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16 fév. 2008, 13h50m

man, that took me forever. so many new records here. plus a new release on sncl! so here is the list, thanks for reading.



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-- sncl #11 --

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - Year of the Rabbit 7" / cdr £2.50 : super awesome twinklemo for the frosty mornings. two songs, freshly whipped up a mineral / benton falls type fashion. 'year of the rabbit' is my favourite E!E! song yet, building up delightfully in the traditional manner. spot on. the flip side gets into it from the get go. that familiar sound of melancholy indie/emo that you know and love. this single comes with a cdr featuring the two songs on the 7" plus some other tracks that the label i co-released the single with is issuing soon.

-- NEW IN --

Arrows / These Hands Could Seperate the Sky - split 12" £9.00 : oh man. arrows here lay down 3 perfectly melancholy miserablemo classics, laying on the indie/emo with a piano and guitar twinkles. mineral meets three mile pilot?! stunning. these hands seperate the sky play post rock of the epic kind. sorry this is expensive. postage from australia is insane! comes with a cd version.

Baader Brains - The Complete Unfinished Works 12" lp £7.00 : bruising hardcore from the hands of veteran deaf guys such as mike kirsch, jose palafox and spencer rangitsch. politicised, sample laden, the full package. probably the closest kirsch has come to matching the immense power of torches to rome yet, which is really saying something.

Brutal Knights - Living By Yourself 12" lp £7.00 : distorto 'ardcore punk rock

Building Better Bombs - Freak Out Squares 12" lp £6.50 : total bro mosh screamo hardcore with melodic parts like light the fuse and run. primed for hand claps and raising your fists and air guitar for the widdly bits. this record is a heap of fun.

Calabi Yau - s/t 7" £2.00 : i only picked this up as it was on lunchbox records, who once put out stuff like car vs driver. anyway, this is pretty cool, arty punk similar to stuff that gsl and gravity put out in the late 90s and early 21st century. worth checking out if you like it oddball and interesting

Carbonas - s/t 12" lp £6.00 : carbonas are back with their blisteringly simple punk rock. if you are the kind of person who wished the marked men would spit more, then you will like carbonas. uber fine punk rock.

Chinese Telephones - s/t 12" lp £6.00 : the phoons drop an lp of the calibre that they have been threatening to make for some time. a great mix of the fast paced, and the medium paced - all of it swamped in rough and ready melody, on heavyweight vinyl. good to hear this style done without owing dillinger 4 royalties. rocking melodic punk ahoy!

Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord - split 7" £2.50 : chinese telephones are a super duper band. and hit with two more rockers here. melodic punkage of the high calibre kind. dear landlord have two guys from rivethead, and that is pretty much what they sound like. more speedy dillinger 4 style punk, and good.

County Line Rd - The Birth of Hank Malloy 7" £2.50 : happy new year iain galloway.

Dan Padilla / the Tim Version / Hidden Spots / Tiltwheel - split 7" £2.50 : pop punk!

Dead Friends - s/t 7" £2.50 : this is the best 7" of 2007. short, fast, chaotic emo / hc that sounds like assfactor 4.

Envy - All The Footprints 12" lp : classic screamo lp repressed. their best album as far as i am concerned.

Envy - Abysall 12" ep £7.00 : epic post screamo

the Ergs - Upstairs / Downstairs 12" lp £6.50 : the Ergs are back with their 2nd lp of pop punk. personally, i am slightly disappointed in the record but it does have plenty of good moments. just a couple of tracks that shouldn't have made the cut. well worth checking out if you're a fan.

For Science - Tomorrows Just Another Day 12" lp £6.50 : For Science have another one out! this time it's a full length. they've pushed their sound forwards and come up with a bang on album full of driving, melodic punk. poppy in some ways, not in others. gatefold + clear vinyl!

Halo Fauna - Durak : cd £4.00 : this is some really neat rocking indie here, with slight emo elements i think if you enjoy things like the first weaktherthans lp (their best by far) you will be into this.

Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex 12" lp £7.00 : hardcore

Look Mexico - This is Animal Music 12" lp £7.00 : super sweet indie rock - american football / colossal type twinkles and whatnot.

the Marked Men - On the Outside 12" lp £6.50 : ok, this is pretty much as good a record as there has been in the last 5 years. seriously. so fucking amazing. rocking punk that is rammed with insane amounts of melody, energy, and the essential grittier edge. get this fucking record!

Monikers - EatYour Young 7" £2.50 : great melodic punk, basically a cross of leatherface and crimpshrine. a guy from discount is in this band.

New Bruises - Transmit! Transmit! 12" lp £5.00 : kickass melodic punk, like dillinger 4, with great vocals from a chap who used to front mid carson july.

Slint - Spiderland 12" lp £6.00 : everyone has this. if you don't, you can get it here, and i promise not to tell.

Statues - Same Bodies, Same Faces 7" £3.00 : catchy retro power pop / punk, which you are allowed to buy as it is on deranged

Stolen Bikes Ride Faster - Nothing Has Changed : cd £3.00 - hard hitting melodic punk, like a faster small brown bike with the melody of lifetime or something. good uns.

Tubers - Shell Out 12" lp £6.00 : Tubers is a band that seems to not get a lot of notice, but the people that listen to them will sing their praises. this is a great band, and this lp is tip top notch. i never really know who to compare them too, it's a kind of post-punk like wire / mission of burma crossed with dischord bands like rites of spring, but with something else going on too. great vocals from rich diem really add to things. the kind of punk that the youngs sneer at, and the fogies nod along to knowingly, because the young uns that hang in there will be after this one in a few years time, that's for sure.

v/a - Keep Singing : cd £4.00 : bit of a 90s throwback here, a benefit comp for "compassion over killing", fairly obvious sentiment but hey, it's not the 90s any more and it's been about ten years since i sat there eating scampi and chips during an animal rights speech at a gig. each band on this cd contributes a song and a vegan / vegetarian recipe. i am sure you are more interested in the bands that are on here, well you get songs by life at these speeds, sinaloa, ampere, off minor, strike anywhere and 10 more that i have never heard of. maybe they are better known in the world of vegan recipes.

What Price, Wonderland? - Claim 7" £2.50 : holy cow, 4 absolute belters here from WPW recorded when they were still young! haha. raging emo, somewhere between mohinder and cap'n jazz, these songs fit the format perfectly, this is just how an emo 7" should be.

Whiskey Trench - the Good Sun 7" £2.50 : guys from the sainte catherines playing mighty fine leatherface / hot water music jawns.

Witches With Dicks - Manual 12" lp : 10 tracks of balls out melodic punk rock that is very similar to dillinger 4 in sound and attitude. few bands have worse names, but at least WWD rock the fuck out right here. great stuff!
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