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    30 juin 2008, 23h00m

    So this is the meme where I list the top 50 most listened to artists on, then put where they are on on my top artists and then say a few words as if someone actually cared.

    1. Coldplay - not on my charts //
    I thought I would have like one or two scrobbles of Fix You or Clocks or something.

    2. Radiohead - not on my charts //
    Never really listened to them so I don't know what the fuss is about.

    3. The Beatles - #175 (8 plays) //
    Should have a little more scrobbled, maybe I will change that one day.

    4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - #307 (2 plays) //
    Sometimes I think that's two plays too much. Sometimes I just can't stand the whole band but in all honesty, a couple of their songs are ok.

    5. Muse - #133 (14 plays) //
    I think they are slightly overrated, they aren't that good... But they are good. Really addicting couple of their songs.

    6. Metallica - #143 (12 plays) //
    Could all 12 be Die Die My Darling? Again, slightly overrated I think but there are a few good ones in there, Die Die My Darling being my favourite.

    7. Linkin Park - #110 (20 plays) //
    There's something about Linkin Park that I do really like even though I barely ever really listen to them. (Good example being, when I decide to go through my music folders and delete some shit I never listen to, I never delete Linkin Park.)

    8. Nirvana - not on my charts //
    Gonna try to fight this one. Anti-Nirvana.

    9. Foo Fighters - not on my charts //
    Again, was expecting one or two scrobbles. Best of You?

    10. Death Cab for Cutie - #383 (1 play) //
    Don't have anything to say about this.

    11. The Killers - #25 (126 plays) //
    Romeo and Juliet! I love that song. And a few others by them.

    12. Pink Floyd - #307 (2 plays) //

    13. System of a Down - #215 (5 plays) //
    Need a certain (and quite rare) mood to wanna listen to them.

    14. Led Zeppelin - #215 (5 plays) //

    15. Green Day - not on my charts //
    Not anymore.

    16. The White Stripes - #307 (2 plays) //
    Who? Oh Seven Nation Army, yeah that song is kick-ass.

    17. Weezer - not on my charts //

    18. Daft Punk - #270 (3 plays) //
    Again, a certain mood.....

    19. Queen - #1 (1915 plays) //
    <3<3<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! - - - I mean, I love Queen :)

    20. Sigur Rós - not on my charts //
    What the hell is this?

    21. Arctic Monkeys - not on my charts //
    Nice couple of hits they have.

    22. Nine Inch Nails - #137 (13 plays) //
    Terrible Lie!

    23. U2 - #383 (1 play) //

    24. The Cure - not on my charts //

    25. Oasis - not on my charts //
    I could listen to them a bit when I remember / have time.

    26. Placebo - #78 (34 plays) //
    Yeah I like Placebo! They're weird but I like them.

    27. Madonna - not on my charts //

    28. The Offspring - not on my charts //

    29. The Rolling Stones - #383 (1 play) //
    Vierivät Pantterit.....

    30. David Bowie - not on my charts //
    I thought I had one play?

    31. blink-182 - not on my charts //
    No come on.

    32. Amy Winehouse - #125 (17 plays) //
    Some of her songs are quite catchy!

    33. The Smashing Pumpkins - not on my charts //
    Must listen to one or two songs by them.

    34. Bob Dylan - not on my charts //

    35. Guns N' Roses - #270 (3 plays) //
    My bf hates them :p haha. Can't deny that a few of their songs are quite the legends.

    36. Bloc Party - not on my charts //
    They have one good song, don't they?

    37. Incubus - not on my charts //
    I should really get to my archives and listen to Incubus a little.

    38. Kanye West - #96 (26 plays) //
    Involuntary.... erm, what's the word?

    39. R.E.M. - not on my charts //
    Shiny happy people, eh?

    40. Fall Out Boy - #215 (5 plays) //

    41. The Strokes - not on my charts //

    42. Depeche Mode - #137 (13 plays) //
    More! More!

    43. Rage Against the Machine - not on my charts //

    44. Gorillaz - not on my charts //

    45. Iron Maiden - #171 (9 plays) //
    Only 9? Ok then....

    46. Moby - not on my charts //
    Ah nah.

    47. Queens of the Stone Age - not on my charts //

    48. Beck - not on my charts //

    49. AC/DC - not on my charts //
    Let's get one play for them at least :p

    50. Rammstein - #196 (6 plays) //

    26/50 not on my charts!
    And yes, I got lazy towards the end :p
  • Get bored reading this!

