Top 50 Goo Goo Dolls Songs Ever


19 août 2007, 20h10m


  • ATLien

    Iris would be #1 for me with Naked at #2 but a good list nonetheless!

    30 août 2007, 7h37m
  • krazy4baseball

    Even if it's not your favorite song or mine either, Iris has to be #1.

    19 sept. 2007, 18h10m
  • pteck5

    I noticed that Tucked Away was two spots above Truth Is A Whisper and was outraged. I also noticed that Stay With You is pretty high on the list, which also outraged me. But who cares. I don't have the first two albums, but I love the 1990-1995 era of their music the best.

    24 fév. 2008, 19h39m
  • eSabre

    Tucked Away got extra credit for being a popular concert song, and really, one of Robby's best songs. Truth is a Whisper is a phenomenal song. It's so debatable cause they have so many great songs.

    13 mars 2008, 18h43m
  • revolvere

    "Tucked Away" is amazing in concert. Robby really brings it! My favorite Robby song is "January Friend," though, besides the maniacal "Out of the Red."

    3 juin 2008, 18h27m
  • IzzetGooey

    I've seen this list before and I gotta say, it's pretty fantastic. ABNG occupying most of the top 10 you can't argue about, though Long Way Down should be higher, and Laughing is too low. IMO, Feel the Silence and maybe SWY are the only Let Love In songs worthy of a top 50 spot... But eh, it's all about opinion. Good list!

    16 jui. 2008, 8h51m
  • poor-de-chirico

    Very good list. Pleased to see "There You Are" so high. And "Iris" is fine where it is. Have you heard the version of "Naked" on the Broadway single? It's AMAZING. ksdkjfsdk.

    4 oct. 2009, 4h03m
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