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9 jan. 2006, 12h29m

favorite band by letter

A And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead - what can I say, they rock (and alexisonfire can get on my nerves)

B Bear Vs Shark - RIP :'( ... this band is seriously one of my favorites, then again, just look at my listens

C Cursive manages to beat out other close contenders Converge and Cap'n Jazz They're probably (just barely) my favorite band

D Decemberists - basically my inner intellectual indie fan barely beat out my inner angry punk/hardcore/emo fan that was pushing more towards Dag Nasty or Drive Like Jehu

E Embrace - as much as i LOVE the postrock of Explosions in the Sky Ian Mckay still manages to win with emotional punk/hardcore

F Fugazi - nuff said (ian mckaye rox my ass off) although Funeral Diner has been getting a lot of ipod plays lately

G The Good Life - tim kasher is one of the better lyricists i've encountered and when i'm feeling a little down some of his stuff like album of the year is UNBELIEVABLE (although i do enjoy a bit of Glassjaw which I believe has pioneered a new genre. Hatecore)

H Hot Cross i have a lot of good H bands, but I LOVE the lyrics of hot cross and of course their ability to scream without sucking it up (i'm looking at almost all of popular screamo here)

I Indian Summer in a second. I love the vocal intensity and considering the next closest was dreary slowmo like Iron And Wine or good but sophmoric artists like I Hate Myself yeah. oldskool winz.

J Jawbox tied Julia. Basically they're equally good for different moods. Julia has some of the strongest emotional intensity (especially on holding back) while jawbox has good intensity while being poppy enough to listen to in the background. *shrug*

K Knapsack they're pretty good. don't have many K's. This beat out KoRn from my numetal days. meh.

L The Locust fast, hateful, awesome. This beat the probably more expected Lifetime just because they sound like a 800th wave knockoff of everything else I listen too (although they're pretty good). Same for Jawbreaker for that matter. I'll listen to kiss the bottle once in a while, but i just prefer to cut out the middle man.

M Moss Icon only serious contender was Minus the Bear because of their pretty lyrics and poppiness, but I'd have to say the building intensity and strenght of moss icon make them well nigh unassailable. Murder by Death would have been a contender if their cds didn't have so much filler music -_-

N Native Nod ties Navio Forge native nod has a select number of better songs, while navio forge on the whole is just amazing (especially weaponizing). That said, why the HELL did Native Nod ever write Mr. President? it's like the worst song in the entire purist emo genre. ick

O Owen what can i say, kinsella has a pretty voice and writes good lyrics. plus he's amazing live. mmmmm

P Promise Ring narrowly beat Policy of Three. This is mainly due to my absolute love of "very emergency" sooo poppy but soooo good

Q Q and Not U strong dancepop? it's like the faintx4 AND on Dischord! rock on

R Rites of Spring no one else was even considered <3<3<3 Drink Deep, Remainder, Hains Point, oh god, all of this stuff is amazing. So well written. So well sung. mmmmm

S Smashing Pumpkins well written, solid, corgan may have an annoying voice but everything else is good enough to make this a damn good band. Then again, nothing else in S was all that good but Slint and Sigur Ros both of which are sorta naptime for me

T Tilly and the Wall very poppy very happy very good. mmm fell down the stairs. mmm awesome live show. see my stuff on jawbreaker and lifetime for my opinion on Texis Is The Reason

U The Unicorns only band i have and pretty good

V Vanilla Ice don't question, just accept

W Weezer shut up, the blue album rocked

X - none

Y - the only band i have here is Youth Group i refuse to give them any positive recognition. So, no winner here

Z - Zwan it was good for neochristian rock....


  • AthensLastSon

    Damn good list. You know your shit.

    9 jan. 2006, 12h41m
  • UncleFunkyPants

    You have a ton of good stuff on there. May I suggest XBXRX for the letter X? Kind of like the locust or an albatross but not quite.

    9 jan. 2006, 18h24m
  • reposmerite

    ::ahem:: no xiu xiu? blasphemy!

    13 jan. 2006, 4h51m
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