2009 Anticipated Album Releases


4 jan. 2009, 1h18m

This is a list of albums that are anticipated for 2009 (but not confirmed). If you have any to add, just drop a shout and tell me to add to the list. To see the confirmed releases for 2009 (at this stage), check out the journal post (2009 Upcoming Releases).

Note: If an artist appears multiple times, that means multiple albums by that artist are forthcoming.
(+44) - [Title TBA]
50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct
Aerosmith - [Title TBA]
Christina Aguilera - [Title TBA]
Aly & AJ - [Title TBA]
Ambulance Ltd - [Title TBA]
Tori Amos - [Title TBA]
Marc Anthony - [Title TBA]
Melissa Auf Der Maur - Out of Our Minds
The Avalanches - [Title TBA]
Basement Jaxx - [Title TBA]
David Bazan - [Title TBA]
B.G. - [Title TBA]
Big Kuntry - My Turn To Eat
Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D.
Blikk Fang - [Title TBA]
Blur - [Title TBA]
Boston - [Title TBA]
Michelle Branch - Everything Comes and Goes
Breaking Benjamin - [Title TBA]
Broken Spindles - [Title TBA]
Joe Budden - Padded Rooms
Built to Spill - [Title TBA]
Cassie - [Title TBA]
JC Chasez - [Title TBA]
The Concretes - [Title TBA]
D'Angelo - [Title TBA]
The Divine Comedy - [Title TBA]
Pete Doherty - [Title TBA]
Dr. Dre - Detox
Doves - [Title TBA]
Eminem - Relapse
Ace Enders - [Title TBA]
Eve - Here I Am
Extreme - [Title TBA]
Flo Rida - R.O.O.T.S.
Freebass - [Title TBA]
Ace Frehley - [Title TBA]
From the Jam - [Title TBA]
Fugees - [Title TBA]
Peter Gabriel - [Title TBA]
Noel Gallagher - [Title TBA]
Gang of Four - [Title TBA]
Garbage - [Title TBA]
Teddy Geiger - The March
Lisa Germano - Magic Neighbor
Ginuwine - [Title TBA]
Goo Goo Dolls - [Title TBA]
The Gossip - [Title TBA]
Happy Mondays - [Title TBA]
Keri Hilson - In a Perfect World
Hoobastank - [Title TBA]
Whitney Houston - [Title TBA]
Hypernova - Through the Chaos
Indigo Girls - [Title TBA]
Insomnium – [Title TBA] - Expected around September
Michael Jackson - [Title TBA]
Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3
Junior Boys - [Title TBA]
Aaron Lewis - [Title TBA]
The Like - [Title TBA]
Lil Jon - Crunk Rock
Love Grenades - [Title TBA]
Lynyrd Skynyrd - [Title TBA]
M. Ward - [Title TBA]
Shirley Manson - [Title TBA]
Massive Attack - [Title TBA]
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Matchbox Twenty - [Title TBA]
Matisyahu - Light
Metric - [Title TBA]
Muse - [Title TBA]
Naughty By Nature - Anthem Inc.
New Pornographers - [Title TBA]
Nina Sky - The Musical
No Doubt – [Title TBA]
OK Go - [Title TBA]
Paramore - [Title TBA]
Pearl Jam - [Title TBA]
Pet Shop Boys - [Title TBA]
Placebo - [Title TBA]
The Postal Service - [Title TBA]
The Rakes - [Title TBA]
Rakim - The Seventh Seal
Rancid - [Title TBA]
John Rich - [Title TBA]
Roxy Music (original lineup including Brian Eno) - [Title TBA]
Rusted Root - [Title TBA]
Stephan Said - Songs From Below
Joe Satriani - [Title TBA]
Seaweed - Small Engine Repair
Simple Minds - [Title TBA] [Winter]
Sixpence None the Richer - [Title TBA]
Stars - [Title TBA]
Starsailor - All the Plans
Stellastarr - [Title TBA]
Stone Temple Pilots - [Title TBA]
Switchfoot - [Title TBA] [Spring]
Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major
Rob Thomas - [Title TBA]
Tortoise - [Title TBA]
Trans Siberian Orchestra - The Night Castle [Summer]
Ralph Tresvant - [Title TBA]
Velvet Revolver - [Title TBA]
Gillian Welch - [Title TBA]
Wilco - [Title TBA] [Spring]
Amy Winehouse - [Title TBA]
Patrick Wolf - [Title TBA]
The Wrens- [Title TBA] [Fall]
ZZ Top - [Title TBA]
My Chemical Romance
Whitney Houston
White Stripes [May?]

So there are some big ones rumoured for 2009 (Especially ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard, Muse and Velvet Revolver) although my personal “most looking forward to” would have to be the rumoured Insomnium release. Post up what you are looking forward to, or if you have any other “rumoured” releases that aren’t on the list yet, just leave a shout and I’ll update.

Thanks to: ReptilaCuTepi. teoma-melimelo, ricardonocera, eitaicoro


  • final_alert

    Holy shit. The cover art needs to be the chick nekkid.

    4 jan. 2009, 11h19m
  • Charlotte-09

    Timbaland is bringing out a new album.

