about the recording quality. It’s understandable, but I like the raw sound. Is was recorded on tape instead of all that Pro Tools crap. You don’t need all kinds of editing to make a good heavy album. This CD reminds me a little of Liberate te ex Inferis, and that’s definitely a good thing.

    Favorite song-It’s Hard Not to Shake With a Gun in Your Mouth-The intro guitars are crazy, the lyrics are cool, and the chorus is catchy.

    7. Define the Great Line

    Black metal. Death metal. Electronic screamo. Emo. Hardcore. They’ve been around. This album is actually my favorite Underoath album to date. The music is technical if you listen close, and Aaron and Spenser do well on vocals. I want them to release more albums like this.

    Favorite song-In Regards To Myself-Honestly, it was the first song I heard and it stuck with me.

    6. The Mother, The Mechanic, The Path

    It’s a three CD set, and I know I love two of them. The first two are music, and the third one is an old man telling a the lead singer a story. I haven’t listened to this CD more than once and can’t seem to get myself in the mood to, but the other two are great and definitely worth your listen.

    Favorite song-Hair-It’s catchy and will probably annoy most people who read this. Don’t care. It’s fun to listen to.

    5. Suck Out The Poison

    Heavy Southern music. Something I’ve been listening to far too much lately. Anyway. They sound much different than on I Am Hollywood and 91025. At first I was iffy about the whole Southern thing but it definitely suits them. If you haven’t seen them, do it. Pretty sure they won’t be at Purple Door again, y’know, with the whole monitor grinding and Pantera cover thing…

    Favorite song-Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of)-Actually kind of laughed when they did the “Juliet! You know you want it!” thing. Great sequel to The Seduction.

    4. Blood Moutain

    For like a year I wouldn’t listen to them because I had it in my head that nothing new could be done with thrash. Apparently Mastodon can. When I bought this CD it was in my stereo system for weeks. Everything is so tight and well done. Not to mention all the Mastortion. Nothing like distortion so strong the gain knob has to be taped so an amp head doesn’t blow

    Favorite song(s)-The Wolf Is Loose and Sleeping Giant-The Wolf Is Loose is good for when I want something heavy, and Sleeping Giant for when I want the opposite.

    3. The Black Parade

    They’re one of my guilty pleasures, and my listening to them annoys people. (:coughbrettandestecough:) I can’t even explain this CD. It’s accessible, yet it won’t rot your brain listening to it. Just buy it. You need it.

    Favorite song(s)-Welcome to the Black Parade and Teenagers-The first because it’s just an incredibly written song on all parts, and the second because it’s extremely fun.

    2. Brother, Sister

    I wasn’t really into mewithoutYou until I’d heard this CD. Aaron’s vocals are very cool, whether he’s speaking or singingish. I just really like this album, and I was surprised that I did. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

    Favorite song-Messes of Men-I’m a sucker for boating related lyrics.

    1. Saturday Night Wrist

    I’ve been waiting three years for a Deftones album that I could actually listen to. It was so, SO worth it. For me, this album even tops White Pony, which had been my favorite. Even the songs I wasn’t a big fan of at first I now love listening to. This album brought Deftones to my number two with I believe about 1016 plays. I’ve seen them three times this year, and the one last week was amazing. They do the new songs very well live.

    Favorite song-Kimdracula-I didn't really want to pick, so I just put the one I've been listening to most here. I love the chorus line "I... I really wish these snakes were your arms".

    Since 2007 looks like a good year, I thought I'd throw out some CDs I'm excited for.

    (In no particular order)

    Coheed and Cambria
    The Chariot
    From Autumn To Ashes
    The Dillinger Escape Plan
    The Used
    As I Lay Dying
    Circa Survive
    Every Time I Die
    From First to Last
    Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
    The Fall of Troy
    Minus the Bear
  • Yeah..

    10 juin 2006, 2h24m

    I've decided that is just lazy. My charts used to update almost every day and now it's just weekly, and they spent all that time trying to fix my charts that would update a week later, only to tell me that is the new system.

