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  • preachelements

    thanks ! same to you. btw, I'm seeing Atmosphere on October 16th !:)

    8 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • lemessi3

    hi from africa

    5 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    hello, wow thats a new record haha 19 days without a reply. dang, im sorry haha. how has the rest of your summer been? its actually sunny today, stoked on it :) i've just been workin out & spending some time with my friends. got a ticket to go see jimmy eat world in november. so stoked. just wish some hip hop acts would come play here too :/

    26 août 2010 Répondre
  • dreamiegurlie

    18,000 plays!!

    15 août 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    keep taking ages to reply!! my bad. :( its constant rainy season in ireland :p haha sun is a rare thing thou this summer has been kind to us ad probally the best summer in the last 4-5 years. its now back to rain. i have just been hanging with my friends and going to shows, all that good stuff now thats quieted down im just chilling out, kinda forced too cos im sick atm so can't really do much :/ just bout to fill in a application form to volunteer at a fest and thats about you. how has your week?/summer been going since we last talked!

    6 août 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    haha summer is just for chillin & relaxing and sitting around. last movie i saw was the forgotten and it was terrible lol. i bought the hurt locker. aint had a chance to watch yet but i heard its good. im not really into movies like inception/the matrix and that sorta stuff. last night i watched the metallica "cunning stunts" dvd which is of there live show back in 97. what sorta new music? its not been too rainy today so ive been able to cycle and shoot some hoops while listening to P.O.S haha i decided he'd be my soundtrack for working out today. now just listening to the new cd's i bought in there entirety. so far so good!

    19 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    wow it has taken me a while to reply too you again! sorry about that. had a busy weekend & just not been online much. been watching too many dvds & playing xbox cos its been raining so i havent been able to work out much. getting back into it in between heavy rain showers thou so its aight. how has your week been? anything exciting since we last talked?

    16 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    yeah music is one of the best things ever. alot of my life revolves around it haha. yeaa i knew it was the 4th of july thou we dont celebrate it here obv :p haha. cool you have fireworks & BBQ's thou! haha yeah im trying with the work outs but the weather isnt co-operating which is no beuno. so only really been able to lift weights and use the punchbag & press ups. haha sweet. i really dig mewithoutYou. each album has a totally different sound. like there last one was proper indie/folk where as when they started they were totally post-hardcore. yeah germany were doin well til tonight :/ they lost. its spain v.s netherlands in the final. im shouting for the netherlands! how has your week been so far?

    7 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    now its my turn to be delayed in replying haha. was away for a few days hangin with my friends. im back now thou. i seem to have been super busy the last few weeks. but im not busy now haha. yes i did see the brazil/netherlands game! what a game eh? only game i missed was the germany game :( cos i was on the bus travelling home. yeah im gonna have alot of band related tattoo's probally haha cos music is a giant part of my life,which is a cliche thing to say i know but it legit is. how was your weekend? ive had a chill day been watching band of brothers & working out and just attempting to tidy my room up lol. now just having a marathon of listening to mewithoutYou. such a great band :)

    5 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    hey sorry about the delay been busy again haha and i took a break from the internet except like twitter and facebook on my phone. when i go out i tend to go out on my own and then meet up with my friends & hang out. i have lots more tattoo's i want. i want the strike anywhere logo,the cover of input's album "a radio with guts" maybe. a half sleeve on my upper arm that is a stormy sea & sinking ship (not as morbid as it sounds) and lots of other random stuff. lip piercings are rad. i used to have one when i was younger. how has your week been?

    27 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    you went to hawaii? thats so awesome! haha it is actually like the perfect place to learn to surf i figure. oh wow. homework already? :( that blows. the last few days have been good. its been super hot (well by irish standards) so ive been enjoying that & yesterday i went to hang out with friends. but i woke up and felt like id been hit by a truck and was like maybe i should stay in bed and sleep it off but im a idiot so was like no i want to go out so i got the bus and there was no AC & i just felt like garbage haha but luckily by afternoon i felt better so got a haircut & then headed to a few shops and then to the beach so it was a chill day. today i just travelled home and watched a bunch of football worked out & finally just got a chance to log online so hence the delay in replying. im now thinking about tattoo's i want haha. how has your last few days been?

