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Goo Goo DollsBefore It's Too Late Hier 15h13m
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Goo Goo DollsIris Hier 15h04m
Goo Goo DollsBig Machine Hier 15h00m
Goo Goo DollsBroadway Hier 14h56m
Goo Goo DollsStay With You Hier 14h52m
Goo Goo DollsDizzy Hier 14h49m
Goo Goo DollsBefore It's Too Late Hier 14h46m
Linkin ParkRoads Untraveled 20 sept. 12h58m
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Is this what you call a family?

Mai Malling Larsen

New years eve, 2013, a girl texted me. She was my best friend at the time and boy was she special. She added me on Facebook 2 years earlier but we didn't talk much until mid-2013. She became my best friend and she lived only a few minutes from me. I still remember the first time she came by like it was yesterday. Her long, dark, straight hair, her blue eyes, her perfume. I can still recall every single thought I had from that day on. I was in love. Whenever she left I would find myself sitting in my bed inhaling the few remains of her smell and just imagining myself with her.. We texted every day, pretty much all day. I tried the best I could to make up for the things she suffered from and I tried to cheer her up the best I could.

As time went by we became closer and she spoke to me about darker times and experiences. I tried to support her, be there for her. I did the best I could. I'm not a perfect human being, but I really really loved her. I kinda told her once.. She asked me if I was interested in any girls and I said yes.. Then she said "Well, tell her!". I took a screenshot of her facebook page, the part that read: "In a relationship." and send it to her. She replied: "Is it me?" and I told her: "I don't know... maybe." and slammed my head into my pillow.

My life was a wreck. I had suffered from so many losses in the near family, my studies went south and I had no fucking idea what to do with my life. I had accomplished nothing.. But then, on new years eve 2013, I got a text.. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something like: "You are my best friend. I've always imagined myself with you." She was unhappy with her current boyfriend. He was an a-hole, I knew him from public school... They had split up and she opened her self to me.. She said that she had been imagining us together for a while... So I replied to her and asked her if she was drunk. I couldn't believe it. I instantly left the party I was at. I had to go somewhere.. I found a boulder nearby where I sat for almost 1.5 hours just texting with her.. I told her everything I felt. All the feelings I had been hiding inside for that long. A few days later she invited me over... We had a great evening just like every other evening we had spent together. I never gave it a thought to make a move on her. I was so in love with her and I respected her. She just came out of a shitty relationship, did she need space? Time to think perhaps? Time went by and I was about to go home.. She followed me out and we were standing under a street light.. I told her that it had been a great evening and I was looking forward to seeing her again. I reached out to hug her as I usually did and she went for it.
She kissed me.
I was stunned. I didn't know what to do. After that evening we had spent together, the stuff we had been talking about, I did not expect it. We wrote about so much that faithful new years eve, but I never had the guts to talk to her about it. But luckily, she was brave enough to open up. It sucked. It was probably the worst kiss ever. I just stood there and I hadn't kissed a girl for like 2 years. But wow. Even though the kiss itself was bad, it meant the whole world to me.. I almost cried as I stood there and kissed her again. And I told her that I was crazy about her.. We giggled a bit and she went in.. I almost danced the entire way home in the dark. I was full of joy, full of energy. FINALLY I had found a light in the dark.. Days went by and we met a few times.. Just like old times, only with a few kisses added..

One day, after she had left my place, my mother came to my room and asked me:"Are you girl- and boyfriend?" and I told her: "I don't know..." I texted her soon after and told her what my mother had said.. She said:"What did you say?" and I told her:"I said, I don't know... But I know what I wish I could've said." and she said: "What was that?" and I said:"I wish I could've said Yes. Yes we are." and she replied with all these frowning smileys.. She then asked me if she wanted us to be sweethearts and I said of course.. She made it official soon after on facebook as well.. That day, was the 14th of January, 2014. That day, will forever be one of the best days in my entire life - if not the best. Because that was the day that I could call Mai my girlfriend.

Before that day, and especially after that day, we've had a lot of amazing experiences together. She is my one true love. The girl that I was in love with for so long. She is mine now... Or, I am hers. Because I will forever do anything for her. And I wish for this to be eternal.

My love for you, my sweet, is true. And I will never want anyone but you.


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