Sentimental journey


29 mars 2009, 14h00m

Fri 20 Mar – Marillionweekend 2009

I consider myself very lucky that I am fan of a band that is willing to put about 7 hours of music in theirs heads, put up a tent somewhere along the Dutch coast, gather about 3000 of their fans in that tent, and play the 7 hours of music during 3 night in the most stunning way imaginable.

It is now four days after the Marillion weekend 2009, and I’m still kind of floating on the memories of the best performances ever of songs like Easter, Season’s End, Happiness Is The Road, This Train Is My Life, Out Of This World, Garden Party, Somewhere Else, Interior Lulu, 100 Nights, Kayleigh/Lavender, Invisible Man, Ocean Cloud and most of all This Strange Engine. Maybe not the best performances in a technical sense –there were some imperfections- but surely the best performances considering energy, vibe, sheer joy and what the heck, even spirituality.

Sentimental journey
For me it was a true sentimental journey. As a teenager I began listening to Marillion in ’88. I discovered the music of the Fish era. Yet my first Marillion concert marked the beginning of the Hogarth era, with the Season’s End tour. Since these days, I never missed a Marillion tour, and I kind of lost track how many gigs I have attended.

The first evening of the convention, with a complete memorial performance of the Season’s End album, thus was a journey 20 years back in time. Not only for the band, but also for me as a fan. That feeling even became stronger on the second night, when Marillion played a song from every year starting 2008 back to 1990. With the fabulous encores Slainte Mhath and Garden Party. My whole Marillion fan life passed before my eyes and ears.

If h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve keep on exploring their artistic depths, and give stunning performances like this year’s Marillion weekend, I am more than happy to add another 20 years as fan.


  • TrimusDA

    Nicely put. Wish I could have been there.

    7 jui. 2009, 5h50m
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