    23 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    a beach cruiser? thats awesome! haha i like my extreme sports. i dont mind a bit of danger :p haha yeah when i get a bmx i'll learn to do tricks on it. street stuff it'l be good. i'll just need to practise haha. i never got the hang of surfing but mainly cos im not at the beach that often i guess. hmm idk im just trying to get fit again and then hopefully at some point i'll give boxing or MMA another go. but for now just enjoying the fact it isnt raining and i can go out and kick a football about or juggle or go biking or whatever. hows your day going? and haha your right throwing up isnt attractive hahah cant understand why people would get THAT drunk lol. i listened to more of godlovesugly today and its actually growing on me now :)

    17 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    haha no thats not me :L i ride a mountain bike. im thinking about getting a bmx thou just cos there easier to carry around/transport etc. so no i cant do any tricks. mine is just a regular mountain bike i like it cos its got good suspension which it needs on the country roads here haha. and haha yeah thats sort of true. but no more so than in america lol. i dont drink so that stereotype couldnt fit me less but most my friends do so i guess its true :) haha. yeah im trying to get back into better shape and now that its not raining i can hit the road and just bike around. i also got a weights and a punchbag and stuff so im sorted. and yeah bikes are just handy to get around on but watch out for traffic :P i love watching/photographing bmxing/skateboarding/surfing etc when i can. extreme sports FTW!

    15 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    you all the best stuff!

    15 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    yeah i got family there and i go to shows there sometimes too if certain bands dont play here etc cos flights are sometimes cheap. and "as a rule" is just a expression here. means like normally :) so i normally go to the UK once a year. and sweet portugal it is so :D oh cool sounds like a good day. ive just fixed my bike gone for a cycle watched some tv and am now watching some movies. its like 11.13pm but im still wide awake. hmm well im guessing you'd be in dublin if it involves the parade, there is a open top bus that brings tourists around the city by all the land marks which is cool cos you can just hop on and off all day as you please and have a look around. the guiness brewery is alot of fun and you get a free soda or guiness at the top cos there is a bar and you can see over the city. the zoo is always a good time,they have alot of cool parks if its not raining. and there is alot of shops to check out. your best bet if you come is to do the tour of the city cos it shows

    15 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    haha thats really cool. all i want to see is good football too seeing as my team isnt in it. i have adopted portugal as my team this year thou! really? thats awesome! its really cool that you have been to the UK and europe. you should totally tag along when they come here next. yeah ive been around a few places in europe been to the UK a ton at least once a year as a rule. been to austrailia too. next place i want to hit up is the US maybe some time in december if i get a new passport. its really warm today im melting haha. how has your day been?

    15 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    yeah props for doing engineering. that is one tough job! yeah i like felt there is a free download of one of the ep's on the rhymesayers website cos grieves and budo did a remix of it. haha yeah i love when that happens on last.fm pages. you think by now they would of found a way to create separate pages for bands with the same name. and yeah its either business or sound engineering. but i figure if i do business i can just go into the business end of the music bizz and id be stoked with that. yeah im watching the world cup. im annoyed ireland aren't in it but its kinda cool being able to shout for whoever i want haha. did you watch the US v.s england game yesterday? i was totally shouting for the US but mainly cos they were the underdogs. im shouting for portugal this time i reckon but i think spain,germany or the netherlands could win the world cup this year.

    13 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    nah im not in school atm. i took a break from it but im hoping to go back in sept to do a business course. yeah i guess i just thought when life.. was better. sweet! what are your plans for the weekend? since u like slug do u like felt?

    12 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    *whole. haha i keep spelling things wrong today.

    8 juin 2010 Répondre
  • xnateedgex

    thats cool you got a while summer to check them out :) yeah i checked out that album infact thats the 1st atmosphere album i heard but as weird as it sounds i wasn't digging it. i still cant figure out why.. i defs prefer when life gives you lemons.. cool i'll eventually get money and check out more of the new sage stuff. im sure its tight. when do u finish school and get your summer holidays?

    8 juin 2010 Répondre
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