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2 oct. 2010, 13h53m

Sat 2 Oct – Birds of Tokyo + Silversun Pickups

I'm pretty sure the event isn't even over yet at the time of my writing this, but...I saw SSPU, and that's what matters. I stuck around for maybe half of Birds of Tokyo, before it got too cold for me to stay bored just for the purposes of writing this review. I WILL say that they played a couple of songs I didn't mind, slower more melancholy numbers (don't know their titles, but one talks about finding him "by the wayside", which I took note of since I wrote a song titled "By The Wayside" once). So because of this, they were actually more enjoyable than I expected. But I can't believe people like that song Black just irks me no end. Actually it might go in the same category as Bernard Fanning's song Wish You Well, in that it makes me want to kill people. Then again, Fandango's song is definitely worse.

But anyway...back to the actual show itself.


The first band was Emperors, and they were pretty good - I liked their style, but I have to admit I couldn't bring myself to care about 'em much as I just wanted them off the stage. Because SSPU were up after them. But during Emperors I got a spot at the front of the mosh pit, to the left-hand side of stage when looking at it from the crowd, and I was happy to keep that spot for the next set. Before I get onto that, how would I describe Emperors? Hmm...I'd say they were a good rock band and could play their instruments well. I can't think of better description than that since I'm all one-track-minded right now.

And on that note...EEK!

Silversun Pickups

I've been squealing this week in anticipation of seeing Silversun Pickups in concert, and the squealing (though mostly inwardly) continued as I waited for them to get on stage. And then they DID get on stage, and they were all smiley and happy and friendly, and did I mention I LOVE THE FUCKERS? But anyway...

I'll admit I don't know their albums like the back of my hand, but I do know the following things:

1. They started out their set with Growing Old Is Getting Old, which I have been absolutely thrashing this last week - absolutely adore it. So I was pretty happy with that start!

2. They played The Royal We but not Sort Of, and that "sort of" made me sad. I mean, I adore tRW, but would have completely loved to hear Sort Of.

3. They played There Are No Secrets This Year, and it was cool as!

4. I'm pretty sure they played Waste It On, but I could be wrong! I just remember it started out mostly with Nikki's bass and that was what you really noticed.

5. They played Substitution, awww pretty!

6. They played Panic Switch and it was absolutely incredible - definitely the highlight of the entire set for me, EXCEPT for...

7. The end of the set when they played...wait for it...Lazy Eye. Yeah, it was beautiful, and by the end of the whole thing I was seriously on the brink of tears.

ESPECIALLY when first Nikki Monninger jumped off onto the grass in front of the stage and ran along holding her hand out to us, and then Brian Aubert got down as well and HUGGED people in the crowd, including people right next to me. I honestly was about to burst into tears (happy/emotional) from how awesome it all was, and from how cool these people seem to be.

Oh, and that drummer is so fun to watch! ;)

In short...definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen, and they were the bloody SUPPORT band!

As an appendix, I would have LOVED to see them play these songs:

1. Catch and Release
2. Rusted Wheel
3. Three Seed
4. Sort Of

Birds of Tokyo

Okay, I'll say one last bit about them here. I don't precisely hate them, but they kind of bore me. I'm very glad they asked SSPU to support them though. And even more glad that the latter said yes. ;)
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  • larrylowfive

    I have to agree with you.. I went only for SSPU - birds are the single most boring band in the entire world! I stayed for the whole set because my boyfriend likes them, and I paid for the ticket, but I swear that they played some songs twice.. they only have about 2 or 3 types of songs (slower ballard types, and more up tempo), I swear they just change the key, change the lyrics, and udpate the melody a little.. I wish SSPU did a headline show! PS - not to mention the douche bags who see BoT because of Ian Kenny.. last time I saw them they performed their accoustic set at Burswood Theatre and some derro threw beer towards the stage (mind you we were sittng right up the back...) which went all over me in the process. Just because he's the frontman for Karnivool does not mean this entirely different band is going to play their [Karnivool's] equally shitty songs. Not happy Jan!

    3 oct. 2010, 4h13m
  • earthcrossing

    Hahaha, I met some other people who weren't there for BoT too, they were right next to me at the front for SSPU. as for Birds, somebody on Facebook called 'em Albatrosses of Hiroshima which I thought was cute :D

    3 oct. 2010, 5h20m
  • larrylowfive

    haha I only got there JUST on time luckily! had work until the last minute >.<

    17 oct. 2010, 14h24m
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