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  • zer0phusi0n


    3 jui. 18h22m Répondre
  • eigrp100

    Apologies for the delayed reply. Just survived one hell of a week. I can share it with you if you're interested. :P On my previous shout, I was referring to Dance in the Dark. :) Also, just noticed when I dropped by the Ancient Disorder's main page that you did, just celebrate your birthday. I was actually only relying on stock memory when I greeted you happy birthday cause I notice your age add by one since the last time I visited your page. At least my memory isn't that rusty contrary to what I believe it to be lol.

    29 juin 6h27m Répondre
  • zer0phusi0n


    28 juin 15h37m Répondre
  • MistahMagnitude

    Hmm...never heard of any of those besides Harry and the Potters and Jordan O'Jordan, and the latter I know just by looking at your charts. I may have to check some of these out, though....

    26 juin 13h35m Répondre
  • MistahMagnitude

    Sounds like fun! I'm sorry to hear you didn't get to go. :( Who else played there besides Andrew Jackson Jihad?

    25 juin 17h31m Répondre
  • Zaynuh


    25 juin 16h32m Répondre
  • MistahMagnitude

    I listened to Andrew Jackson Jihad the other day. It was really good...thanks! I'll be sure to check out some of your other recommendations soon.

    25 juin 16h12m Répondre
  • eigrp100

    *Suddenly emerges between the bamboo stalks* Hello :3 Ended up on your profile via the some random game thread. Noticed that you're listening to one of my favorite tunes and I couldn't resist the urge to drop a shout... So yeah. Hi. :D And happy birthday.. as well? Sorry bit wasted today lol.

    24 juin 16h27m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    I wish you a happy family then :D I have, but I never make even one mixtape. Scrobbling is the main reason I made an 8tracks account xD

    22 juin 3h26m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    Woah, you're a mom now? That's just really surprising... xD How does it feel by having a baby? I was having a hard time listening to full albums I haven't heard before, I just doing that because I'm on a long holiday right now xD I want to follow your 8tracks profile, but for some reason I can't seem to get it work on my phone :(

    21 juin 11h16m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    I'm glad you like it :) Just listened to Phèdre self titled album, kinda reminds me of The Buggles and other songs from the early 80s, and I love it :3 I'm not a fan of playlists. I rather listen to one album at a time or at least listen to the songs from the same artist at a time. I only listen to playlists or mixtapes created by others if I wanted to discover artists that mostly under the radar.

    20 juin 3h43m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    Thanks! Will try to listen to them later. I'll be sure to let you know :D

    19 juin 14h30m Répondre
  • XDanica

    Thanks and likewise! :)

    19 juin 8h52m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    Maybe you can recommend some, any type or genre is fine :D

    18 juin 8h52m Répondre
  • k_naruchiha94

    Thanks! You have a huge collection, maybe I can have some? :))

    13 juin 11h26m Répondre
  • Hammerfall314

    Yeah, I meant interesting in a good way. :) That's why I stopped to send a friend request.

    12 juin 4h33m Répondre
  • lololaurens

    Haha well, I just got an xbox a couple months ago, and I've been spending a LOT of time on there, so my reasons aren't entirely noble either x) And now that I'm 21 I've been having pretty busy evenings, and then I babysit two girls 4 or 5 days a week! It pays well but it's exhausting to mix that with wanting to get drunk at night haha. I actually was all finished with finals in April, it was awesome! I'm happy to be out for the summer, but it's too warm for me, yuck. Currently, I'm watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black, and watching this season of Game of Thrones! Other than those things, I haven't been doing anything particularly phenomenal haha. But everything's been relaxed overall and that's how I like it!

    12 juin 2h33m Répondre
  • MistahMagnitude

    Ha ha, yeah, that's a great track :) So, go ahead. You can list a ton!

    11 juin 23h23m Répondre
  • Hammerfall314

    You have an interesting profile.

    11 juin 12h09m Répondre
  • sosoozie

    No probs... Likes wise :) Enjoy..

    6 juin 6h03m Répondre
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À propos de moi

Feel free to add me or leave a shout.
I'm good people and I like to make friends :)

8tracks // Ask.fm // Pinterest // RYM // Twitter

My super-eclectic score is currently


I've effectively abandoned this profile a few times over the years, due to lack of internet access and other various extenuating circumstances. It's what led to the only profile reset I've done, and also why my play averages are so low now.

Sometimes, I don't know what kind of music I'm in the mood for, so I listen to quite a bit of last.fm recommended radio (or random user library radios). Other times, I'm working on playlists, so you'll see me listen to the same set of songs several times over the course of weeks or even months. I rack up a lot of plays for the songs (and artists) I use in my playlists, even though some of them may not necessarily big faves of mine. I do listen to full albums on occasion, but I've always been kind of "bad" about picking and choosing random songs to listen to. But it does make for some (what I like to call) interesting "musical journeys" :)

I don't own a lot of tangible albums anymore, most of my musical library is digital. But, I do have a rather extensive vinyl collection that my dad handed over to me because he didn't want to move it around anymore (I don't blame him, moving hundreds of records can be time consuming, and physically straining, as I've come to learn, hah!) Most of it is typical classic rock, but there are so many and I have so little space, that I've never properly catalogued all of them. I don't even know what's all there, but I've found some real gems in the bits I've looked through. And whenever I get the chance, I add a few of my own faves to the mix.

