• Cribcaged Gutshot at America's Heart?

    12 déc. 2006, 6h10m

    = Prelude =

    This isn't really a review of the Scarsick album, more of a "notes from a first impression". I'm not going to talk too much about the semantics of these tracks, nor the concept of the album. This is gut-shot stuff, with a bit of heart thrown in for good measure.


    Sounds like something that was left over from the incredibly pretentious "Be" album. Fortunately, the reason it wouldn't have made it there is the reason I enjoy it; it's harder, rawer, and the title doesn't come in latin. However, Daniel sing with a forced voice which I find somewhat tiring. Even so, a good opener.


    The infamous(?) "rapping" track. When listening through the 30s samples that were released, this is the track I thought would have the most potential. I like the rapping, I like how it delivers the (ironic?) Message. This is what I'd call "Progressive Within Bounds". It's a new sort of delivery for PoS, but the core is familiar.


    The track with the second biggest potential as determined from the 30s samples, turns out to overtake "Spitfall" for first place on this album. Angry with a touch of sadness and piano, that's the fucking way to my heart. Only problem is the child-giggles at the beginning and end. The third time they were really starting to grate me. Best part ''fuck their lack of originality, personality, fuck this travesty. ... fuck the way they fuck equality''.


    Ah, yes. What to say? A fairly straight-forward romp on the concept of America (land of the free, brave, etc) and how it's going all wrong. In my opinion, anyone who take this as some sort of personal insult need to step away from the Kool-Aid (aka Fox "News" and CNN) and go get a skin-thickening operation. Best part ''We'll be back after this short break ...'', and the lines leading into it.

    Disco Queen

    Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser live, Disco Queen must be the progressivest (I just made that word up, it's like how Truthiness is to Truth) track on the album, with it's sudden tempo-changes and accompanying high-pitched singing. For some, I can see this becoming a dirty little secret, that track that is dismissed in public but played on repeat when no-one is around, the chorus is just that catchy. It's odd, it's out there, potentially commercial, and I like it.

    Kingdom of Loss

    Pretty vanilla hippie-track. Might grow on me, but I'm thinking that if you'd cut the lyrics and tricked it out, it'd make a great instrumental track. And get this, it fades out. Fades. Out.

    Mrs. Modern Mother Mary

    At 4:15, this is the shortest track of the album, which I find is a most fortunate blessing, considering it seems to be about finding "god", which I find highly offensive. Can we please bring back the fuckoffs?


    Starts out sort of like it's going for safe mood-music guaranteed to offend no-one, but about three minutes in there's a bit of screaming, guaranteed to make the older populace run down the stairs to change the station. That part soon passes though. I don't know, it's not that it's a bad track necessarily, it's just not very interesting either. Just ''Close your eyes'' and it'll be gone. Gee, with a title like that, you'd expect a some plain old political ranting, no?

    Flame to the Moth

    A good solid track which in some parts made me think of Dream Theater, for some reason (they're not a group I listen to regularly). It's got a nice... I don't know... groove? Thumbs up, without being exceptional in any way.

    Enter Rain

    Somewhat of a disappointment. The typically very strong closing track (I'm always glad to hear "The Perfect Element" or "Beyond the Pale") is now a sad slow drawn out ordeal of a track. Its apex, if such is even to be found, is as low as it's dull. This is where we expect that delivering release of energy, the closing knock-out punch. Instead we're treated a long build-up into virtual nothingness.

    = Outro =

    One should remember that this is Pain of Salvation, so a track that is "meh" is still pretty darn good compared to track placed twentieth of the national Top-40. Also, tracks and albums grow on you. This can't be overstated. I was pretty hard on "Remedy Lane" too first, but now it's only that truly dreary "This heart of mine" that sits there as an infected pimple on an otherwise fantastic album.

    So keep that in mind as you engage the flame-throwers.
  • America -- Bashing != Criticism

    28 nov. 2006, 11h02m

    This one is and will be stirring up quite the controversy amongst fans. Is it critical of the US? Yes. Is it mindlessly bashing (and to me, the term bashing implies "mindless") the US? No.

    Just listen to what it says. To me it says "Dudes, you need to get over your superiority complex, it's killing you from the inside".

    If USians want to turn away with their hands over their ears, fine. That's just the sort of thing this song is making fun of.

    "Saving us yet another time -- America!"