    4 jan. 2009, 17h28m
  • final_alert

    Thanks guys. Charlotte - I chucked Timbaland in the other journal (Upcoming Releases), as it has a confirmed date and all :D

    4 jan. 2009, 19h28m
  • Thommeh

    The list seems quite outdated: Lamb of God - Title TBA. There's no rumour whatsoever that LoG will release 'Wrath' the 24th of February 2009. But besides from that, a nice list:)!

    4 jan. 2009, 21h53m
  • final_alert

    Well I'm just running off what the site had up :P I'll change it to the other list nao.

    4 jan. 2009, 21h59m
  • alin1

    A new album by Garbage in 2009? I don't think so...

    5 jan. 2009, 11h23m
  • final_alert

    [quote]In the wake of the new "Absolute Garbage" collection, the members of Garbage are eyeballing mid-2008 to begin making their fifth album. "We're talking about it," drummer Butch Vig tells Billboard.com, adding that he expects the group to group to head in a markedly different stylistic direction than on its four previous releases. "If we want to continue making records," Vig explains, "we don't necessarily want to repeat ourselves and do that electronica/rock/hip-hop beats/pop melodies with noise and guitars ... however you would describe us. I think we're interested in making something that's much more sort of primal and stripped down." Vig says a model might come from the benefit Garbage played for ailing drummer Wally Ingram in California earlier this year, when the quartet played acoustic with a string section. "It was great, and the crowd went nuts," Vig recalls. "It made us realize how fun it could be to do a record that way. More Neil Young 'Tonight's the Night' meets Leonard Cohen meets Mazzy Star -- druggy, bummer music. Not necessarily druggy, but melancholy and bittersweet. "Listening to our body of work, my favorite songs are stuff like that -- 'Milk' and 'Queer' and 'You Look So Fine' and 'Bleed Like Me,' the slow and sultry stuff," he continues. When Shirley (Manson) sings that way, I just fall in love with her voice. So I think we could make a completely different record than anything we've done before. It'll probably be commercial suicide, but the music business is so f*cked up now, maybe it'll be the most inaccessible record of our career and we'll have it be the biggest hit." Vig, however, expects "a long hiatus" for Garbage, with recording not starting until next summer, at least. He recently produced albums for Against Me! and the Subways and mixed the new Jimmy Eat World release. Manson is working on a solo album due in early 2008, and fellow members Duke Erikson and Steve Marker are working on their own projects in England and Colorado, respectively. "'Absolute Garbage' is the postscript to chapter one," Vig says. "Whatever we do next will definitely be chapter two."[/quote] Source Again, it's merely a list of RUMOURED releases. As stated :O

    5 jan. 2009, 18h37m
  • pikachu666

    what about the upcoming MONO album ???

    5 jan. 2009, 20h16m
  • kalsonberry

    I'm excited for the new Michelle Branch and Switchfoot!

    5 jan. 2009, 20h23m
  • Talaria

    Kylie Minogue is bringing out an album before the summer. Whether you count it as anticipated enough or not though...

    5 jan. 2009, 20h44m
  • Pickmaster

    waiting for the new insomnium album!! ^^

    5 jan. 2009, 22h28m
  • final_alert

    @Pickmaster, That's all I care about.

    6 jan. 2009, 0h23m
  • teoma-melimelo

    There's a new MCR album in the works also. Though I'm looking forward to +44, Paramore, Blur (probably not until 2010 though), and of course, MUSE.

    6 jan. 2009, 11h53m
  • irockandiroll

    garbage + shirley manson cd??.. both the same year? that would make 2009.. possibly the best year in music? .. well enough of crazy talk. with the release of at least one of them its gonna make my year.. anyway also. considering , metric + switchfoot new releases in the way.. imgonna be smiling for a while :) rilo kiley no..?.. well.. i guess.. it true what they say.. u can nott have it all.. :P

    7 jan. 2009, 5h48m
  • final_alert

    Well that's it though, most of these are speculations, but yes, Garbage and Shirley Manson releasing in the same year would be pretty awesome.

    7 jan. 2009, 6h24m
  • supadupa12474

    Röyksopp - Junior, out in March

    8 jan. 2009, 1h12m
  • infinitegames

    Courtney love 8-| hahahah

    8 jan. 2009, 16h46m
  • final_alert

    John Frusciante is on the Upcoming Releases list (see the link) as for white stripes, I'll add them in :)

    12 jan. 2009, 0h28m
  • fukmeimfamous

    Bat for lashes, PJ Harvey & John Cale, Cat Power, Grinderman, Bumblebeez

    28 jan. 2009, 21h43m
  • fukmeimfamous


    28 jan. 2009, 21h43m
  • fukmeimfamous

    oops, meant PJ Harvey & John Parish

    28 jan. 2009, 21h44m
  • fukmeimfamous

    sorry to leave so many comments, but Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cocorosie, Lily Allen and Heartless Bastards.. i'll stop now :-)

    28 jan. 2009, 21h47m
  • Chitowndude66

    Green Day...21st Century Breakdown is the title. May 2009. They were kinda the biggest band on the planet in 2005. How'd you miss them?

    12 mars 2009, 21h36m
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