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13 mai 2010, 2h35m

Wed 12 May – Love Live Tour

So last night was The Cult concert, and first up was a band I thought I had never heard of called The Black Ryder. Turns out though that they are one of the bands recently recommended to me by a fellow user. So thanks for the tip chick!! I really liked them, although it seemed most others were more just waiting for the Cult to come on. I could relate to that, and yet this support band was lovely shoegaze, which is one of my newer favourite musical genres of the last few years. There were female vocals and male, and I think mostly each song would be either one or the other. There are two free downloads on, so you should check 'em out if you're into that genre!

Anyway, the Cult rocked. We saw the first part of their set from the very top level of Metro's, and I have some cool photos from there. A few songs in we went down to the ground floor and stood at the side of stage, where I got some more good photos, except for the annoying bouncer guy whose massive head got in the way of a lot of them. :) It reminded me of when I saw Slipknot there, and took photos of the band from that same position near the stage. I saw a guy crowdsurfing and that in turn reminded me of how Smun crowdsurfed at Slipknot, and was wearing glitter on the back of her skirt to pay back any macho metalheads who groped her.

The Cult played their entire Love album in the same order as the songs appear on the album, and then there was a very brief intermission. Then they came back on and played a 'best of' selection. I know I'm such a cliché, but my favourite moments really were when they played: She Sells Sanctuary, Love (omg, the lead guitar) and their very last song of the evening, Love Removal Machine. But the whole show was pretty damn awesome. Even if some of the guys look like they're not quite in their prime any longer, physically at least. They're definitely still in their musical prime, in my humble opinion!


  • jedimulder24

    I like the comment about their "prime". It was kind of amusing seeing the guys the other night, & thinking "Oh my God, Billy & Ian look old!" kind of thing! I think we forget sometimes that bands that we grow up with age at the same time as we do! Ha, ha. I didn't have the pleasure of the entire Love album, but the experience more than made up for it of course, & I've even since seen myself "in" one of the YouTube videos that someone from Sunday had "filmed"! So I guess that's my "15 minutes of fame" over with...

    27 jan. 2011, 15h54m
  • earthcrossing

    Hehe that's pretty cool! Yeah, the above was an awesome show too, one of my all-time faves for sure!

    27 jan. 2011, 17h27m
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