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4 jan. 2010, 0h46m

2009 was an year with not so much new things. In music, I entered deeper into country and folk music, "returned" to Classic Rock, learned that Brazilian rock can still be saved and discovered a fantastic arab artist. Here we go with the 20 most significant songs for me in 2009.
*Please note that not all the songs (or even none of them) are made in 2009.

20 - Warren Zevon - Frank and Jesse James Warren is one of the artists I discovered that year, and he's a real rocker
19 - Gary "U.S." Bonds - Time Ol' Story A track rediscovered. The recording quality is not 100%, but the strange guitar sound and the backing vocals from the space make this song an one-of-a-kind.
18 - Supertramp - School A masterpiece. Incredible how much music fit in just 5 minutes. The piano/keyboard part is gorgeous.
17 - Billy Idol - White Wedding I'm not much a fan of Billy Idol, but this song is just great
16 - Oasis - The Turning In 2009 I rediscovered Oasis, thanks mostly to this song, a very energetic rock song
15 - Layne Martine Jr. - Surabian Lament As happened in 2008, in 2009 songs from the U-Spaces' "Psychedelic Archaeology" collection dominated my players. This track is one of the highlights of the collection
14 - Lonnie Donegan - Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O Skiffle is a fun music style. You can prove with this fantastic song that, I don't know why, sounds perfect to close an album
13 - Warren Zevon - Genius Another awesome song from him. The violins contribute to give a different atmosphere to the song. Warren was a Genius.
12 - Abdel Halim Hafez - Gana El Hawa An epic of arab music. Now I know why he was (and still is) so adored in Arab world
11 - Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Such a strong and cool track. It made me start giving Van Halen the attention their music deserve
10 - Frankie Laine - Rawhide /As in 2008, a superb western song by Frankie reaches the top10
09 - Johnny Flynn & the Sussex Wit - Tickle Me Pink A very good folk song from this relatively new act. The lyrics are kind of strange and the song is funny, even though it sounds a little sad
08 - West Coast Natural Gas - Jumping Frog Another song from "Psychedelic Archaeology". Weird lyrics, drunk-like vocals, great guitars and lots of sound effects. It could only finish into top 20
07 - Odair José - Nunca Mais Odair José is known in Brazil for his cheesy love songs. But this one is neither cheesy nor love song. It's high-quality psychedelic rock
06 - The Jessica Fletchers - Sorry About The Noise The Jessica Fletchers are an incredibly good band from Norway. They make high-quality retro rock. Every song of theirs I know, I love. And with this one it was no different
05 - Michel Polnareff - Time Will Tell Michel Polnareff is a great French artist. During the 60s he made very good songs, as this one and the more known "Love me please, love me". As a bonus, the lyrics of this song were written by Keith Reid (Procol Harum's poet)
04 - Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes Kylie made it again: a top 10 song for the year. I don't like all her songs, but some of them are fantastic. Like this one, that made me press the repeat button many times during 2009
03 - System of a Down - Toxicity It took just 2 months for this song to be the 2009's 3rd most signifcant song. Maybe if I had discovered it earlier, it should be #1. This song summarizes SOAD's best: good alternation between melodic and powerful guitars and vocals. Hope they come back soon
02 - Abdel Halim Hafez - Al Toba As many arabic songs, this one has many spelling forms in occidental characters. Anyway, I mean this song. Abdel was a genius. His vocals were the best. It is a beautiful love song (yeah, I checked the translation) that also gave me strength in weak days
01 - John Denver - Leaving, On A Jet Plane I had already heard some versions of this song. But only the composer's version made me love it. John Denver was a hugely talented artist and his songs were full of feelings. In this one you can feel his pain in leaving. Not in vain, some people say John Denver can make stones cry. The beauty and feelings of this song contibuted to make it my personal #1 of the year.


  • JackT928

    Oh man I saw number one of this post and had to contribute. When I was a kid I met a good friend of my fathers who's father was dying of cancer. When I saw them they were at my house sorting out his will as he only had about a month to live. Anyway, they both got talking to me and they found out I played guitar so my fathers friend picked up my acoustic and started to play "Leaving on a jet plane" for his father. Until that day I had never heard that song, and after he was finished it took me awhile to understand the full significance of what I had just seen, reflecting on the lyrics in that situation and how they fit in perfectly with what was happening. He lived out the rest of the month then died.Truly great song.

    6 jan. 2010, 14h02m
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