    18 avr. 2008, 21h46m

    I understand this is not the best time to be posting on my journal with all these problems is having..... But I'm bored so let's see how this goes.

    1) Like A Child Again
    2) As Long as I fall
    3) Heart is Crying
    4) Do It Alone
    5) Wonderful world
    6) The Sacrifice
    7) Faithfully
    8) Cry Just a Little
    9) Love You to Death
    10) Here (In Your Arms)
    11) I Am
    12) Too Much Love Will Kill You
    13) Lost
    14) They Follow (Japanese Bonus Track)
    15) We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off
    16) How Do I Breathe
    17) A Winter's Tale
    18) One Life, One Soul
    19) Apologize (feat. One Republic)
    20) Walk Away
    21) The Ultimate Vacation
    22) Forever Angel
    23) The Bard's Song (in the Forest)
    24) Good Enough Is Good Enough
    25) Falling
    26) For the Sake of Revenge
    27) Just Wanna Love You
    28) Casey
    29) Don't Leave Me
    30) Lead Sail (And A Paper Anchor)
    31) Deathbox
    32) Through the Fire and Flames
    33) Autumnsong
    34) Romeo and Juliet
    35) No U Hang Up
    36) So Many Places
    37) Eve Of Seduction
    38) Where is love when its gone
    39) Cold War Survivor
    40) On The Verge Of Something Wonderful


    1. Which song do you prefer, #1 (Like A Child Again) or #40 (On The Verge Of Something Wonderful)?:
    There's a reason why Axel Rudi Pell is at number 1.

    2. Have you ever listened to #12 (Too Much Love Will Kill You) continuously on repeat?:
    Oh, many times.

    3. What album is #26 (For the Sake of Revenge) from?:

    4. What do you think about the track artist who did #15 (We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off)?:
    Jermaine Stewart...oh, lovely :p

    5. Is #19 (Apologize (feat. One Republic)) one of your favorite songs?:
    It's really really gd!

    6. Who does #38 (Where is love when its gone) remind you of?:
    Terry :p not the lyrics or anything, just Gotthard in general.

    7. Does #20 (Walk Away) have better lyrics or music?:
    Both but lyrics.

    8. Is #33 (Autumnsong) from a movie soundtrack?:
    Not that I know of.

    9. Is #18 (One Life, One Soul) overplayed on the radio?:
    I've never heard it on the radio (tho I don't really listen to radio that much).

    10. What does #21 (The Ultimate Vacation) remind you of?:
    Chillin on the beach :p or summin.

    11. What album is #17 (A Winter's Tale) from?:
    Made In Heaven

    12. When did you first hear #39 (Cold War Survivor)?:
    Uhm. Can't remember. Just one random night?

    13. When did you first hear #7 (Faithfully)?:
    Well, I remember someone sang this on American Idol (rite?) and then few days later I heard this original version on the radio and I just thought it's so much better and I had to get it and since then this has got to number 7 on my most listened tracks :p

    14. Do any of your friends like #14 (They Follow (Japanese Bonus Track))?:
    Maybe someone does.

    15. What color does #4 (Do It Alone) remind you of?

    16. Have you ever blasted #11 (I Am) on your stereo?
    I have.

    17. What genre is #37 (Eve Of Seduction)?
    Some sort of metal. Power metal? I'm not too gd with genres.

    18. Can you play #13 (Lost) on any instrument?

    19. What is your favorite lyric from #30 (Lead Sail (And A Paper Anchor))?
    ..Sinking, my heart turns to stone..
    ..Save me take me home
    When I come up for air
    Save me take me home
    over and over again
    Save me take me home..

    20. What is your favorite lyric from #23 (The Bard's Song (in the Forest))?:
    Tomorrow will take us away
    Far from home
    No one will ever know our names
    But the bards' songs will remain
    Tomorrow all will be known
    And you're not alone
    So don't be afraid
    In the dark and cold
    'Cause the bards' songs will remain
    They all will remain

