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18 mai 2007, 12h32m

As some of you may know, I like animals and cute things quite a lot. I also like silly things, like the video this artist has uploaded; A boy with glasses

It involves a cuddly penguin going about his daily business, recording a song, and then playing it to his myriad cuddly friends.

It turns out cuddly tigers don't eat cuddly penguins for lunch. I knew Last.fm having video would be good for something. The things you learn...

In other news; I have a strange hunch that the new Biffy Clyro album might be pretty good, and as a matter of fact Love Has A Diameter might be the best thing they've written. (This opinion is subject to change)


  • theneonfever

    I think the donkey is a wild card, he has manic eyes.

    18 mai 2007, 17h13m
  • Jonty

    That video is awesome. I love it.

    19 mai 2007, 19h53m
  • kittwalker

    Contrary to the belief of such rags as NME, the new Biffy album is, in fact, not great. Love Has A Diameter, however, is an excellent excellent song and serves only to re-enlighten the glimmer of a flicker of a hope that I once had that Biffy would return to the sort of outstanding music of the first album. Just my tuppence, really, pay me no heed.

    28 juin 2007, 17h13m
  • innitbruv

    BE MY FREINDS [img]http://www.lakeshorepreserve.wisc.edu/photo-gallery/bigwoods/lg/Big%20Woods%20Aerial,%20Cronon,%20DSC_8790.jpg[/img] SEE ONLY ONE PICTURE FOR FREIND

    11 jui. 2007, 18h17m
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