• i'll be your distraction

    5 mars 2008, 3h26m

    Fri 29 Feb – Angels & Airwaves, I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business, Meg & Dia, The Color Fred

    well i missed the first band Ace Ender because my friends and i decided to drink before we went. but i'm kinda dissapointed because i really like I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business, so i'm sure it would have been good.

    next band was The Color Fred.
    I was really dissapointed with the performance. sounded really crappy. fred couldn't keep one volume going into the mic. he was always up or down.
    i am also upset that he left taking back sunday for this band. i know he has needs...but he has 4 other guys in a band with him that he just abandoned. i'm hoping tbs finds someone better to replace him.

    meg and dia were pretty good. i've never listened to them because i don't get much into girl singer's. but they were not bad.

    angels and airwaves were really good. sounded great and tom delong puts on a great show. they really do make you feel like your flying when you listen to them.

    overall with all the bands i'd give the show 3 out of 5 stars. it was ok but nothing over the top
  • ain't no holla back boy

    1 fév. 2008, 1h35m

    Wed 30 Jan – Cobra Starship, Metro Station, We The Kings, the cab

    well all in all it was a pretty good show.
    wasn't a big one. a lot (A LOT) of little girls there. can't blame them though. i decided when i become a father i am not letting my kid's go to concert's until they can at least drive.
    well it pretty much went in order from ok to great as they played on:

    the cab was good, but didn't do too much for me. need to turn up the mic next time.

    we the kings was pretty good. i'm not all too in to them but they put on a decent show.

    metro station was really good. sounded great and maked me want to move.
    and i just found out that one of the guitarist is miley cyrus' half brother. and the other guitarist is the brother of some other kid on hannah montanna. i don't know all the details cause i don't watch that show.
    just some info for you to chew on.

    cobra starship was amazing! 2nd time seeing them and they still topped the first time. their music makes you want to dance and their hooks make you want to sing along. they are just great stage performers.
    the only complaint i had is that the stage was a little bit too dark. if you wanted to take vids or pics it was pretty hard to have anything good come out.

    end transmission

    26 sept. 2007, 2h18m

    that's for not talking to me for how many months!
    god damn internet journal!
  • SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 mars 2007, 8h22m

    Fri 9 Mar – Cartel, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, New Atlantic

    it was my first time ever being front row at a concert and i recommend never doing it!!!! for some reason everyone likes to push to the front and it's not good.
    just stay in the middle somewhere and it will be fun. thats all i have to say
  • 34 DD

    4 mars 2007, 8h11m

    Sat 3 Mar – Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Armor for Sleep

    overall it was probably my favorite taking back sunday show i've been to out of the 3 i've been at.
    first off armor for sleep, they were pretty good. sounded decent live. but they didn't keep me interested. i was more entertained at watching 2 15 year olds make out during there whole set. (i might have problems) i don't think they played one song off their first album and i think that one is way better than their second.
    underoath was amazing live. put on a good show. lot of people in the crowd getting into it. they had way too bright of lights. and too much strobe. i was either going to go blind or have a seizure. but they were good none the less.
    and last
    TAKING BACK SUNDAY! they are just amazing. amazing guys. amazing music. everything they got it. crowd was way into it. always sound great live. they have great sense of humor on stage. great stage presence. great mic tricks i must say. they are probably my favorite band to watch play.
  • void last entry

    12 mars 2006, 23h08m

    ok well forget that whole last journal entry cuz we broke up now anyways. leave it up to us to cut the throat of love and risk the concequences and watch it bleed till its last dying breath. fuck. i miss her. she helped me survive this world. i will need to find something else to help me with that. maybe i will get into drugs and alcohol now. maybe i will become really shallow. maybe i will be fine. idk we will see. im just scared right now.
  • fuck ass holes

    6 mars 2006, 5h14m

    ok why is it that normally that when someone thinks something of me i dont give a shit...but when its some dude my girlfriend hangs out with it pisses me off more than anything? i don't want to care and don't understand why he thinks im such an ass hole if he doesn't even know me. fuckin rediculous.Forever Ends Today