Bullet For My Valentine '11


22 mai 2011, 9h38m

Sat 21 May – Bullet For My Valentine
Excluding the Iron Maiden show last summer, this was my first taste of a metal concert. It was very enlightening to say the least. I generally do not care for any kind metal-core bands that focus more on the speed, loudness, and distortion factor in their music. However, Bullet For My Valentine is very much a different breed of product from the metal factory. The Walsh quartet offers a refreshing twist on the musicality of the metal-core genre. For being still a relatively young band on the scene, they do a fantastic job with their live shows. They performed an equal amount of songs from their three cds with a slight favoritism shown to their latest cd (Fever). The arrangement of the set list was well planned with how they started with a dead on opener (Your Betrayal), then they showed off their melodic skills with a couple of slower songs (Bittersweet Memories and Say Goodnight), and tremendous encore (Alone). My personal favorite from the evening was hearing of well Bullet for My Valentine pulled of their title track from their second album (Scream Aim Fire). They started it off a bit sloppy, but they picked up their fumble and ending up shining at the end of the number. Bullet for My Valentine's opening act was the Massachusetts metal-core band All That Remains. For what they had to offer, they did a really good job with their performance. I would have enjoyed it more if I knew and appreciated more than just two songs from their material. I discovered the song Forever In Your Hands through their performance. The rest of the material besides the other two numbers, I could not find myself getting into their music. I personally did not care for the front man from All That Remains. The way he was asking for the female audience to flash the band came off a bit low class in my mind. The venue that held this metal show was the newly formed Stage AE. I really enjoyed the set up of the venue. I wish I could go back without the audience that for Bullet for My Valentine concert. The entire audience was concerned with moshing, drinking beer, and throwing bottles randomly in the crowd. The show had to be stooped due to an injury sustained from a crowd moshing incident. The person was helped out of the venue along with others who were injured. Overall, if it was not for Bullet for My Valentine, this concert would have been at a complete loss for me.


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