• Aquanaut ♩♬

    26 déc. 2013, 15h45m

    I am happy to share Aquanaut with the ears of the world. It has been a decade of searching for the meaning of composing and releasing music and it only gets more mysterious and complicated as time goes by.

    ♩♬ Enjoy.
  • Lali Puna - Our Inventions

    31 oct. 2010, 1h56m

    Our Inventions

    It has unfortunately become very non-typical of me to recommend any music (blame the industry!) but here's one: you can do a lot worse than going with Lali Puna's "Our Inventions". It is beautifully short, and sounds rather like the band's work cca "Scary World Theory". Also serves to show that sometimes it has to be 6 years of wait for an enjoyable album. I don't mind.
  • Two new Esem tracks and a live set

    15 juin 2010, 21h32m

    :: Here are two recent Esem tracks you might like:

    Ssyeru - taken from Intelligent Toys 6 by Sutemos - a real underdog of a compilation of beautiful music.
    Unfold e5 5n - formally a remix of a Brighton band, but practically a ground-up rebuild made of discarded take sounds.

    Both tracks are available for full length listening.

    :: You might also be interested in a live set that showcases upcoming LP4 material - posted on soundcloud:

    Esem - TPOLM Lazy Sunday - Live 7010 London.

    Enjoy ♪ ♫♪ and happy summer ☼
  • thoughts on shutting down

    20 avr. 2009, 20h59m

    the world's atwit at the closing announcement on the heels of that first verdict in the pirate bay trial.

    but let me tell you something, wire-style. you have to understand the music industry at the moment.. they have a weak product: it's not tangible, it doesn't last, if it engages it'll let go quickly, it's cut many a time, and the worst - they're still on about territory.

    shit, you'd think if they were dealing drugs, they'd know how to organise it better. but my point is, the industry is still in that same bit of a state they were when this file-sharing thing began. we'll live through this economic crisis, and those people would still go on about trying to protect their corners, instead of just, you know, moving on.

    i can understand that. there's lots of money playing. but if you happen to be in any way related to those upper tiers who pull the strings, trust me - the technological brains who'd make the revolution in this field are no longer that interested. and when they are, there's only so many of them. and when they speak, my take is industry people just don't listen.

    do i feel for an independent music distributor shutting down? you bet I do! but the question really is: am I surprised?
  • Are you a fan of Bear McCreary yet?

    21 mars 2009, 22h51m

    Bear McCreary is my new favourite film score composer. As much as I enjoy giants like Thomas Newman and John Williams, there is something irresistible in Bear's work on Battlestar Galactica.
  • bvdub - prayer to false gods

    20 fév. 2009, 16h56m

    A Prayer to False Gods
    nothing to say, except *You have to have it*.
  • Ólafur Arnalds

    3 déc. 2008, 15h34m

    Ólafur Arnalds's music saddens me. For the first time in a while this is actually OK. The reasons: it is Icelandic, and it is very, very beautiful. I always take "fragile and emotional neu-classical music" with a grain of salt, but as the winter has shortened days dramatically here, it resonates with the feeling perfectly, this small screen shining in a dark room, and all these sounds that do not seem to be coming from any particular direction.

    That said, if you're on the lookout for stimulating music, pass on it. But you'd still be missing out ;
  • Orb vs Fsol : The Dream

    2 nov. 2008, 19h48m

    It is beyond me why anybody thought it would be okay to sample Future Sound Of London for tracks on The Orb's "The Dream". Even though the sampling seems to be minimal, the sounds are still very very recognisable. Not surprising as anyone who has listened to FSOL's material is likely to know their sounds, individually, and by heart.

    Even though The Dream works in places, as an overall attempt I think it's a failure. It's like those moments where you'd expect the artist's self quality control to stop them from releasing bad quality material, but that failed too.

    Unfortunately I think The Orb should do what Orbital did: Exit gracefully.

    Too bad, as they were my favourite band.
  • stop with your shitty questionnaires and linked artist lists

    16 mai 2008, 10h46m

    i joined in february 2006. two years later it smells of myspace and facebook very badly. it's memes all over as people grab silly journal ideas and quite literally pollute the ether.

    i tried looking for M.I.A's similar artists first. I know this doesn't work, since M.I.A is popular and she'd appear surrounded with similar artists that are not similar at all. (computers have no sense of genre, or taste for that matter, remember?) So I look at the journals instead.

    many a time in the past a journal entry has done for me what the system can't do (but what, among other things, it was invented for) - be the ultimate taste agent and recommend me more great music based on a starting point.

    not now. i was just served shit like long posts of coachella videos, tens of favourite albums (complete with covers and stuff), extremely annoying entries with 3 lines of text and 30 lines of linked artists, the quiz of the moment (#1 what got you into #29? OMGWTF!??!), and, of course, the year in review posts, where there is everything else *except* M.I.A's similar artists.

    see for yourself

    could an artist be that unique? could this artist be that unique? or could be so polluted and, with no way to rate posts in terms of how great or at least relevant they are, have become a fairly useless service?

    i understand if it's easy for the developers to fiddle with multiple tag search and such, but to me, as someone who pays for their service, it becomes pointless paying (what, just to have the ads removed?)

    anyway, /rant
  • Enveloped digital remaster

    2 avr. 2008, 13h20m

    "Enveloped" is being remastered. All tracks, except "3k2" are getting a new, tighter, mixdown, while everything else will stay true to the original. "3k2" won't make it to the new release, but it *might* be replaced w/ something else.

    Enveloped will then be released to download for free (since all original copies have sold out and deFocus is no longer active).