Woody's A Girl - feature album #4


31 mars 2012, 17h34m

“Gotta love getting your heart ripped out - it sure as hell inspires.”

The fourth Woody's a Girl feature album of 2012 is Asshole Diaries, which contains some of the earliest-composed and recorded of WAG's songs. All songs were originally recorded during 2006, using the same green guitar that was WAG’s first. An analogue four-track recorder and some excellent microphones were also involved.

The tracklist for the album is as follows (with featured songs denoted by an *):

1. Storyteller* 2:58 (5)
2. Asshole* 2:54 ( (21)
3. Fall On Death* 3:31 (8)
4. Mark On The Wall* 3:08 (7)
5. Token* 3:58 (6)
6. Lost My Ignorance 1:53 (3)
7. Rock Face 2:13 (4)
8. Fuck Off And Die 2:48 (5)
9. If You Want 3:08 (3)
10. Bright Eyes 3:27 (2)
11. Soldiers 2:19 (2)
12. Soldiers (Snook Sessions)* 2:03 (4)

This album did have some autobiographical aspects ("Asshole", "Fuck Off And Die"), but for the most part it was still made up of fictional elements ("Storyteller" talks of some town called Marlowe I just made up in my head, but that no doubt exists somewhere; "Mark on the Wall" didn't mean much at all, but was the first song I used 12 different chords in; "Soldiers" is kinda about war and death, but not any particular war or any particular death).

I could go on, but I won't.


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