• 5.000 . . .

    17 oct. 2008, 22h27m

    And It could see 5.000th song, and The song was Children of The Damned from IRON MAIDEN<He's walking like a dead man,If he had lived he would have crucified us all;Now he is standing on the last step,He thought oblivion well it beckonsus all {CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED}>

    Almost morning's came and it keeps on . . .
  • invaluability of love..

    3 août 2008, 13h10m

    Nowadays i always hang around.I don't want to do anything.Only one think;LOVE...It did find me in complicated opinions,far away fields even almost gloomy rooms!However i'm fallen for her.Feckless things are rising day by day.Anyway i recognize odd think; love is priceless.