take stock to 2008


2 jan. 2009, 19h27m

favourite albums released in 08 (abc)

Aaron Martin: River Water
Adem: Takes
Antenne: #3
Bersarin Quartett: Bersarin Quartett
Ben Woods: A Collection of Thoughts
Canon Blue: Colonies
Cat Power: Jukebox
Cousin Cole & Pocketknife: Tambourine Dream
David Holmes: The Holy Pictures
Detektivbyrån: Wermland
Digitonal: Save Your Light for Darker Days
Emiliana Torrini: Me and Armani
Fredo Viola: The Turn
Gregor Samsa: Rest
Hauschka: Ferndorf
Laura Barrett: Victory Garden
Lulu Rouge: Bless You
Max Richter: 24 Postcards in Full Colour
Mr Cooper: What Else There Is
Nitin Shawney: London Undersound
Peter Broderick: Float
Portishead: Third
Russian Red: I Love Your Glasses
Tape: Luminarium
The Real Tuesday Weld: At The End Of The World
Vetiver: Things Of The Past
UNKLE: End Titles...Stories For Film

homeland top 10 release in 08

1. Ágnes Vanilla: Férfiszóval
2. Csík Zenekar: Ez a vonat ha elindult, hadd menjen
3. Szalóki Ági: A Vágy Muzsikái
4. Palya Bea: Adieu Les Complex
5. Lovász Irén: Szerelmes Virág
6. Kerekes Band: Fel a Kalappal!
7. Kistehén tánczenekar: Ember a Fán
8. Pluto Project: One Dirt
9. Barabás Lőrincz's Random Szerda: Small Talk
10.Mitsoura: Dura Dura Dura

15 most listened albums in 08

1. Phelan Sheppard: Harp's Old Master (2006)
2. Portrait Of David: These Days Are Hard to Ignore (2005)
3. Custom Blue: All Follow Everyone (2002)
4. Pornopop: And the Slow Songs About the Dead Calm In Your Arms (2006)
5. Ampop: Made For Market (2002)
6. Peder: And He Just Pointed To The Sky (2007)
7. Leaf: Made Into Itself (2005)
8. Grails: Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1, 2, & 3 (2007)
9. Susumu Yokota: Symbol (2005)
10. Mojib: Whimsical Lifestyle (2007)
11. Bombay Dub Orchestra: Bombay Dub Orchestra (2006)
12. Manyfingers: Our Worm Shadow (2005)
13. Dustin O'Halloran: Piano Solos 2 (2006)
14. Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook: Black Rock (2003)
15. Teitur: Stay Under the Stars (2006)


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