    21. Would you recommend #24 (Good Enough Is Good Enough) to your friends?:
    Sure. It's a pretty song.

    22. Is #2 (As Long as I fall) a good song to dance to?:
    Nah.... :D

    23. Do you ever hear #16 (How Do I Breathe) on the radio?:
    Probably would if I listened to that type of radios.

    24. Is #32 (Through the Fire and Flames) more of a night time or day time song?:
    Erm. Erm.......

    25. Does #36 (So Many Places) have any special meaning to you?:

    26. Do any of your friends like #31 (Deathbox)?:
    Have no idea. Do you?

    27. Is #25 (Falling) a fast or slow song?:

    28. Is #35 (No U Hang Up) a happy or sad song?:
    Happy happy.

    29. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9 (Love You to Death)?:
    I will always be with you
    By the anchor of my sorrow
    All I know, or ever knew,
    Is I love you, I love you to death

    Ah, so pretty. <3

    30. Is #34 (Romeo and Juliet) better to listen to alone or with friends?:
    Maybe alone? So I can sing along :p

    31. When did you first hear #27 (Just Wanna Love You)?:
    January :p

    32. Name 3 other songs by the track artist who did #29 (Axxis).
    Doom Of Destiny (Arabia), I Hear You Cry and The Fire Still Burns

    33. Do you know all the words to #6 (The Sacrifice)?:

    34. Does #28 (Casey) have better lyrics or music?:
    Both but music this time :p

    35. What album is #10 (Here (In Your Arms)) from?:
    Gonna have to check that laters.

    Now I see this stupid thing neglected four of my top40 tracks! So here's random things about....
    #3 Heart is Crying
    The only song I know by this band. One of the best songs all time. Sentimental value.
    #5 Wonderful world
    Weird cos it's got a happy tune but the lyrics, not so happy.
    #8 Cry Just a Little
    A gd song tho I'm not quite sure about Avantasia's new album (The Scarecrow).
    #22 Forever Angel
    Also sentimental value. Lots of! <3
  • Ooh, I like this! (that's Alan Partridge)

    27 fév. 2008, 21h54m

    Choose an artist: Queen

    Favorite track: Somebody to Love, at the moment.

    Least favorite track: We Are the Champions

    Happy song: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon and Seaside Rendezvous always make me smile, lots. :)

    Sad song: A Winter's Tale and My Melancholy Blues.

    If a song had to be played when you entered the room, it would be: Maybe You're My Best Friend, wouldn't that be sweet.

    First song you heard: Honestly have no idea! Maybe Radio Ga Ga?

    Last song you listened to: Love of My Life

    Best album: Their first two are pure genius. And I love A Day At The Races because it has two of my favourites, Somebody to Love and Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

    Worst album: They're all good in their own ways.

    Best live song: Love of My Life

    Song that describes you: Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

    Song for your funeral: Don't Stop Me Now is kind of a cliché isn't it? I dunno....

    Most overrated song: Maybe.....maybe... We Are the Champions. Or maybe it's just been played tooooo much.

    Most underrated song: A Winter's Tale, White Queen (As It Began) and The March of the Black Queen.

    Song you wish you wrote: Save Me

    Random song: Staying Power

    EDIT: 09/07/08
    Wow, I just realised I answered that Love of My Life is my favourite live song. I don't even remember answering that question properly, honestly! Obviously it's Somebody to Love or Somebody To Love (the unbelievably pretty live version) as I like to tag it. So good!!!
  • Crap, crap, crap...!

    25 déc. 2007, 14h36m

    This is how it works: Use the Last.FM Player to listen to the global tag radio for 'crap'.
    For each song, give your opinion of whether or not it deserves the "Crap" tag.

    Artist: Anahí
    Song: Don'T (Radio Edit)
    Comment: Sounds like something from the Eurovision.....
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: 98 Degrees
    Song: Fly With Me
    Comment: Nick Lachey? Haha :D No thanks.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Is Ook Schitterend!
    Song: Storm
    Comment: I love the Netherlands but this ..... :/
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Paulina Rubio
    Song: Megahits (extended version)
    Comment: They seriously make music like this?
    Crap or not?: Crap!

    Artist: Panic! at the Disco
    Song: But It's Better If You Do (Album Version)
    Comment: Yeah it's crap but it's catchy and I admit I like them a little.
    Crap or not?: Half crap?

    Artist: Lindsay Lohan
    Song: Ultimate
    Comment: Make it stop.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Will Young
    Song: Your Game
    Comment: Nnnno.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Rob Zombie
    Song: What Lurks on Channel X?
    Comment: Blah.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Matchbox Twenty
    Song: Shame
    Comment: I kinda like this band...... And the song. :)
    Crap or not?: Not!

