Mellow and melancholic – and a little dark…


12 sept. 2008, 11h27m

Song: Who’s The Enemy
By: Feeder

So Feeder are here again… A while back I compared the album this song is from (Silent Cry) to The Music’s latest album and concluded it wasn’t as good. Now I’m not here to turn that around, but I do feel that Who’s the Enemy is worth a special mention.

As I said all those months ago this album doesn’t really have a fresh new sound… That is particularly true of this song. There’s just something about it that makes me take it a little more seriously than the others. I wish I could say why, but I can’t! That’s a bit crap when your writing a blog describing music I know, but it will have to do!

The song has got kinda the same feel as much of the material on Comfort In Sound, it’s a bit and – but a little darker in places. The chorus however harks back to some of their earlier material with a sudden outburst of distorted guitars, before returning to the calmness of the verse.

Another nice feature is the use of strings, they’re not too overpowering, but quite often they provide a simple back-melody that gives the sound a wider spectrum.

Although this has to be my favourite from the album I would also recommend Miss You (the first single, it’s nice and energetic, a real grower) and 8:18 (just for that fuzzy little kazoo sound!).

It’s a shame it’s quite bad quality on this video, the song is... [more]

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