Lights, 27.05.10


28 mai 2010, 22h28m

Thu 27 May – Lights, Rich Aucoin, The Missive

Fantastic gig - Lights' voice is flawless live. Tracks that I found particularly mesmerising included The Listening and an acoustic version of Quiet, which she stated had never been performed before. When I told Lights herself how beautiful this version was, she said that she would take my advise in performing it in the future! She was also very generous after the gig and met, had photos with, and signed things for anyone that wanted her to. I really think she wouldn't have left until everyone had seen her.


The Listening
February Air
Second Go
Pretend (Reprise)
Face Up
Drive My Soul
The Last Thing on Your Mind

Encore (Acoustic)
February Air
Envois approuvés
I Still Buy CDs


  • Dismantlerepair

    This was an amazing gig wasn't it, and she really does sing flawlessly! The energy was just fantastic. I really envy you because I had to leave to catch a train just when Saviour was starting up so really sad I missed the rest - River and Quiet acoustic, especially :(

    29 mai 2010, 21h37m
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