    Artist: Céline Dion
    Song: It's All Coming Back to Me
    Comment: No comment.
    Crap or not?: Not .... :$

    Artist: Bowling for Soup
    Song: Self-Centered
    Comment: Never liked the band, don't like the song either.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Against Me!
    Song: Unsubstantiated Rumors...
    Comment: I'm not really into any of this punk thing to be honest.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Jennifer Lopez
    Song: (Can't Believe) This Is Me
    Comment: Jenny from the Bronx!
    Crap or not?: Crap.

    Artist: Limp Bizkit
    Song: Break Stuff
    Comment: Argh.
    Crap or not?: Crap!

    Artist: Britney Spears
    Song: Overprotected (Album Version (Radio Edit))
    Comment: Oh god no.
    Crap or not?: Crap.

  • Queen + Paul Rodgers - Say It's Not True

    3 déc. 2007, 17h32m

    Well. Since the new song was free to download I thought "Ok fine, I'll give it a try."

    Just to clarify, I previously haven't listened to any of the stuff Brian and Roger have done with Paul except this one time Queen's concert from Budapest (1986) was on tv and I watched it, left the tv on and after it there was a Queen + Paul Rodgers concert so I accidentally heard like 30 seconds of Paul singing some Queen song (I think it was We Are The Champions) and almost started crying cos I think he raped the song. (No he's a good singer, I just don't like to hear anyone sing any of Freddie's songs.) Oh, and immediately turned off the telly.

    But yea, now I thought I would try the new song, try to be as open minded as I can (OMI:111 :P) but.... No.


    I listened to it twice! Can't say I didn't try!
    But it doesn't really matter. I'll stick to the old Queen, anyone who feels up to it, they can listen to Brian, Roger and Paul. Simple as that :D I just feel the need to say my opinion about this.

    Queen is not Queen without Freddie <3
  • Yet another survey about my top ten artists :)

    2 déc. 2007, 0h13m

    Name your top ten artists on
    1. Queen
    2. Sonata Arctica
    3. Bon Jovi
    4. Darren Hayes
    5. Astral Doors
    6. Symphony X
    7. Helloween
    8. hide
    9. Gotthard
    10. W.A.S.P.

    How many times have you listened to number one?
    Queen - 1,340 :D

    Is this your favorite band?

    What got you into number one?
    Not entirely sure but I think it was mainly when I heard Freddie Mercury had died and saw him on tv at Live Aid, I fell in love. The guy was a great perfomer and I liked the music and then instantly got into the band.

    Why the hell have you listened to that so much?
    Because Queen is the best <3

    Favorite songs of number one:
    Too Much Love Will Kill You
    These Are the Days of Our Lives
    Love of My Life and so, so, so, so many more...

    Something you think you’d thoroughly enjoy doing with the band?
    If Freddie was still around, anything. Brian, Roger or John - hearing them talk about Freddie. I'm sorry, but it's mainly about Freddie :D

    Favorite memory of the artist?
    My boyfriend got me one of Queen's live show DVD's and I watched it with him. (He might have been playing DS while I was watching but that's an insignificant little detail.)

    How many times listened to number two?
    Sonata Arctica - 864

    What got you into them?
    If I remember correctly, I saw the video for Wolf and Raven and then borrowed their album from LilBlueBirdie.

    What makes you like them so much?
    Hmm, nice lyrics, nice sound.... Haven't listened to Sonata in a while but I think they could very well be the best in that genre of music, whatever the genre is :D

    Favorite songs:
    Fly With The Black Swan
    The Gun

    Favorite memory of artist?
    I've mentioned this before.... There was a FullMoon one night :) <3

    How many times have you listened to number three?
    Bon Jovi - 440

    Would you pay thirty dollars to see them in concert?
    Yesh. If I had that much money to spare. Although I would need it two tickets so acebone86 could come with me!

    How many times have you listened to four?
    Darren Hayes - 310

    Would you go fishing with them?
    Him. Sure, why not.

    Any particular emotions run through you when you listen?
    Sometimes happiness, goofyness, joy, sometimes sadness, depression, loneliness.

    What songs you like best?

    How many times have you listened to five?
    Astral Doors - 266

    What’s so intriguing about them?
    Erm, well. Intriguing? It's just a gd ol' rock band.

    Could you imagine them in a circus?
    Not really.

