14 nov. 2010, 15h29m

I woke today, went through my normal routine, listened to music while taking a shower, Taking Back Sunday to wake me up, Cemetery by Say Anything repeated a few times.

I thought about how much I love her, and how much passion I put into writing for her. Thought about the mental frame I find myself in when my pen bleeds words or my screen spits electronic letters and decided this morning, this day, would be spent in that frame. Like the Bright Eyes song, 'there's a switch that gets hit', and I found her on the couch, eyelids weighted gently with sleep, I wrapped my arms around her firmly, kissed her ribs and kissed her neck against the giggles that bubbled out of her.

I tamped down all the passive aggressive remarks, the sarcasm that whips out first response, and I forgot about how comfortable I am with her. I let her past the window sills of my eyes, I really took her in, and it was the warmest morning.

I was late to work today, but it was worth it, to let her know I am made of my words, in me they are actions, I left love on her cheek.

Say Anything


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