Music to be April to: Vol. 1


10 jui. 2008, 14h53m

Unlike most people on, I don't own an iPod. I use to build my playlist, stay connected all day to listen, and get artist recommendations. Believe it or not I do read people's journals and actually take part in discussion I know something about.

I wanted to share my playlist, which is an accurate representation of my taste.

These tracks are in alphabetical order, not specific to favorites or what artist I may like better.

The Konks
29 Fingers
I play a lot of Rock Band, and this song is listed as the easiest song for drums. Listening to the lyrics it's understandable why, "Cheap guitars and only two lousy drums". Great song though, love the beat.

Addicted To Bass
When this song first came out, I had just gotten my first and only car. I remember hearing it on 93.3 in Denver, on a show called E-leven, where they played techno after 11pm. I turned it up so loud I almost blew my speakers. Ever since then, this song makes me jump to my feet at the club and get wild.

Sarah McLachlan
Sarah has a classic voice, and she's one of the only artist I can tolerate listening to on live tracks. I still have not heard anyone that sounds anywhere close to her range.

Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Ain't Nothing Wrong With That (Album Version)
I take a lot of interest in the songs that are chosen for television shows and movies. This track was used for a dancing show in the states. I love the guitar riffs and the clapping behind the drums as the main beat. Overall it's just a fun song you can easily dance around to in your underwear on a Sunday morning.

Jimi Hendrix
All Along the Watchtower
Quintessential Jimi Hendrix. I know everyone has their favorite Jimi song, usually it's Purple Haze or The Wind Cries Mary, but I like to stick with the protest song. I don't think I have to say what part of it I like...

George Strait
All My Ex's Live In Texas
Hendrix to country, trust me these are just in alphabetical order. I was raised in the south, so I didn't get out safely without picking up a few songs from the country genre. When I was little, my grandpa used to sing this song to me any time it came on the radio. Though I wish it was true, most of the ex's live in Colorado, I couldn't have left any in Texas for the 13 years I lived there.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl
My brother always told me this song reminds him most of me and our memories together. Good enough for me, I just love playing this song on drums.

The Presets
Are You The One?
Hooray for another Aussie group. My god what can I say about this song and the group? Have you heard this song? Julian Hamilton's vocals are unlike ANYTHING I have ever heard. The cadence in his voice is enough to make me buy anything they will ever put out. Makes me all giddy just thinking about it.

Etta James
At Last
When Etta hits that first line, you can't help but get goosebumps.

Atom Bomb
The almost whisper vocals and the beat just make this a gloriously sexy track. Great for cruising through the mountains at night or staying in for a night of dirty sex. Yeah I said it.

30 Seconds To Mars
I can see past the brotherly hotness and the guy-liner, despite the fact that Jared and Shannon Leto are not hard to look at, they also play their instruments well, which helps. I've noticed a lot of guys feel insecure and get all angry when you ask them about 30 Seconds To Mars. It's really not a big deal, most actors cannot act and sing, unfortunately Jared can, the man has been around since I was a child. Give him some credit, his songs are beautifully written and performed with passion. You remember passion? It's missing in today's music, they remind me of people who play music because they love music, instead of money. Ok I'm done.

The Who
Baba O'Riley
All I have to say is "Out here in the fields"!!!

Ballroom Blitz
Another track from Rock Band that I can't get enough of playing. It's borderline goofy in it's lyrics, and my dad has now inserted "Are you ready Steve? Andy? Jebediah?" and I can't get over it now. Makes me laugh.

30 Seconds To Mars
A Beautiful Lie
I don't want to have defend this choice again. Jared's vocals on this track happens to be one of my favorites.

Carrie Underwood
Before He Cheats
A great anthem for any woman who has ever been cheated on. That makes all of us. I know a couple guys who could use the 'Carrie Underwood Treatment' on their hotwheels.

Destiny's Child
Bills, Bills, Bills
One of the first tracks that made them famous and launched Beyonce's career. Another great chick anthem.

Busta Rhymes
Break Ya Neck
This is one of those songs that not a lot of people got into, but for some reason it's my personal favorite by Busta.

I found Elisa by accident, and I really love her voice. It's music that you can play while snuggling up in bed on a cold day. You know that girly stuff we need every once in awhile.

Sarah McLachlan
Building a Mystery
Another great song from Sarah.

Calling Dr. Love
My mom was actually part of the "KISS Army" when she was a teen. She's not that old so it's possible. I've always loved KISS, but playing this song on drums for Rock Band really put it at the top for me.

Damien Rice
This is a new one to my track list, I'm really enjoying it so far, and I'm perusing the rest of Damien's tracks.

Carry on Wayward Son
Oh yeah some crappy Kansas. Mind you, I don't like anything else by Kansas, but I love this damn song. You'll see that about me often, hate the artist, love one little song. I wouldn't be caught dead outside of this track on a Kansas CD.

Caught Up
This song is a perfect representation of a specific undetermined relationship I currently have with a particular individual. I feel really caught up in things, which is making it hard for me to sort out my feelings and make a final decision on what I would like to glean from our time together. Is that ambiguous enough? He knows who he is and he's toying with me on the fine line of sexy and frustrating. Kinda turns me on and pisses me off, good thing he doesn't know he could have me on my begging knees.

Snow Patrol
Chasing Cars
I know why I like Snow Patrol, but this song kinda gets under my skin and into my heart, causing me to think of beautiful but long past memories.

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
Cheek To Cheek
Top Hat is my all time favorite Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie, and one of my all time favorites in general. If you have never watched an old black and white movie from the 30's or 40's, they are so amazingly entertaining. No special effects, just great dancing (especially if you're watching the master Fred Astaire himself) and beautiful singing.

Cherry Pie
Who hasn't considered themselves as Cherry Pie? That damn movie had to go and change sexiness to Apple Pie, guess what kiddies? Sexy is Cherry Pie.

Closing Time
My brother has made this song hilarious. We worked in a grocery store together, and he would do the evening closing announcements sung to the melody of this song, "Closing time, pack up all your shit and get the fuck out of our store." I love him.

Norah Jones
Come Away with Me
Great song to feel sad to. What else do they call it? Chill out music? Yeah ok...

Crystalline Green
Borrowed this song from an episode of 'House' and it's wonderful.

Ohh, this song just showed up on my playlist. Good slow dancing song. Her voice is so powerful, yet she brings it back to a soft melody at just the right times. How did I live without this woman?

So that's the first 30. I'd like to get some impressions. Wanna get pissy? Write me something mean, I don't care. Better you take the agression out on me than go punch a baby or something. Hope this gives someone some recommendations or points them in a good direction to find other artists. Well that's how I work, I don't know about, well yeah ok, thanks!


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