    How many times for six?
    Symphony X - 241

    How many 3’s in a <3333333 would you give them and why?
    Just one. They rock, they don't need <333333333's, <3 is gd enough. :)

    How many times for 7?
    Helloween - 197

    I hear 7 is a magical number, is this band magical?
    Sure is.

    What are some of your favorite songs and what memories are attached to them?
    As Long as I fall <3<3 ... Kinda remember listening to this alot along with Nine Inch Nails's Terrible Lie about a month ago when there was the school shooting here in Finland. So in that sense not very nice memories. But the song is still one of the best in the whole world.

    How many times for eight?
    hide - 195

    How long have you liked this artist?
    Difficult to say.

    What are some songs you like/why?
    Dice and Pose - they kick ass.

    Poor nine and ten, how many times you listened to them?
    Gotthard - 192
    W.A.S.P. - 171

    Why have them as number nine and ten, where is the loveeee?
    There's loads! Especially for W.A.S.P.!! Apparently I just haven't listened to them as much as I should have. W.A.S.P. could easily be much higher up!

    How long have you liked them?
    I really can't say...... Quite some time now.

    What are the poor artists from 11-20?
    11. Falconer
    12. Coheed and Cambria
    13. Kamelot
    14. Timbaland
    15. Scorpions
    16. Freddie Mercury
    17. Atreyu
    18. Hellogoodbye
    19. Dionysus
    20. Chamillionaire
  • Helloween - Gambling With The Devil 2007

    11 nov. 2007, 17h32m

    I'm not one of those who anxiously awaited for this album. Prior to this I haven't even really listened to Helloween that much. I've heard their stuff but probably wouldn't recognise it if saw on the telly or heard on the radio. Therefore I can't even compare this album to any of their previous stuff. To be honest, I didn't even know there was a new Helloween album coming out. But, earlier this week my boyfriend told me about it and told me to check it out. So later that day I did.
    This isn't a completely honest first impression review because for the first time I heard the songs in a completely wrong order, the first song I heard was 'As Long as I fall' and because of that I wasn't able to concentrate on any of the rest of the songs. I was in a certain type of mood that day and that song hit me like a you know what. Since then I've listened to the song 60 times. Let's say, three days - nights really because I've been at work, so that would make it 20 times a day. I'm a sucker for good songs.
    But now, it's weekend and a little time off to do some knitting so I thought I would listen to the whole album in the right order and see what I really think.

    Boooooy. Just hearing the Intro and then the beginning of 'Kill it' makes me want to jump up and down and give the album a 9/10. It is so good. It doesn't even matter if the rest of the album isn't that good, the beginning is worth it! (Plus, I know I still have 'As Long as I fall' waiting for me.) But the rest definitely doesn't disappoint me. 'The saints' has an unbelievably good bridge (is it even called a bridge....the part before the chorus?) so for me the first four songs make the album perfect.
    I'm not saying the rest is any less but after that I'm seeing a little pattern. There's songs such as 'Final Fortune', 'Fallen to Pieces' and 'Can do it' and then the rest in between. The ones I mention to me seem to be the catchy ones that I immediately get addicted to. The rest are the kick ass kind of songs that I don't want to skip when I'm driving. (Although I think I wouldn't skip any song on the album while driving.) -- (Mum would, which means the music has to be good.) -- (She gets nervous about this kind of fast music.)

    Andi Deris' voice is almost pure perfection. In my opinion, it suits this kind of music so perfectly and definitely makes me want to get into his older stuff to see if theres other good stuff like this that I've missed. Just listen to 'Fallen to Pieces', 'The saints' and 'I.M.E.' and you'll understand what I mean. Hell, just listen to any song on the album.
    One thing I must ask is if any other Finnish person thought of Pave Maijanen's 'Pidä Huolta' while listening to 'Can do it' or am I the only one?

    Anyway. The album is full of good songs. Full of catchy really good songs. So if there's anyone like me out there who looks for songs to get addicted to right away I suggest you hear this one out. I'm glad I did cos now I have plenty of music to rock to while I drive to the airport tomorrow. Yeehaw :)
  • Another survey! This time about my top 10 bands in the last 3 months.

    19 oct. 2007, 16h18m

    Name your top 10 most played bands in the last three months on Last.FM:

    1. Queen
    2. Sonata Arctica
    3. Symphony X
    4. Astral Doors
    5. Falconer
    6. Timbaland
    7. Kamelot
    8. Dionysus
    9. Freddie Mercury
    10. Chamillionaire

    (Freddie and Chamillionaire has the same amount of plays but I choose Freddie first cos he is the best artist in the whole wide world <3)

    Q - What was the first song you ever heard by 6 (Timbaland)?
    A - I really have no idea.

