the attic


24 jui. 2010, 14h53m

I stuff old BBCode up here.

"I think it was the first time i realized i could change the world, or at least change the way me and my sister hit the clock on every tick, just to see what happened. The time has really flown by I guess, and it's hard to think of the way it might've been, or remember really specifically the words and all the rest of it. I was down. More than i'll ever be, probably. That has more to do with it, altogether. Like the orange trees in the backyard, and it's Easter, and it just won't end. Fucking Phil. He's off with his boys somewhere, and i'm just sitting here getting more and more lost with everything. That was the thing about it. It's not as if a cousin had promised something and taken it away. It was like nobody could share my so-called dreams. Which really meant none of it was happening. And that reach around midnight left me with just about that/ Nothing. There's not anything particular about it, either, and i think that the whole thing gets vaguer every second, but i am too, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's even funny when i stop to realize i'm just nineteen, and how serious can anything be anyway? Not very."
Kick The Tragedy

"I don't care where an actor acts. It can be in summer stock, it can be over a radio, it can be over television, it can be in a goddam Broadway theater, complete with the most fashionable, most well-fed, most sunburnt-looking audience you can imagine. But I'll tell you a terrible secret - are you listening to me? There isn't anyone out there who isn't Seymour's Fat Lady. That includes your Professor Tupper, buddy. And all his goddam cousins by the dozens. There isn't anyone anywhere that isn't Seymour's Fat Lady. Don't you know that yet? Don't you know that goddam secret yet? And don't you know - listen to me, now - don't you know who that Fat Lady really is?... Ah Buddy. Ah Buddy. It's Christ Himself. Christ Himself, buddy."


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