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12 oct. 2007, 14h53m

I've been working on this bunch of songs for much longer than I anticipated. I just can't get it to flow right, and on top of that, I'm having trouble weeding out songs to fit the 1hr, 20min time limit of a CD.

After playing around with how to make a compressed file, I suddenly realized: LAST.FM USERS CAN PROBABLY SAVE MY ASS! So, here is the collection of 30 mp3s I have to work with. If any one of you has the time, patience, or love in your heart, please, pretty please, give me some guidance. Help a brotha out.

Download link:

Track listing thus far:
In My Life - The Beatles
Empire - The Black Angels
Energy Fools the Magician - Brian Eno
Dreaming of flying - Celestial Aeon Project
Pawny-Me - David Michael Stith
The Biggest Lie - Elliott Smith
It's Now or Never - Elvis Presley
Mansfield And Cyclops - Espers
First Breath After Coma - Explosions in the Sky
What Is Life - George Harrison
Hold On Hope - Guided by Voices
The Pirate - Hanne Hukkelberg
Sundown - Ida
Dialogue - Jackson C. Frank
The Won't Let Me Run - John Vanderslice
Woke Up New - The Mountain Goats
Take Pills - Panda Bear
Cut Your Hair - Pavement
5-4=Unity - Pavement
If Today - Radio Vago
Nude - Radiohead
Faust Arp - Radiohead
Have You Forgotten - Red House Painters
Dead Meat - Sean Lennon
Friendly Fire - Sean Lennon
The Horn Song - A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About - Tullycraft
Ano Domination - The Volta Sound
Rockers To Swallow - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Pop Ain't Dull - Yop



  • luishernando

    Hmm, I dunno what the mix is about (and the song length of some of the songs), so I guess I'll just choose the songs I like among the list. Cut Your Hair, Nude, Dead Meat (although, have you ever heard of Parachute? His best song.) and In My Life.

    13 oct. 2007, 5h56m
  • fakehead

    The mix really isn't about anything. It's just a collection of, what I think to be, really good songs. However, I still want it to flow well. Oh, yes! I will add the song lengths. Thanks!

    13 oct. 2007, 15h51m
  • gnrmcr

    Explosion In The Sky have really long songs so I think you can omit that.

    13 oct. 2007, 19h22m
  • sls

    I see some good songs up there, I may as well check out the rest. I'll post something back once I listen to it if I remember.

    18 oct. 2007, 5h49m
  • Serpent_axed

    The only thing I would say is pick one Sean Lennon, I have been told about putting to much John Frusciante on my mixes before. This is an interesting collection, definitely keep the Eno.

    18 oct. 2007, 23h08m
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