February to April 2010 - The Live Show Retrospective Part XII


23 avr. 2010, 20h51m

So, first of all, I owe everyone who’s been reading on my journal a personal apology for not keeping up the constant writing you’re used to. But since there only like 4 people, it won’t take that long, so


The reasons for my inexcusable abstinence here can be looked up at my blog (address aforementioned in my profile). Okay, back to business. Since the new year started rather weak in comparison to 2009, I’ve only been to two live shows so far. And because the first one dates back two months and I therefore remember very little detail and the second one was pretty disappointing, I’ll keep it short.

02/20/2010 – Motor Club with Joey Cape, Tony Sly and Jon Snodgrass – Magnet

Usually, my feet hurt after I’ve been to a multiple act show like the Taste of Chaos Tour, the Never Say Die Tour or something in that matter, but normally not after a Clubshow. Mainly because there’s at least one band I’d like to move my raddled body to or they only take 2 hours and you can run around and take a squirt during the breaks. This night, neither of these things did apply. The show started rather late for a Magnet show (doors 9 pm, begin 10 pm, real begin 10:20 pm) so we showed up way to early around 9:30 pm since we were worried to miss Tony Sly. But the first one to play was…all of them. That’s right. Soppoi was joking about that before the show started. I figured the three microphones were for some additional musicians (another guitarist and maybe a bassist) who would also do some back-up vocals but the only extra musician was a keyboarder. So the evening started with Jon, Joey and Tony (from left to right if you were standing in the audience) playing Alien 8 on the acoustic guitars together and what followed was a show I didn’t expect to be so entertaining. First one playing solo was Jon Snodgrass and after some practiced tunes he basically just played the songs demanded by the audience, mainly Armchair Martian and Drag The River songs but I think also some solo stuff. After a duet with Joey on Jessica Suicide and another one with Tony he left the stage, leaving Tony Sly alone to play his set. He followed suit and played only very little of his solo stuff but many old NUFAN hits, sometimes also accompanied by Jon and Joey, who was the last of the trio. Since Joey Cape probably was the most appreciated musician that night and has the most solo stuff, he got the last slot. But as his fellow musicians, he preferred to play the tracks from his bands Bad Astronaut and of course Lagwagon. That show made me miss the old Lagwagon and wishing for another show of them here in Berlin. Well anyway, he played some great tunes and didn’t even want to leave the stage while Jon and Tony and even the audience were too exhausted to play resp. hear another song. After 3 hours and 15 minutes, the lights and music coming from the DJ came on for good and everyone was relieved that it was finally over.
I must admit for 7,50 € (10 € at the ticket counter with a 2,50 € birthday coupon) it was an awesome show. Okay, standing around for over three hours, barely able to move in an insanely crowded Magnet club really takes it out of you, but the setlist, the stupid comments of Joey, Jon and Tony (although I hate this stupid “oh, we’re so drunk” tough guy behavior) and the possibility so sing along almost the whole time made this evening really special. Too bad if you’ve missed it.

04/08/2010 - Bridge and Tunnel w/ Young Livers and Caves - Subversiv

Signs. There were signs everywhere, telling me to better not go on this concert that night. First, it was set for 10 pm on a Thursday. Hey, I’m a part of the working population now, I’m not getting any younger, too and I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. But I figured that there was only one work day left and that it would be no problem. Plus, Soppoi accompanied to some shows I was looking forward to more than him, so why not return the favor for once. The next sign was that neither one of us had looked up the location really attentive so we were strolling the Brunnenstr. up and down until we finally found the Subversiv. And since it had a different name written across the entrance we asked whether we were right and got laughed at. Stupid contemporary youth. Okay, the admission fee was rather cheap, only 5 Euro, that’s top notch for Berlin standards. The venue was not, though. But just go there and find out yourself.
First band to play were Caves (since there are more than one artists under this name here on last.fm I’d rather give you an URL, too - www.myspace.com/wearecaves) from Britain. Their female fronted Org-Core Punk with folkish and rockish influences sounded kinda crooked at first but the set got better as it went on. They were a little uncommunicative but if you’re the only band nobody has heard of before, I guess that’s just normal. After 25 minutes the band left the small stage, making room for the next band.
Young Livers from Gainsville, FL, who I thought would be the headlining act, were nothing like I expected. Coming from that area, I was hoping for a sound in the vein of Against Me!, Fake Problems, a little Folk Punk, you know. But instead they played their admittedly not very unique style of HardCore Punk. Okay, I could have guessed that it would be so, figuring that members of Glass & Ashes are in this band. But I just found that out afterwards. Anyway, the mass seemed to like it and was celebrating their (rather short) show. After another 25-30 minutes it was over and the cellar of the Subversiv was getting more and more crowded.
Last band that night was Bridge and Tunnel, who sounded nothing like I remembered from their show last year at the lokal. They had a new bassist and they all seemed to be pretty pissed and bored and I was under the impression that it might have been the jetlag. After only 30 minutes of terribly sounding songs with technical difficulties and almost no announcements the show was over again. That they are able to deliver a better show, I got to witness last year. But this was inexcusable.
So there you have it. For a kick-off of the tour, it was a rather lame concert. The support act was the best band of the evening, both headliners were bored and played uninspired and short sets, the sound was horrible and it was way too many people. The breaks were longer than the sets and filled with inadequate hip hop / rap music and even the cheap entrance of 5 Euro can’t varnish the poor concert we got attend for that. Yepp, there were signs. But did I listen to them?

Okay, that's it for the first four months of 2010. Stay tuned for more live show reports and check out my blog once in a while. That would make me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest.




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