• Perfect Symmetry

    10 oct. 2008, 0h08m

    Yesterday I've downloaded the lastest Keane's Album, called Perfect Symmetry. This album has been expect for the fans, like me, day after day. It's true that the band sounds diferent of the last album (Under The Iron Sea), it's more electro now, but It's nice, very nice. For now I can't stop listening it and I'm sure that when you listen, you won't can stop too.

  • Oh my god!

    25 avr. 2007, 22h07m

    Ontem, assistia eu o Jornal da MTV, quando leio a manchete na tela (sim, eu assisto TV no mute ouvindo música) "Barbas aposentadas...". Meu deus do céu. Não consigo acreditar que o Los Hermanos acabou. Por mais que eles digam que é só uma pausa, esses dois ultimos shows, mesmo depois do fim da turnê do 4, tão com cara de despedida.
    Sinceramente, eu to puto da vida, mas fazer o que, a escolha é deles.

  • Never before

    1 déc. 2006, 15h24m

    Yesterday, I made download of Death Cab For Cutie's last album and I've started to listen. I've never seen before songs that say with all words everything that I'm felling now. Since Yesterday I listened this album ten times, and this is kind a different for me.
    So, if you can, please, listen this album, I'm sure that you'll like.
  • Now I understand.

    15 août 2006, 2h23m

    Sometime ago I've watched a interview with Supergrass ate MTV Brazil, just when they came to Brazil for some shows. And at the interview they said that they don't want to be remembered only because Alright. Now that I'm listening more their musics, and listening musics that I didn't know, I can understand what they wanted to say. They are more than I saw before.
  • Something new

    11 août 2006, 20h33m

    Last days I'm listening Weezer a lot. I had a vision of the band different of I have now. Before listen all their music, I've thougt that they were a band of rock like a lot that I know, but they are different, they have something that I don't know how to describe.