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13 oct. 2010, 1h53m

Tue 12 Oct – The Smashing Pumpkins

Saw The Smashing Pumpkins last night, and this was the setlist:

1. The Fellowship (live premiere)
2. Lonely is the Name (live premiere)
3. Today
4. Astral Planes
5. Ava Adore
6. A Song for a Son
7. Drown
8. As Rome Burns
9. Eye
10. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
11. United States
12. Spangled
13. Stumbleine
14. Cherub Rock
15. Stand Inside Your Love
16. Tarantula
17. Shame
18. Freak
19. Tonight, Tonight
20. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover)
21. Gossamer

I've decided this was my 2nd favourite SP show (I've been to 4, and all since 2007). You can read about my all-time fave (from San Diego) here.

Meanwhile, I will say that I haven't been overly adoring of the new SP songs that have been coming out, but I'm giving them many chances to win me over (still working on it ;) Some are preferable to others at this stage). SP did play quite a few new songs, in fact they played 7 (of 21 songs). But at least most of the set wasn't new stuff! I hate it when bands do that. ;)

I was so excited I got to see "Cherub Rock" played live - pretty sure that was a first for me. I was hoping to see Silverfuck again (you'll see why if you read that other review :P), but as it was I had to make do with beautiful renditions of "Tonight, Tonight", "Shame", "Today" (done at CORRECT TEMPO for once! Never heard a live version that was as close to the recorded version as this), "Eye" (very dreamy and ethereal version), and "Drown"...omg, that was a definite highlight for me. "Stumbleine" was pretty too, though sounded different to the live versions from the 1998 Adore tour. "Stand Inside Your Love" was great to hear, and the girl beside me told me it was her favourite and showed me the tattoo on the inside of her wrist, of the song title. So cute!

My only disappointment was that the closest we got to hearing anything from Gish was a Rhinoceros teaser just before they played "Cherub Rock". I think there should always be at least ONE song from Gish at any show.

I'm excited I got to hear "Gossamer", even if it was just an 18 minute or so rendition, not 30 mins ;) In a way it was a relief it didn't go on longer, but there are some great parts to that song. Not so fond of the "We're not going anywhere" part, but the rest was great. It was fun to see Billy playing around with guitar effects, making everyone laugh. :D Love the eerier bits of this song though. And the verdict on Mike the 20 year old drummer? He's good, but I still think Jimmy's the best (even if he is a drug addict...or maybe because he is...?).

Throughout the show I was scribbling notes, and that tattooed girl asked me who I was reviewing for. I said "Oh just a free site", i.e. Last.fm. Haha. But it was funny. I must've looked professional or something.

Anyway, like I said...2nd favourite! And Billy made us laugh quite a few times, like when he said, "No, I will not show you my tits young lady" in response to something an audience member said. :P And to another girl he said "Thank you. Thank you for wearing that dress." Haha. One of the funniest moments was when a guy in the audience yelled loudly, "Jimmy's a wanker!"

Oh, and the support band - City Riots - they were great! A sort of new-wave melodic rockin' sound. They're from Adelaide.
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  • earthcrossing

    5000 scrobbles for SP as of 14 Oct! :)

    15 oct. 2010, 0h48m
  • lifesabummer

    Great review for a free site haha. The Sydney gig was excellent too! The new band is a neat unit, drummerboy filled in the huge shoes quite well I thought. The eager eyed young kid standing next to me only wished he could have seen Jimmy in his lifetime, though. Setlist much the same. Good to hear their new stuff to give us a chance to sink it in, as do the Zeitgeist tracks sound so much better live and are aging well. Totally agree the Today version was best. Zero always goes down well, as does Cherub Rock- that riff gets me every time. Would have loved to hear my other fave Hummer. A big cheer for City Riot for stoking the place for the main act. btw Congrats on your SP scrobbles- I'll catch you with a 3000 start- maybe not :)

    18 oct. 2010, 12h25m
  • earthcrossing

    We didn't get to hear Zero, but there are other songs we didn't hear I would've chosen over that anyway :D Glad you enjoyed the Sydney show!! And yeah, it sucks that kid missed out on Jimmy, but Jimmy does have a new band so maybe he'll get to see that if they tour ;)

    18 oct. 2010, 12h48m
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