    Anyway, go buy the new ZAO CD. Don't download it. To really appreciate you need to hear it through a CD. Just trust me.
  • Graaaah...

    9 juin 2006, 19h54m


    So the thing at the top of my page is gone...

    So why aren't my charts updated?
  • Yearness

    1 juin 2006, 1h32m

    So about a year ago Spenser convinced me to get this thing called an Audioscrobbler. Now it's called and the bastard rarely even uses it. I, however, became addicted. I thought I'd post my first ever chart and my latest just to look at the differences. So yes, here it is, my totally gay little over a year post.

    This is my first top ten ever.

    1 Mindless Self Indulgence 71
    2 Billy Idol 38
    3 Finch 30
    4 Armor for Sleep 23
    5 Chevelle 15
    6 Dir en grey 10
    7 Deftones 9
    8 Nine Inch Nails 8
    9 Blink-182 7
    10 Zao 6

    This is my most recent...

    1 Zao 468
    2 Deftones 456
    3 Every Time I Die 391
    4 Thrice 298
    5 Chiodos 286
    6 From Autumn to Ashes 220
    7 Bullet For My Valentine 202
    8 Norma Jean 200
    9 Chevelle 198
    10 Finch 196

    So yeah...

    I'd be suprised if anyone even bothered with this.
  • Top 5 '05

    1 fév. 2006, 7h17m

    So I did this in Xanga, but this seems more appropriate... Besides... I nere realized this had a journal... Yeah... I'm smart.

    So here it is!

    :drum roll:

    My top five CDs of '05

    (I don't care if you disagree, it's my damn list)

    5.The Poison
    I was pretty sure this was going to be some emocore Atreyu ripoff, but I decided to listen anyway, and I was glad I did. It has decent clean vocals and some good growling. The riffs remind of Iron Maiden era metal, which isn;t really a bad thing. The last track is my favorite, and is appropriately titled The End. It's styled almost like Pantera, nice clean verses, but it builds into a hell of a heavy chorus. These guys you gotta watch out for.

    4.Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness
    I hated Coheed and Cambria before this CD (but I still hate In Keeping Secrets...). I heard Welcome Home on an internet radio, and was basically blown away. It starts instrumental, turns into a nice acoustic song, and then the epic guitars of Welcome Home blow your mind. This is worth checking out, even if you hate the band. The fanbase of these guys is what hurts. All the hipsters today like them, and turns off a lot of the other music fans. Check thos one out, and try The Second Stage Turbine Blade. I didn;t mind that one, either.

    3.Gutter Phenomenon
    I loved Every Time I Die's old music, but this one just kills. Keith Buckley had to have gotten vocal lessons, and it's a huge improvement. The guys said they were listening to a lot of '80's rock and it shows in the guitars. This album is worth the buy. It's one of those CDs that's just fun to listen to. The lyrics are odd, but you get used to them, and some you can even get a laugh at. "Hey there! Girls! I'm a cunt!" comes to mind. This one is for all you hardcore fans.

    Thrice completely lost the screamo/punk/post hardcore sound. A lot of their fans turned on them after this release, but I loved them even more after this. Instead of random power chords, it's real, intelligent music. Pianos brought in, digital effects used, and decent lyrics make this album a big must listen. My personal favorite is The Earth Will Shake, which I was lucky enough to hear live before they released it. A few of the songs tell a story, like The Earth Will Shake dealing with prisoner's dreams of a break, or Red Sky's theme about sailing. This is the laid back CD of the list.

    1.Ghost Reveries
    I wasn't a huge fan of Damnation, their last CD. I liked Opeth for their lmost bipolar sound, and they totally cut out the growling. Ghost Reveries brought it back with a vengeance. This album is powerful. The lyrics are great, the music, whether heavy or mellow, is amazing, and the overall feeling I get from listening to this CD is just great. My personal favorite is Beneath the Mire. I love middle eastern sounding music, and this song has it. If you love metal and don't own this CD or don't like it, something is very, very wrong with you.