My Random (and Pathetically Short) 'SEEN LIVE' List
10 Years
Indian Jewelry
John Prine x3
Jonathan Richman
The Mountain Goats
Prince Rama
"Weird Al" Yankovich

Some Local 'LIVE' Love
A Future For Mutants (experimental)
Barium Alive x3 (metal) *
The Detectives (50's/60's-style rock)
Drunk Handsome Bastards x2 (punk) *
Fraught With Peril x2 (rock/metal) *
Honkey Suckle (bluegrass)
Nora and Gnoll (folk punk)
Pillbox x2 (rock)
Portrait of Authority x2 (rock)
Rogue Nation (punk) *
Speakeasy (rock)
Strictures x2 (ebm) *
Kyndl x2 & countless practice sessions (alternative) *
Subject to Loss (rock)
Sunshine Kings (punk) *
* = I'm friends (or at least have partied hardy) with someone in the band

I always need more music. Always. I enjoy making playlists and think it's very serious business. With that exception, "the Enlightened take things lightly", so I try to be as enlightened as possible. After all, I am a POPE...

Beyond that, I like to read, drink, and wax philosophical. Not necessarily in that order. I also spend an inordinate amount of time binge-watching things on Netflix, sharing socially/politically charged memes (and music videos no one else cares about) on Facebook, and hanging out at everybody's favourite last.fm group: The Ancient (Dis)Order of the Last FM Platinum Round Table.

O! Apple, apple, in my hand
Who's the fairest in the land?
Come forth, with all your golden discord!
I'll be here waiting. So verily. Fnord.

Life ain't pretty for a Dog Faced Boy

Children, ignore your cautionary tales of woe...
Before the phoenix rises, she must fall.

I'm that kid who doesn't apply herself...

Economic Left/Right: -7.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.72

Every time I take this quiz, I slide even closer the bottom-left corner

And when you see a spade, my dear, call it a spade...

I AM A(N)...
Libertarian Socialist
Secular Humanist
Beer Snob
Music Slob
Lover, Not a Fighter

I am not a hippie or a hipster, I just happen to like the same things that hippies and hipsters like! ;)

I have a one year old daughter named Melody. As such, I don't spend as much time online as I used to. But I get to spend a lot of time with her and that's just swell!


I'm not dedicated enough to have any real hobbies or talents, so I collect interests instead. They include, but are not limited to...


(any form of) animation • bbq • b horror movies • banjo music • bright colours • camping • cephalopods • classic cartoons • conspiracies/conspiracy theories • consulting my pineal gland • costumes/cosplay • craft beer • emoticons • flip flops • giraffes • going barefoot • harmonica music • irony • kitsch • masquerade masks • musicals • nighttime strolls • old book smell • pastries/sweets • pickles • puppets/marionettes • rain • sandwiches • sardonic laughter • smoking • street art/graffiti • sundresses • sunglasses • tie dye • ventriloquism • vinyl • wolves


advertising/ads • being on the sending or receiving end of voicemail/phone messages • bigots • capitalism • discrimination • ear bud headphones • elitists • government • humidity • iTunes/iAnything • math • news networks • oppression • people who use the word Nazi for anyone who is not actually an adherent of 'National Socialism' • religion(s) • shoes • sloths • spiders • the city I live in • the war on, for, or against anything • when anybody tells me not to say something because I might "jinx it"


Robert Anton WilsonKerry Wendell ThornleyEmma GoldmanNoam ChomskyThe DudeBob RossArt Garfunkel's hairWayne WhiteDan O'Neill


1984 by George Orwell
Principia Discordia by Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst and Malcalypse The Younger
Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman
His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman
Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
Feed by M.T. Anderson
The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper
The Complete Sherlock Holmes collection by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Disney's Beauty & The Beast • Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical • Adam Curtis' The Century of the Self and The Trap series • The Big Lebowski • Hedwig & The Angry Inch • Heathers • Forgetting Sarah Marshall • Aaah! Zombies!! • Tetsuo: The Iron Man • Rubber • They Live! • Troll 2


Peep Show • Cowboy Bebop • Neon Genesis Evangelion • Firefly • Dexter • The Larry Sanders Show • Portlandia • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart • Colbert Report • My So Called Life • Buffy The Vampire Slayer • Angel • Degrassi • Chopped/Sweet Genius • Unique Eats/Unique Sweets


Anarchist FAQA Softer WorldConsumeristDangerous MindsDaytrotterEmotional Baggage CheckGarfield Minus GarfieldIf You Make ItJames Hance's Relentlessly Cheerful ArtKitten CoversNyan Tom WaitsPress Play and RecordRecord Store DayThe Slow Burning FuseWarmer ClimesWhat The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks?


If you want to know anything else, I suppose you'll just have to ASK...



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