the one rule


12 fév. 2006, 22h05m


as far as behavior in my car goes, i could honestly care less what you do. youre free to drink and smoke whatever you please, say what you think and yes even express how you feel as long as no one starts crying or bleeding.
but you talk shit about dave matthews, i kick your erroneous ass out of my barbie car. thats right. lost in some backwoods town in the middle of the night? in the fast lane on 66? in front of your ex girlfriend's new place she bought with her new boyfriend and theyre having sex in the window? yea, the answer to all those is the same. hope you like walkin, cuz your ass is like school in class.

ass, grass, or dmb...i dont need your gas money

friend: i aint tryin to piss you off but i listened to the cd you made me, and i think dave needs to lay off the acid. homeboy is crazy.
me: you know what i think?
friend: here it comes...
me: i think youre stupid
friend: lol thats it? wheres that classic callie rage? i remember when you kicked matt out of your car for talkin shit bout dmb
me: just wait. it'll grow on you.


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