Listen-along review of Trash Talk s/t


14 fév. 2010, 21h56m

Trash Talk by Trash Talk

The Hand That Feeds
Slow ploding start
1:16 delicious drumming, my weakness.

Well of Souls
Quite punk-like

Birth Plague Die
0:21 gotta love the way he says "Die."
0:47 Dare I say almost Melvins like?

Short and sweet.

I Block
Mmmm moody start
0:30 kick it up a notch
0:40 then slow it down

More plodding headnodding goodness.

Onward and Upward
0:14 oh gooooddddd so good. Wish it was longer. Reminds me of a Capricorns song.

0:12 lovely grinding hook

Immaculate Infection
Almost sounds like an extension of the previous song, but in a good way.

All the Kings Men
Quite punkish, classic punk that is

The Mistake
Like god tier noise rock

Longer song to close it out with.
1:46 "no one, never again" words to live by


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