more tracks! 30k of them!


22 jui. 2007, 21h47m

so, i reached 30k played tracks. actually, at the time when i'm writing this journal, the data i'm working on revolves around 300 tracks over the 30k, so some numbers won't reflect the real "30k" experience, but who cares... probably not even me... =D

in my last "number journal" (here) i predicted i'll reach 30k tracks somewhere in late september/early october, according to average tracks/day ratio i had at that time. apparently i'm listening to more music now, since it's only august. ;)

time for some numbers...
i'm member for 516 days. that's 1 year, 5 months and one day. in that period i listened to 30000 tracks and that gives these numbers:
53 tracks/day (+6%)
374 tracks/week (+6%)
1764 tracks/month (+15%)
21176 tracks/year (+15%)

i played last 10k tracks in 122 days - 4 months and 2 days. that adds up to this:
82 tracks/day
573 tracks/week
2500 tracks/month

again, there's positive deviation, now a little bit bigger than 10k tracks ago, again indicating peak days.
i play a lot more music lately, average percentage indicates 42%-55% more music. evidently i devote more time to my music then i did before... definitely true.

now a bit of musical statistics...

my top 5 artists:
01. Asian Dub Foundation, 951 plays (820)
02. Kasabian, 697 plays (601)
03. Modest Mouse, 626 plays (0)
04. Led Zeppelin, 597 plays (563)
05. The Beta Band, 563 plays (563)

obviously, i discovered Modest Mouse. and i like it very much. also, they pushed The Rolling Stones four places down (they count 508 plays now). 10k tracks before, top 5 artists comprised 14.6% of my total tracks, now they add up to only 13.1%. that means i listen to at least 1.5% more diverse music. yippie! :D
The Beta Band went out of favor, i haven't played any more their songs in last 4 months.
all other top 5 artists have 14%-21% increase in their track count...

my top 5 albums:
01. KasabianKasabian, 459 plays
02. WolfmotherWolfmother, 380 plays
03. Modest MouseThe Moon & Antarctica, 261 plays
04. The RaconteursBroken Boy Soldiers, 243 plays
05. The ThermalsThe Body, The Blood, The Machine, 240 plays

albums show a lot more shuffling than artists, here i introduced three new bands - Modest Mouse, The Raconteurs and The Thermals. The Meters - Good Old Funky Music and DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... went down to 7th and 10th place, respectively.

my top 5 tracks:
01. WolfmotherColossal, 96 plays
02. KasabianL.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever), 89 plays
03. KasabianCutt Off, 67 plays
04. RatatatWildcat, 66 plays
05. The RaconteursIntimate Secretary, 59 plays

no new entries here, apparently i still love those songs... :)

i think i said more-or-less all needed (and probably more than anyone wanted to know), so the only part left for the end is a little prediction game...

according to my current tracks/day ratio, i should hit 31000 tracks somewhere in first few days of august, 40k tracks in first half of january 2008 and by the new year's eve i should have more than 38500 tracks...

and that's all for now...


  • maliMirkec

    puno brojeva, brate... puno slobodnog vremena... ? O_o

    24 jui. 2007, 8h28m
  • elkarrde

    hehe, a sta ces, kad nemam zivota... :D

    24 jui. 2007, 11h16m
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