    Q - What is your favourite album of 2 (Sonata Arctica)?
    A - Unia...... Maybe, I don't know! I'm afraid if I say that then ppl will think I don't like their stuff prior to Unia cos Unia is different to their earlier stuff.... But I love their earlier stuff as much as Unia, maybe even more sumtimes but I think as a whole album Unia is the best...

    Q - What is your favourite lyric that 5 (Falconer) has sung?
    A - Remember the times when we ruled, you an I. ♫♪♫

    Q - What is your favourite song by 7 (Kamelot)?
    A - Love You To Death and Mourning Star

    Q - What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10 (Chamillionaire)?
    A - Well, I hear his music at my boyfriends house quite alot cos his brother listens to this. And then I've started listening to it as well. Cos the music reminds me of when I'm at my love's house. :)

    Q - Is there a song of 3 (Symphony X) that makes you sad?
    A - The Sacrifice. But also pretty much all of the songs on Paradise Lost because listening to them makes me think of sad memories.

    Q - What is your favourite lyric that 4 (Astral Doors) has sung?
    A - I don't know. I'll update this once I come up with something.

    Q - How did you get into 3 (Symphony X)?
    A - Can't remember.

    Q - What was the first song you heard by 1 (Queen)?
    A - (i'm laughing!) Oh my god, I can't possibly remember that!! I'm gonna guess Show Must Go On.
  • I'm bored and so I'm doing loads of random quizzes, part V

    30 sept. 2007, 0h47m

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Chamillionaire - The Ultimate Vacation

    2. What song makes you sad?
    Loads, loads, loads. Loads of songs.

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Doo ya Chain Hang Low.... :D

    4. Your all time favorite band?

    5. Your newly discovered band is?
    Astral Doors and Falconer are still quite new to me.

    6. Best female voice?
    My pet peeve...! >:S Well, a few from the 80's. Bonnie Tyler and the singer of Heart.

    7. Best male voice?
    Freddie Mercury!!

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    This changes alot and quite often too. Right now I guess rap thanks to Chamillionaire.

    9. What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    Queen I suppose :)

    10. What do you listen to, to calm down?
    I dont know...

    11. Last gig/concert you went to?
    Bullet for My Valentine

    12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now?
    Chamillionaire I guess, it should pass quite quickly tho :D

    13. Most hated band?
    At the moment, Nightwish. :P

    14. Song that makes you think?
    Mad World

    15. Band that you think the world should love as much as you do?
    Queen of course!!!

    16. Coolest music video?
    All of Queen's - obviously. But the one I maybe love the most is Freddie's I Was Born To Love You (the one where hes running around with that woman)

    17. Music video with the most babe watch?

    18. What do you play/would you play in the bedroom to spice things up?
    W.A.S.P. - Animal ;p

    19. Can you play a musical instrument?
    Not really no.

    20. Ever been in a mosh pit?

    21. Are you in a band?

    22. If yes, what kind of music does your band play and what is your role in it?

    23. Ever dated a musician?

    24. If yes, what kind of music did he/she/they play/instrument/band?

    27. If no, would you consider?
    No, unless my man decides to become a musician.

    28. Do you wish yourself that you were a musician?
    Rather not.

    29. Best chick band you know of?
    >:S NONE.

    30. Best guy band you know of?

    31. Last song that you heard on the radio/...etc...?
    Some random shit old song.

    32. What do you think of Classical music?
    Its alrite. Can't listen to it too much but a few songs here and there are gd.

    33. What do you think of Country music?
    Mainly no thanks.

    34. What do you think of Death metal?
    Most is gd but I aint really had an addiction to it yet. Except Pain Confessor.

    35. Last BIG band that you saw live?
    Bullet for My Valentine.

    36. Are you a groupie?

    37. Do you listen to music in foreign languages?
    I feel like I've answered this before... Well, if you mean foreign as in a language other than my first language (which is Finnish) then yes of course. If you mean foreign as in a language I don't understand then only sometimes.

