Every music genre or style has a great artist or song to me


19 juin 2010, 12h00m

Stockholm Syndrome by blink-182

i can write all off the blink-182's songs here because blink is the only band which i always loved and that's never going to change and of course every song by them is a masterpiece. the only thing is why is say they're punk rock becuase of the guitar riffs, the drum tracks and the lyrics. blink 182 is not like jonas brothers and shit, yes blink was a really trendy band back in 00's but they just dont give a fucking shit about anything so fuck all the metal heads with their fucking pussy hairbands , they just like screeching weasel descendents but blink got more famous than them and thats the thing what annoys shittytwat underground fuck listeners who only listents to bands which doesent represents nothing and suck cock. anyway this band is back and i found the greatest thing to my ears.( blink got more rocker and punker these years but they wrote great ballads like all the great thinker rockers metalers did so fuck it.)anyway i like 100-500 bands from this genre.

Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash
This is the artist which i only listen to like 1-2 years. But i really love his voice lyrics and guitar themes. You have to feel the same as he to understand him and you know he had a lot of money succes wives children anything you ever wished for but he never thinked himself that he is better than you. he were a fucking nice guy with a bad guy image becuase he used drugs were in jail etc. this song is about his bad guy image but he has like 10000 great song so its hard to pick one. i have like 60-70 albums from him already listened to every song and he were amazing and those posthumus albums prove that this world needs him this world need a man like that who sees tha right way on earth. he was friend of Elvis Presley Roy Orbison they started all of this music back then. I think i never will find a person which is more greater than him... okay my idol is Thomas Delonge but every person is different but these two people are really got me into music....

November Rain by Guns N' Roses
The only thing why i love this band is SLASH . He is an awesome guitarist we really well add his feelings into his guitar solos and the whole band is really creative. Axl Rose can sang really well back then and he were better then. I know they are hating each other now becuase Axl is an asshole now and he things he is the god on earth. but musically and emotionally this band were great. but everything comes to an end....

Just Like Heaven by The Cure

I Walked With A Zombie by Wednesday 13

Tragedy by Hanoi Rocks

Glósóli by Sigur Rós

Route 666 by Helltrain


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