You are Loved


18 avr. 2008, 5h27m

Songs I loved hardcore back in other times. Aw, heck, I still do.

Fantastic Voyage
Under the Bridge I used to stand on my bed and belt this one out.
Love Rollercoaster My mom and I sang along to it. Sort of. All I understood was the chorus.
Achy Breaky Heart Anytime it was on the radio, I'd serenade my poor mom. I remember doing it at a Taco Bell drive-thru. Can't say I love this one.
Every Breath You Take I'm stalkerish. It fits.
Waterfalls I loved me some TLC.
Spice Up Your Life Perhaps my favorite song of theirs. I danced to it a lot.
Fantasy It was in my head a lot. I argued with my schoolmates about the lyrics.
Push It
Country Grammar Yeah, it happened.
Every Morning I thought I was so cool when I made this into a song about my cat coughing up hairballs.
Bitter Sweet Symphony Gah, this was my theme.
The Rhyming Song Way dug it.
Smile Another theme of mine.


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