    38. What famous musician would you like to have sex with?
    No one! (Honestly!)

    39. Worst concert moment?
    Only been to concert and it was the best ever.

    40. Funny concert moment?
    Dont know...

    41. Sad concert moment?

    42. Best local act you can think of?
    Dont know...

    43. If you were a musical instrument what would you be?
    Dont know.

    44. Do you listen to the radio?
    Not really. The radio downstairs is almost always on so I listen to it on the background but don't really pay attention to it.

    45. Do you watch music TV?
    Very very rarely.

    46. Do you follow the music charts, like the top 40?

    47. Have you met any famous musicians?

    48. Are any of your friends/family etc musicians?
    A cousin of mine plays in a band I think. But I have no idea what band and if its "just a hobby" or what is it...

    49. Song that best describes your feelings right now?
    Breaking Point - All Messed Up

    50. Song that describes your life?
    Can't think of one right now.

    51. Do you know the names of all the band members that you listen to?
    What, no! That would be so many names that no brain in the world could handle it.

    52. Does a musician’s physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to?
    No! :D

    53. What famous musician do you want to marry?
    No one.

    54. Favourite movie sound track?
    Flash Gordon :D

    55. Any musician pet hates?

    56. What do your parents listen to?
    Gd ol' Finnish folk music.

    57. What are you listening to right NOW?
    Queen - Headlong :)

    58. Do you wear band etc T-shirts?
    Dont have any, I think. I would if I had one.

    59. What do you think of people who do?
    No special opinion...

    60. What music sub-culture do you feel like you belong to?
    I have no idea.

    61. What song is stuck in your head right now?
    Not sure.

    62. Do you sing in the shower?
    In sauna, yes.

    63. If so, what? If not, why not?
    Whatever song happens to be stuck in my head.

    64. Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself?

    65. What is in your walkman/discman right now?
    Mp3. Erm. Random gd songs.

    66. How important is your partners taste in music to you?
    It's not really but of course it's gd that he listens to same type of music as me altho our tastes aint identical.

    67. Hanson moves in next door to you, do you go introduce yourself, or do you arrange to beat them up?
    Ignore them... I've so done this quiz before... Damn :p

    68. Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, you dig?
    No drugs please.

    69. Do you cook to music?
    Well, if the radio is on in the kitchen... Usually I make my own music tho :p

    70. Do you sing in the toilet?
  • I'm bored and so I'm doing loads of random quizzes, part IV

    29 sept. 2007, 23h17m

    What is your relationship status?
    I get to kiss and cuddle the cutest boy in the world, yay hes the best :P

    What are your plans for the future?
    I don't really have any right now.

    Which languages are you able to speak?
    Finnish (obviously) and English mainly :p Maybe a bit of Swedish if I try hard enough. And the basics of German. Then a few words of like Russian and Spanish and Italian and French, but not alot!!

    What is your motto?
    I've used to have a gd one but can't remember now.....

    How many piercings do you have?
    Two, one in each ear :D

    How many tattoos do you have?
    No but maybe one day :)

    Which characteristics of a partner do you consider important?
    I'll just skip this.

    Which is/are your favourite…

    Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal....and of course gd ol' London :)

    Dont know.... Sams Chicken?

    >band(s)/singer(s) at the very moment?
    Queeeen! Freddie! ...And Falconer and Astral Doors. And Chamillionaire.

    I don't really read books.


    Dogs and lions and squirrels. And all others but those mainly.

    Cuddles :) (when said by the right person)


    Freddie :P

    What do you prefer…

    >career or family life?
    Enough of both?

    >town or village?

    >day or night?

    What are your 3 worst traits?
    Selfish, fat and ugly.

    What are your 3 best traits?

    Who is your “role model”?
    My sister.

    How do you define happiness?
    Being with acebone86.

    Do you have a talisman?
    If talisman means something that I believe brings me good luck, yes. If talisman means an actual amulet and stuff, no. Unless you count a diamond necklace as one :D

    What is a romantic place for you?
    Lots of places. Maybe the most romantic tho is near the sea.

    What are you proud of?
    I don't know.

    Which famous person would you like to meet?
    A few musicians.

    What is the story behind your username?
    When you spell my real name in Russian handwriting it looks like Eccu.

    Which fictional figure would you like to be for a day?

    5 things you love?
    Love of my life, music, animals, taking photos and writing stuff.

    5 things you hate?
    Being lonely, missing the one I love, people being mad at me, not having hot chocolate and bugs.

    5 things you can’t live without?
    Love of my life, music, my dog, money and of course, my pc.