The irony


13 fév. 2008, 13h31m

On the same say as I write an entry into the journal concerning the demise of one of our countries top record shops, my delivery from CD Now (Amazon) arrived by post.
I had ordered the last Radiohead record, In Rainbows, I had already downloaded it last year (and yes, I did pay for it, five pounds to be precise + admin charges)
Seeing Radiohead, who are still my favourite group, perform live on Jools Holland's 200th edition of the Later programme spurred me on to do the order.
Besides Radiohead there were excellent performances by Cat Power and Feist. Cat Power I knew, as I already had one of her records, and I was just beginning to get to know Feist, by way of Last FM.
Doing my homework on how to aquire the Radiohead record most cheaply, I arrived on the Amazon site, and looked around for a while checking other artists out, and how much their records would cost.
To my pleasant surprise the Radiohead record was pretty cheap, and if I ordered two Feist records (Let It Die & The Reminder)it would total $35,41 which was 23,78 euro's on the day I ordered.
Three good records for less than 8 euro's each was an offer too good to refuse.

Well today they arrived, thus far I have only played the first Feist record (Let It Die), and I liking it, it has a nice jazzy feel to it, currently I'm playing Radiohead. The first thing that strikes you is that this 'proper' cd has a far better sound quality than the downloaded one. One of the reasons why I bought it as well.

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here.


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