28 mai 2012, 19h28m


I’m not sure when exactly, but in a few weeks this little journal of mine will have its 4th anniversary. That makes me quite happy. Over 200 weeks of consistent blogging. :-D
And so that’s another...

Last week in covers:

> Gossip : the new album is said to be quite pop oriented. So I gave it a try. And it’s really not bad.
> Wilhelm Tell Me : I should not forget about this awesome indie band. They have a bunch of great songs.
> Greyson Chance : uhm, well, again I listened to his music.
> fun. : after quite some buzz about this band they are on my radar now. ^^
> Gustavo Santaolalla : he really did some nice guitar tunes for “Brokeback Mountain”.


Most played artists:
> John Mayer : oh, what a blessing this new album is. I can’t really say enough how much I appreciate this musician. Even when his sounds remind me a bit of country music, it has this magic that makes them special.
> Madonna : well, here in Madonna fan land everything is fine. I’m still enjoying most of the MDNA songs.
> Scissor Sisters : new album alert. There are a few songs that really surprised me, because of a few more serious elements. But there’s still lots of fun on it, too.
> Lady Gaga : last week saw the 1st anniversary of “Born This Way” (the latest GaGa album). So I gave it another spin. And it’s still quite a great pop record.

Most played tracks:
> The Age of Worry : this is one of my favorite tracks on “Born And Raised” - fantastic lyrics and a nice melody. You should really try that one.
> Love Spent : ooh, speaking of favorites. I’d say that you don’t have to like Madonna to dig the song. But maybe I’m wrong. :-P

Kylie has a new single/video - well, it’s actually an outtake to earlier album sessions. But still “Timebomb” doesn’t disappoint when it comes to radio/dance-friendly pop tunes.
Another pop star just released a bunch of trailers for her upcoming film "Part of Me" - a 3D Katy Perry concert movie. Well, I hope it's better than the Bieber flick, which should not be too difficult. And I'm curious how personal the the off-stage documentary parts will be.
And I finally watched the 2012 Billboard Music Awards - best performance of the evening: Usher (I was surprised). Worst performance: Chris Brown (though the song is ok). ^^

A look at the German charts:
Wow, Die Toten Hosen are the new number 1. Didn’t see that one coming.
[4] We Are Young : I like the song. And the video seems to be enjoyable, too.
[7] Back in Time : WTF is wrong with young music buyers? This song is so crappy, I even did a small rant about it on my German blog. :-/


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