float of consciousness/фанатское (fan art)


18 oct. 2009, 19h56m

who had ever thought that i'd come to value the goddamn sky...ah fuck that )
every day brings more. my summer love has turned to rain.
now it's back once again.
so in the end it's only round and round and round.
(confusion. no connections).

it is exactly that feeling when your consciousness merges with your unconsciousness and they float together on the sea of love beyond the Fall.
(blue lotus floats).
the earth rolls back in the Fall. you're outside the back door facing in the rainbow mist.
lingering in ashantically. now you're in the roaming desert. What is here for me ?-you ask yourself and this voice stretches like an echo and starts to roll out from one wall to another. you're watching your mind like on TV screen. interesting.
something starts to grow and take shape. now you're rolling back to the wheelborrow to come back in town with trip that stopped floating around.

Shpongled ?


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